Onn Soundbar No Sound? Fix it FAST! (Easy Steps)

onn soundbar no sound

So, onn soundbar no sound and you’re worried? Worry no longer. This guide will help you!

The onn soundbar is an excellent audio output device with multiple audio input ports, providing users with complete freedom for their setup.

When there is no sound coming from the soundbar, there are quite a few possibilities that we’ve reviewed and fixed via in-depth steps in this guide.

If you hear no sound from your onn soundbar, begin with a power cycle on the source device and your soundbar.

Also, inspect the audio cable and its connectors for faults, before ultimately, resetting the soundbar to defaults.

Let’s jump straight into troubleshooting…

Onn Soundbar No Sound – Fixed in Less than 5 Minutes!

Note: The entire guide takes just 5 minutes to read, so follow the steps chronologically!

1. Power Cycle onn Soundbar & TV

power cycle onn soundbar & tv

The first and crucial step against the problem should be to power cycle both your onn soundbar and television to refresh the connection and all services.

The audio problem in your system may be due to a software-related issue, which only requires a power cycle to go away and disappear.

  • To power cycle your onn soundbar, unplug the device’s power cord.
  • To power cycle your TV, turn it off and disconnect the power adapter.

We recommend keeping both devices unplugged for 60 seconds, which is enough time for them to fully discharge and refresh the system.

When you’re ready, reconnect and power on both your TV and soundbar, to test whether the sound is back.

If not, continue reading…

2. Unmute and Boost the Volume Up

unmute and boost the volume up

Well, if you hear no sound from onn soundbar, your TV or soundbar could be muted, or the volume is too low.

That’s why it’s crucial to ensure both devices are unmuted, and that the volume is at least 75%, which must be an audible volume level to be heard clearly.

Unmute and Volume Up Soundbar:

On your onn soundbar remote, press the Volume (+) button 5–6 consecutive times and check if the sound is back.

If not, press the Mute button once, which must unmute the audio, if the onn soundbar is muted.

If your onn soundbar isn’t muted, press the Mute button again to unmute.

Unmute and Volume up Television:

unmute and volume up television

Same as with your onn soundbar, grab the television’s remote control and press the Volume (+) 5–6 consecutive times.

If the audio doesn’t come back, press the Mute button once, which will unmute your TV and the audio should start playing.

If not, press Mute again to unmute your TV.

Note: Some onn soundbars have built-in volume buttons that you can use to Volume +/-, Play/Pause, or turn ON and OFF.

3. Inspect the HDMI ARC Connection

The HDMI (ARC) is the primary connection type for onn soundbars, even though these devices also support 3.5 mm AUX and Optical cable

If you are not using HDMI (ARC), we recommend switching to this type of connection, unless the TV doesn’t have such an in-built audio input.

If you are using HDMI ARC, but there is no sound from the onn soundbar, we’ve prepared a couple of steps to help you inspect and verify the link.

inspect the hdmi arc connection

Here’s how to ensure that the HDMI ARC connection is intact:

  • Unplug the HDMI cable from the ARC port on the TV.
  • Disconnect the HDMI cable from your onn soundbar.
  • Inspect the “ARC” ports on the onn soundbar and TV.
  • Check for any obstructions, moisture, or HW defects.
  • Also, inspect the cable’s connectors for kinks or bends.
  • Switch the cable’s sides before reconnecting it back.
  • Find the HDMI port labeled “ARC” on your television.
  • Plug the HDMI cable securely into the TV “ARC” port.
  • Connect the other side to your onn soundbar’s “ARC”.

If the ARC connection is intact, but there is no sound coming from your onn soundbar, there are a few other things to check.

Select the Correct TV Input:

On your TV remote, you should select the HDMI (ARC) input source, otherwise, your soundbar won’t be connected and muted.

You must press the “Input” button on the television remote, go to “Inputs” or “Sources” and select “HDMI (ARC)”.

Enable the TV’s HDMI-CEC:

enable the tv’s hdmi-cec

The HDMI-CEC is a neat feature on many TVs allowing you to control the TV using the remote of connected devices, in your case, the onn soundbar.

When disabled, this option can produce conflicts, and prevent your soundbar from outputting audio. 

So, go into your TV’s settings, locate and enable the “HDMI-CEC” option. When you’re ready, increase the soundbar’s volume from the remote control.

If you still face issues, continue reading…

4. Switch to Optical/AUX Connection

If you didn’t know you can use your onn soundbar with a different type of audio connection.

The onn soundbar is equipped with three audio ports (HDMI ARC, 3.5 mm AUX jack, and Optical input).

switch to optical/aux connection

So, after all the previous steps, it’s likely that your onn soundbar is not outputting audio due to defective cable or faulty ports.

The only solution that will address all these possibilities at once is to switch to a different audio connection, which replaces the cable and ports.

  • If using an AUX, you need a cable with a 3.5 mm jack on both sides to connect one side to your TV and the other to the soundbar.
  • If using an Optical cable, connect one side to the TV port labeled “OPT-OUT” and the other side to the Optical soundbar port.
  • If using an HDMI (ARC), one side plugs into your onn soundbar and the other into the HDMI (ARC) port on your television.

If you don’t have AUX or Optical cable, at least try to switch to a different HDMI cable, by using the same type of audio link (ARC).

If your onn soundbar does not output audio on a different type of connection or with a different cable, then the problem could be much more complicated.

Let’s try to fix it…

5. Factory Reset your onn Soundbar

factory reset your onn soundbar

Well, the factory reset is one of the most powerful methods against all sorts of issues with your onn soundbar.

If your onn soundbar connected but no sound, resetting the device to factory settings will surely clear all bugs and glitches, resolving the audio-related problem in minutes.

The way you reset your onn soundbar may vary per model.

Some soundbars have an in-built reset button on the back, while others can be reset with the reset button on the remote control.

So to reset your onn soundbar:

  • Hold the “RESET” button on the back of the sounder for 15 seconds.
  • Hold the “RESET” button on the onn remote control for 15 seconds.

If the reset button is physically built-in on the soundbar’s back, you can find it next to the audio ports and inputs.

If you’re using your onn remote to reset the soundbar, the reset button is in the middle, which is also the Play/Pause button.

When your onn soundbar is factory reset, test whether the sound is back!

6. Switch the Source of the Soundbar

switch the source of the soundbar

If your onn soundbar audio output is not working even after the factory reset, the issue likely comes from your TV or source, not from the soundbar.

So, one way to instantly localize the issue would be to switch to a different source, such as a computer, smartphone, or another TV.

As we’ve mentioned, the onn soundbar can be connected via HDMI (ARC), 3.5 mm AUX Jack, or even with Optical cable.

So if you have a compatible cable and a device with one of those output ports, you can connect your onn soundbar, just to test whether the audio will work.

Try Different Playback Media!

try different playback media

Also, it’s crucial to play audio from different media and apps, to determine whether the output of your soundbar is muted because of the broadcast.

For example, if you’ve been testing on one app, we recommend going to proven platforms such as YouTube or Netflix to test your audio.

If your onn soundbar is not producing output audio, even after all the steps in this guide, check your warranty and contact onn Support or the local merchant.

Quick Recap

To fix the onn soundbar no sound issue, power cycle the source/soundbar, increase the volume, and unmute both devices.

Also, inspect the HDMI (ARC) connection, reset your soundbar, or test with a 3.5 mm AUX jack or Optical cable.

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