Onn Soundbar Remote Not Working? (Try This Now!)

onn soundbar remote not working

If your onn soundbar remote not working, don’t worry, we have a complete solution for you!

The onn remote control allows for operating the soundbar wirelessly in up to 15–20 feet range with the assistance of standard infrared communication.

So, if the remote doesn’t communicate with the soundbar properly, it could be due to battery issues, improper remote programming, or an obstructed line of sight.

If the onn soundbar remote isn’t working, ensure there is a direct line of sight with the soundbar and perform a power cycle on both devices.

If the fault persists, reprogram the remote and inspect the onn soundbar’s power supply.

Let’s keep unwrapping!

Why is the Onn Soundbar Remote Not Working Red Light?

onn soundbar remote not working red light

Here’s what can possibly prevent the onn soundbar remote from working:

  • Insufficient power supply of your onn remote.
  • Issues with the soundbar’s A/C power supply.
  • Obstructed “LoS” (Line of Sight) of the remote.
  • Improper insertion of the remote’s battery units.
  • A hardware malfunction in your remote control.

This is what can potentially impact the onn remote’s ability to communicate with the soundbar.

Keep reading further to explore reliable solutions for the onn remote’s inability to communicate!

Onn Soundbar Remote Not Working – Quick & Easy Fixes

Tip: Follow the instructions consecutively!

1. Discharge the Onn Remote Control

discharge the onn remote control

The most reliable solution for underlying issues with the onn remote control is to discharge the hardware by temporarily displacing the batteries.

For as long as the batteries are taken out of the remote control, the power supply will be suspended, allowing onn to discharge all electricity.

Here are the steps to discharge the onn remote control in easy steps:

  1. Remove the battery compartment cover from the remote.
  2. Eject both triple-A batteries from the onn battery socket.
  3. Hold the “Power” button on the tip for about 40 seconds.
  4. Place both batteries back into the remote’s compartment.
  5. Check if the remote is not communicating with the soundbar.

What Batteries Does Onn Soundbar Remote Use?

The onn soundbar remote control uses 2 x AAA batteries, both of which must be functional for the remote to communicate properly.

This means that even if one of the batteries is dead, your onn remote control will not be able to send signals to the soundbar.

2. Clear the Remote’s “Line of Sight”

clear the remote’s “line of sight”

Line of sight or “LoS” in short is the visible distance by your remote’s communicator or “IR eye.”

So, unlike radio frequency remotes that use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect, the onn soundbar’s remote uses standard infrared (IR) technology to communicate with the soundbar wirelessly.

How Does Remote’s “IR” Work?

The infrared blaster shoots a straightforward beam with an expanding diameter that subsides after about  25–30 feet of travel distance.

So, you must ensure that the remote is within range of the soundbar and there are no obstructions in between as the IR signal can be easily disrupted.

How to Improve Onn Remote’s Line of Sight?

To ensure that the onn remote is communicating properly with the onn soundbar, dislocate any obstructions in between the devices’ range.

Solid obstacles, such as furniture, misalignment, or other electronic devices can significantly impact the behavior of the onn remote control’s signal.

Tip: You can test the onn remote’s ability to communicate by holding it in front of the soundbar!

3. Power Cycle your Onn Soundbar

power cycle your onn soundbar

A trusted method to address communication issues of the onn remote is performing a power cycle on the soundbar.

Like with the remote, draining all of the soundbar’s electricity is a quick and efficient method to jump-start the hardware and eliminate underlying functionality issues.

Follow these instructions to perform a power cycle on the soundbar:

  1. Unplug the soundbar’s cord from the A/C outlet.
  2. Disconnect the other end and wait ~60 seconds.
  3. Next, reinstall onn’s supplying cord on both ends.
  4. Test the onn soundbar and the remote control.
Tip: Inspect the soundbar’s power cord for physical damages while it is disconnected!

4. Replace the Onn Remote’s Batteries

replace the onn remote’s batteries

So, the remote’s miscommunication can be a result of power insufficiency caused by drained remote control batteries.

If you still haven’t replaced the batteries, you should insert a fresh set of the supported triple-A batteries into the power compartment of the onn remote to test.

You can find the battery compartment on the underside of the onn remote control, so push the latch downwards and remove the old batteries.

Next, position the new batteries according to the compartment’s polarity fields to recharge the hardware.

How Long Do Onn Remote Batteries Last?

On average, the batteries of your onn remote control can last up to 6–12 months before being drained out.

Remember that the longevity of the batteries strongly depends on how often you’re using the remote and the type of device it communicates with.

Tip: Insert a fresh set of triple-As even if you’ve already replaced the onn remote’s batteries!

5. Reprogram the Onn Remote Control

reprogram the onn remote control

By default, the onn soundbar remote control is designed to pair automatically once in range of the soundbar’s wireless radius.

Unlike remotes that function on a radio-based frequency and require programming profiles, you can pair your onn soundbar remote with a few simple clicks.

Here’s how to re-program the onn remote control the soundbar easily:

  1. Locate the “Power” and “Opt” buttons on the onn remote.
  2. Ensure the soundbar is connected to A/C and powered on.
  3. Hold both buttons while pointing the remote towards onn.
  4. Release the buttons and press the “Power” button to test.
  5. Determine if the onn soundbar remote has paired properly.

You should note that the programming procedure is different for all models of the onn soundbar remote.

So, you should consult the user manual as the programming varies based on the onn soundbar type and the supported functions by the audio device.

Note: The programming of the remote happens in under a minute of being initiated properly!

6. Inspect the Onn Soundbar’s Power

inspect the onn soundbar’s power

There’s a strong possibility that the onn soundbar is persistently losing power and prevents the remote from communicating properly.

The next step is to go over a few important factors in the power delivery installation of your onn soundbar and ensure there aren’t underlying problems.

Let’s inspect the soundbar’s power supply and detect any faults!

Secure the Power Cord

The first and most important step in verifying the soundbar’s power supply is ensuring the power cord is properly installed on both ends.

Thus, a loose, obstructed, or unsecured connection may cause the soundbar to persistently power off, which in turn, prevents your remote from working.

Clean Onn’s A/C Port

A potentially obstructed power adapter port on the back of the soundbar may prevent the cord from connecting securely.

Unplug the soundbar’s power cable and thoroughly clean the port to verify that your onn soundbar is not constantly turning on/off.

Test Onn Through a Different Outlet

To determine whether onn’s outlet is insufficient, install the soundbar supplying cord into an alternative wall outlet and test.

We recommend plugging the cord directly into the A/C outlet, without third-party devices in between. 

Tip: The power cord must be unplugged on both ends before interacting with the soundbar!

7. Factory Reset the Onn Soundbar

factory reset the onn soundbar

If you’re still facing issues with the onn soundbar remote’s communication, you should factory reset the onn soundbar using the built-in “Reset” button on the rear panel.

The “Reset” button can be found on the back panel of the soundbar, right next to the “HDMI ARC” or “OPT-In” ports, allowing you to restore the device to factory defaults. 

Simply press and hold the button for about ~10 seconds to begin the restoration and cease all interactions.

After a few minutes, your onn soundbar will reset to default, and your remote must start working if everything in your setup is intact.

Alert: Do not interact with the soundbar or the remote while the reset is still underway!

How to Use Onn Soundbar Without Remote?

how to use onn soundbar without remote

Is your onn soundbar remote still not working?

Fortunately, onn soundbars are designed to even function without the assistance of a remote control, as it is only an auxiliary to the soundbar.

Here are some tips and recommendations:

How to Turn On Without Remote?

To power on the soundbar, locate the “Power On/Off” button on the front panel and hold it for ~3 seconds.

The button is located right next to the information sticker for the soundbar’s ports.

How to Pair Without Remote?

how to pair without remote

To pair with the soundbar without using a remote, press the “Mode Switch” button until onn is set to “Bluetooth.”

Next, manually discover and pair it with the soundbar through your device.

How to Adjust Volume Without Remote?

Controlling the soundbar’s volume is possible with the “VOL +” and “VOL –” buttons that are also installed on the front panel.

So, press multiple times to increase/decrease onn’s volume.

Quick Recap

When the onn soundbar remote not working, replace your remote’s batteries, discharge the soundbar, and inspect the device for power issues.

If the fault continues, replace the soundbar’s power cord and factory reset the remote.

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