Onn Subwoofer Not Working? Fix it FAST! (7 Easy Steps)

onn subwoofer not working

If your Onn subwoofer not working, we have a complete guide to diagnose and fix the issue!

To work properly, the Onn subwoofer must maintain a stable and error-free wireless connection to the soundbar at all times.

A disruption in the power supply or interference with the connection may cause the subwoofer to power off or stop broadcasting audio, causing owners a hard time.

Now, let’s have a look at the solution!

If your Onn subwoofer has any issues, power cycle the device and reconnect it from the Onn soundbar.

If the fault persists, verify the distance between the soundbar is under 60 feet, and factory reset both devices.

There’s much more so let’s get started…

Why is My Onn Soundbar Subwoofer Not Working?

onn soundbar subwoofer not working

The Onn Roku subwoofer might have developed an issue with the startup or there is a temporal connection loss as a result of power or wireless issues. 

You can diagnose the exact issue with the Onn subwoofer after analyzing any differences in the startup and functionality of the involved audio devices.

Let’s go through the most common Onn subwoofer issues and what causes them:

Onn Subwoofer Power Issues:

  • A fault with the power cord’s installation.
  • Insufficient power supply from the outlet.
  • Obstructed power port or defective cable.

Onn Subwoofer Pairing Issues:

  • Interferences in your wireless subwoofer connection.
  • Improper activation of the subwoofer’s pairing mode.
  • Issues with the remote control of your Onn soundbar.

Onn Subwoofer Audio Issues:

  • Incorrectly configured subwoofer audio settings.
  • Issues with your soundbar’s network connection.
  • A hardware or physical defect of your subwoofer.

So, let’s jump into the solutions!

Onn Subwoofer Not Working – Quick and Easy Methods!

Tip: We recommend following the steps consecutively!

1. Reconnect your Onn Subwoofer

reconnect your onn subwoofer

If the Onn Roku subwoofer is undergoing a temporal connection loss, the quickest and most efficient resolution to the problem is to repair the device. 

The subwoofer could have lost connection as a result of improper pairing mode activation or wireless interference by other nearby devices.

Here are the complete instructions to reconnect the Onn subwoofer:

  1. Ensure your soundbar and subwoofer are both plugged in.
  2. Hold the “Mute” button on the soundbar’s remote control.
  3. Release the button on the remote after about ~7 seconds.
  4. Find the Pairing button on the underside of the subwoofer.
  5. Hold the subwoofer’s “Pairing” button for up to 3 seconds.
  6. Release the button after the subwoofer’s LED light flickers.
  7. Wait until the device has established a wireless connection.
Important: The Onn soundbar will only discover the subwoofer if it is within wireless range!

2. Discharge the Subwoofer’s Hardware

discharge subwoofer’s hardware

A standard and highly effective solution against any issues with your subwoofer is to perform a power cycle of the hardware.

By discharging all electricity from the subwoofer’s capacitors and motherboard, you will soft reset all settings and functionalities that are causing the malfunction.

Here’s how to perform a power cycle on the Onn Roku subwoofer:

  1. Unplug the subwoofer’s supplying cable from the A/C.
  2. Wait for 60 seconds while the device is disconnected.
  3. Re-install the power cord into the supplying A/C outlet.
  4. Wait until the subwoofer turns on and test the pairing.

While the power cord of the subwoofer is disconnected, inspect the power cable for physical damage or resemblance of any hardware defects.

A malfunctioning cord will not only prevent the subwoofer from starting up but may also cause issues with the internal power components.

3. Reposition your Onn Subwoofer

reposition your onn subwoofer

Positioning the Onn Roku subwoofer and soundbar too distant from each other may degrade the connection quality and cause drops in the signal.

So, to ensure the subwoofer’s connection is uninterrupted, shorten the distance between the audio devices and reestablish your wireless signal.

Onn Subwoofer’s Distance Requirements?

The Onn Roku subwoofer can be at a maximum 65 feet distance from the transmitter – the Onn soundbar.

Hence, placing the subwoofer any farther than that can cause the soundbar’s connection to drop or to become heavily degraded.

In addition, ensure there are no other wireless devices in between the subwoofer and the soundbar, as this could lead to signal disruptions and interference

How to Diagnose Wireless Interference?

how to diagnose wireless interference

Another factor in positioning the subwoofer properly is checking if there is another stream wave of wireless signals disrupting the soundbar’s connection.

Interference can be caused by devices communicating via Bluetooth, radio frequency, or physical objects with metallic surfaces.

In Short: Verify there are no microwaves, furnaces, or network devices close to the subwoofer!

4. Alter the Subwoofer’s A/C Source

An insufficiency of the electrical outlet may be the functionality problem with the Onn Roku subwoofer.

That’s why the next solution is to test the audio device’s power capacity by installing it into an alternative (tested) electrical outlet that can deliver a sufficient amount of power supply.

alter the subwoofer’s a/c source

Well, before relocating the subwoofer, ensure that the new outlet is also within a 60-foot radius of the soundbar because otherwise the connection will be disrupted.

Warning: You will have to complete the subwoofer’s wireless setup again after the relocation!

Bonus Tip: Check for an Outlet Switch:

Most electrical installations have a power switch for each integrated outlet that can enable or disable the power supply on demand.

It’s important to verify that the socket’s switch is “ON.”

Note: The voltage controller is typically built-in on the wall plate of the outlet!

5. Cycle Through the Soundbar’s Modes

cycle through the soundbar’s modes

All Onn soundbars support up to 4 sound modes – Music, Talk, Standard, and Movie!

In case the subwoofer is experiencing issues with the audio output, you should cycle through all of the available modes.

This will help you determine if the issue is software-related, especially if it’s caused by the currently selected operation mode.

Note: Each mode changes and adjusts the equalizer settings of the Onn soundbar!

How to Change Mode With “Mode” Buttons?

If the Onn remote control has an in-built “Music,” “Movie,” and “Talk” mode buttons, simply press any of the buttons to switch the mode. 

It’s crucial to ensure the remote control is pointed towards the soundbar’s receiver and check the display message if the mode changed.

How to Change Mode Without “Mode” Buttons?

change mode without “mode” buttons

If the Onn remote control does not have mode buttons, you can alter the output audio frequency by pressing the “EQ” button right beneath the navigational pad. 

Also, you can track the current equalizer setting of the soundbar through the display messages after pressing any of the buttons that switch to a different mode.

Alert: You cannot revert the soundbar’s old audio configuration unless re-adjusted again!

6. Uninstall Third-Party A/C Equipment

The subwoofer’s power supply might have been suspended due to the installation of defective third-party equipment.

Well, as subwoofers typically require a higher voltage in comparison to normal appliances, it is always recommended to connect the power cord directly to an outlet.

uninstall third-party a/c equipment

Any devices, such as power strips, outlet connectors, or surge protectors limit or suspend the power supply delivered to the subwoofer.

So, plug the subwoofer’s power cable directly into an outlet and test the effectiveness.

If there was a recent power outage the power in your home may be insufficient, so also consider this.

Reminder: Have you tried plugging your Subwoofer into a different outlet?

7. Factory Reset the Onn Equipment

If the subwoofer is still experiencing issues, the ultimate solution is to force a factory reset on the subwoofer and soundbar systems.

It is a highly effective countermeasure against problems with the startup, degraded audio, or Bluetooth communication failures, so it’s worth the attempt.

Let’s start with resetting the subwoofer first!

How to Factory Reset the Onn Subwoofer?

how to factory reset the onn subwoofer

To perform a factory reset on the subwoofer, simultaneously press and hold the “Bluetooth” and “Power” buttons on the outer periphery for up to 5 seconds.

Then, release the buttons once the subwoofer’s LED lights start to flash.

How to Factory Reset the Onn Soundbar?

You can initiate a factory reset on the soundbar by holding the “Power” button on the soundbar itself or the remote control for up to 10 seconds.

This will cause your soundbar to power off and go into “Reset” mode.

Warning: Do not interact with the audio devices while the factory reset still lasts!

Quick Recap

If the Onn subwoofer not working, power cycle the device and cycle through all available audio modes on the soundbar.

If the fault persists, re-establish the Bluetooth connection and factory reset the subwoofer and then the soundbar.

For more Onn subwoofer/soundbar troubleshooting guide, check our blog!