Sonos Move 2 Won’t Turn On? (Don’t Panic, Easy Fix!)

sonos move 2 won't turn on

Sonos Move 2 won’t turn on, and you’re worried? Worry no more and continue reading ahead!

If Move 2 does not respond to pressing the “Power” button or the “Status” lamp isn’t coming on, there could be an issue with the battery or speaker’s indicator.

Buckle up, as we are going to investigate the problem, walk you through all the solutions, and help you power on your Move 2.

If Sonos Move 2 isn’t turning on or responding, reboot the speaker’s system, charge the battery to full capacity, and power cycle the charging station.

If the fault persists, ensure the speaker’s status lamp is activated and force a factory reset on the system.

Let’s discover the issue’s details in more depth!

Why is My Sonos Move 2 Speaker Not Turning On?

sonos move 2 speaker not turning on

Let’s review all possible causes why Sonos Move 2 isn’t turning on:

  • The speaker’s “Status” LED indicator has been disabled.
  • There’s an underlying fault with Sonos’s charging station.
  • A failure or malfunction of your speaker’s internal battery.

If the indicator of the speaker is changing or cycling through colors, this could mean that there’s another issue with Sonos.

In most cases, the light could be flashing red or cycle through white if there’s an issue with the startup, so let’s explore potential solutions…

Sonos Move 2 Won’t Turn On – Here’s How to Fix

Before you start: Have you tried pairing the speaker through an existing Bluetooth profile?

1. Reboot the Sonos Move 2 Speaker

reboot the sonos move 2 speaker

The first solution if your Sonos Move 2 is not turning on is performing a software reboot using the “Power” button of the portable speaker.

It takes less than 5 seconds to power your speaker On and Off, and holding the button for a prolonged period of time discharges the Move’s power.

Here’s how to reboot the system of the Sonos Move 2 in easy steps:

  1. Remove the speaker from the Sonos charging base.
  2. Locate the “Power” button on your speaker’s panel.
  3. Hold the button for 5 seconds until the LED turns off.
  4. Wait for about 30 seconds after powering off Sonos.
  5. Press the “Power” button again to turn on the device.
  6. Test the functionality of all Sonos system features.

If Sonos’s battery is not charged, you will be unable to tell whether the speaker’s Status LED responds to pressing the Power button.

So, only test powering on the device while connected.

Tip: Try connecting Sonos Move 2 directly to a power source, bypassing the charging station!

2. Fully Charge Your Move 2 Speaker

fully charge your move 2 speaker

The next step is to verify that the Sonos Move 2 speaker has been charged to a maximum battery capacity before attempting to turn on the device.

In some cases, your Move 2 speaker may not respond or power off immediately after being turned on, if your battery capacity is low.

How to Know if Sonos Move 2 is Charging?

If your speaker has established proper contact with the base station, the “Status” LED on the front will turn solid orange to indicate successful charging.

After approximately 10 seconds of placing Sonos, the LED will visually turn off but continue charging the speaker until maxed out.

  • However, avoid keeping the speaker on the charging station after reaching maximum battery, especially overnight or while not at home.

This can degrade the life span of the capacitors and shorten the lifespan of the internal battery unit.

Is your speaker not turning on even after recharging? No worries, just continue reading ahead…

3. Place the Speaker in “Pairing” Mode

place speaker in “pairing” mode

You can determine if Sonos Move 2 is responding even when there aren’t visual indications by placing the speaker in “Pairing” mode.

The Move 2 speaker has a separate “Bluetooth” button that activates the wireless functions of the device and makes it discoverable for other devices.

To place the speaker in pairing mode, position the device on top of the charging station and hold the “Bluetooth” button on the rear panel.

Next, check if the speaker shows under your device’s Bluetooth “Discoverable” menu or attempt to connect to it by using the existing pairing profile.

Note: If you can’t pair, then your Sonos Move 2 speaker is really not turning on!

4. Power Cycle the Sonos Base Station

power cycle the sonos base station

A reliable solution if the Sonos Move 2 speaker won’t turn on after all the steps so far is power cycling the base station.

As established, the leading cause for the speaker’s unresponsiveness is charging issues, so discharging (power cycling) the base station is a reliable solution.

Here’s how to power cycle the base station of Sonos Move 2:

  1. Eject your Sonos Move speaker from the charging surface.
  2. Unplug the power cord of the charging station from power.
  3. Wait for 30–40 seconds while the speaker is discharging.
  4. Next, place the speaker back on top of the charging station.
  5. Hold the Power button on the Sonos Move for 15 seconds.
Important: Check if the charging station’s equipment has sustained any sort of damage!

5. Reinsert your Sonos Move 2’s Battery 

reinsert your sonos move 2’s battery

Reseating the Sonos Move 2 speaker’s battery will address issues with the startup and general functionality errors.

The process is not complex at all and can be conducted with general tools that most users already have at home.

So, before disassembling the speaker and removing the battery, remove the speaker from the charging station and hold the “Power” button for 10 seconds!

Follow these instructions to reinsert the battery of the Sonos Move 2 speaker:

  1. Place your speaker upside down with the rubber cap facing up.
  2. Use the supplied Sonos pick to lift both ends of the rubber cap.
  3. Utilize your included hex tool to uninstall the two screws under.
  4. Hold both ends of the strip and lift the speaker’s battery upwards.
  5. Wait for ~30 seconds and place Sonos Move 2’s battery back in.
  6. Tighten the screws and reinstall the rubber cap onto the speaker.

What are the Symptoms of a Degraded Battery?

While the battery can stop functioning at any point, early symptoms of battery degradation are failure to hold a charge, rapid discharge, and charging issues.

In some cases, the speaker may be unable to charge fully or change to maximum very quickly.

Important: If either of these symptoms are present with your Sonos Move 2, consider installing a brand-new battery purchased from Sonos.

6. Activate Sonos Move 2’s “Status” LED

activate sonos move 2’s “status” led

There is a possibility that the “Status” LED of your portable Sonos Move 2 has been disabled through the Sonos app installed on your mobile.

So, you won’t know if the speaker is working properly whenever the “Status” lamp does not illuminate after pressing the unit’s Power button.

How to Enable “Status” LED Via the Sonos App?

  1. Open the application and navigate to the “Settings” pane.
  2. Scroll down to “My System” and tap on a room to modify.
  3. Next, enable the “Status Light” feature under “Hardware.”
  4. Finally, apply the changes and exit the configuration menu.

How to Enable “Status” LED Via the Sonos S1 Controller App?

enable status led sonos s1 controller app
  1. Launch the controller application and access your “System” pane.
  2. Scroll down to the “Products” section and select a room to adjust.
  3. Find the “Hardware” section and toggle the “Status Light” option.
  4. Exit the menu and test the “Status” light of the Sonos Move 2 unit.
Important: Verify that the Sonos application you have installed is updated to the latest version!

7. Perform a Reset on your Sonos Move 2

If you’re still unable to turn on your speaker, the most potent solution is to perform a “factory reset” on the Sonos Move 2.

This process will revert all system, wireless, and audio settings of the speaker to default values and eliminate all existing faults with the startup or the functionality.

perform reset on your sonos move 2

Here’s a complete walkthrough of factory resetting Sonos Move 2:

  1. Remove your Sonos Move 2 speaker from the charging pad.
  2. Press the “Power” button for 5 seconds to discharge the unit.
  3. Hold the “Bluetooth” button while placing the speaker back on.
  4. Optional: Release the button if Sonos Move’s indicator blinks.
  5. Keep holding the “Bluetooth” button for an extra 15 seconds.
  6. Test the functionality of the speaker or re-attempt the pairing.

If the reset is successful, all of the speaker’s settings will be erased and the device will reboot in under 60 seconds, ready to be configured.

If there is no visual or audio response to holding the Bluetooth button, reattempt the same steps while the speaker is charging on the Sonos station.

Final Thoughts

So, if the Sonos Move 2 won’t turn on, reboot your product, power cycle the base station, and detect any persisting faults with the charging.

You might also need to reinsert your Sonos Move 2 speaker’s internal battery or initiate a factory reset.

We hope this guide was helpful and for more Sonos Move 2 troubleshooting, check our blog!