Bose SoundLink Flex Not Charging & Worried? (Simple Fixes)

bose soundlink flex not charging

Bose SoundLink Flex not charging, and you’re worried? Well, relax, as we will help you out!

The charging issue that you’re facing with your Bose SoundLink is probably temporary, and by the end of this guide, you will know what’s causing it.

Here, we will walk you through everything that could be preventing the speaker from charging, and show you the best solution methods.

If your Bose SoundLink is not charging, inspect your power equipment, try a different electrical outlet, and update your speaker.

If this doesn’t help, clean the charging ports and connectors and factory reset your Bose Flex.

That’s only a small portion of everything you can try, so keep reading!

Why Is My Bose Flex SoundLink Not Charging?

why bose flex soundlink not charging

The most common reason for charging problems with Bose SoundLink Flex is the charging equipment.

Put simply, it’s either your USB charging cable or power adapter that causes the problem, but identifying which component it is, requires having a proven-to-work replacement.

So, let’s first go over everything that can prevent Bose SoundLink Flex from charging:

  • The USB cable or power adapter is defective.
  • Your electrical outlet is not supplying voltage.
  • Obstruction or blockage in the charging port.
  • Outdated firmware is causing indicator issues.
  • Software-related problem with your Bose Flex.
  • Extreme temperatures in your charging room. 
  • Unsupported power adapter used for charging.

That’s it. So let’s get on with the troubleshooting!

8 Ways to Fix When Bose SoundLink Flex Not Charging!

Quick Note: Try to recall an event, after which your Bose Flex speaker stopped charging.

1. Inspect the Charging Equipment

inspect the charging equipment

The very first step is to check your Bose SoundLink Flex’s charging equipment, which typically consists of a power adapter and a USB-A to USB-C power cable.

The point of this inspection is to localize hardware defects such as burnt wire, bent connectors, or something defective.

We advise peeking inside the charging port on your Bose SoundLink and closely inspecting the charging connectors of your cable.

If you notice anything broken or out of order, perhaps you’ll need proven charging equipment! 

If not, keep reading…

2. Charge Bose via a Power Adapter

With Bose SoundLink Flex, one side of the power cable is USB-A and the other side is USB-C, allowing you to charge the speaker without an adapter.

This is not the optimal approach and if you’re struggling to get your Bose charged from the USB port, we advise using a power adapter.

charge bose via a power adapter

The power adapter you need should be the standard 5-volt output, with 240 volts input and 10 watts brick.

Your smartphone probably uses the same power adapter so grab it, connect your Bose SoundLink Flex to a tested wall outlet, and check whether your device will start charging.

Note: Verify that the USB-A side of the charging cable is securely connected to the USB-A port on your power adapter.

3. Charge Bose in a Different Outlet

If your Bose SoundLink Flex is not charging even when connected to a wall outlet, the problem might be due to the socket itself.

If you’re connecting your Bose SoundLink Flex to a defective power outlet, where the voltage is too weak/fluctuating, you may face charging-related issues.

charge bose in a different outlet

So, the best approach would be plugging your Bose SoundLink Flex into a different wall outlet!

Important: Use Direct Outlet Connection!

It’s crucial to connect your Bose SoundLink Flex directly to the outlet without any third-party devices that may interfere with the charging.

  • This means plugging the power brick directly into the socket without smart plugs, power extenders, A/C dividers, or power surge protectors.

If your Bose SoundLink Flex is still not charging, continue reading…

4. Clean the Charging Ports & Plugs

If your Bose SoundLink Flex is still not charging, you may need to clean the USB-C charging port and USB-C connector of the cable.

This will guarantee that the contact points in the Bose SoundLink Flex port are free of obstructions, which might be causing your charging problems.

For the cleaning, you’ll need a toothpick and an old toothbrush!

clean the charging ports & plugs

Here’s how to clean the charging port and connector in your Bose setup:

  1. Turn off your Bose SoundLink Flex speaker.
  2. Using your toothpick, gently scrub all debris.
  3. Blow into the port to scatter the dust around.
  4. Use the toothbrush to remove all the buildup.
  5. Repeat several times until your port is clean.
  6. Also, thoroughly clean the USB-C connector.

When you’re ready, connect the Bose Flex SoundLink to a proven power outlet and verify that the device is charging by checking whether the Battery Light is blinking.

In 30–40 minutes the light should become solid, which means that the Bose Flex SoundLink is charged to maximum.

5. Update Bose SoundLink Firmware

If your Bose SoundLink Flex battery light is not blinking in white while the speaker is connected to the power, this doesn’t necessarily mean the device is not charging.

Your Bose speaker may be charging in silence, without the battery light blinking, when the system firmware is outdated.

So updating might solve your problem in an instant!

update bose soundlink firmware

Here’s how to update Bose SoundLink Flex in easy steps:

  1. Connect your Android or iOS smartphone to the internet
  2. Verify you have the Bose Connect app set up and ready.
  3. Pair your Bose SoundLink Flex to your Bluetooth phone.
  4. Enter in the Bose Connect app and select your speaker.
  5. If an update is available, you’ll see an arrow in a circle.
  6. Tap the arrow to start updating the Bose SoundLink Flex.
Tip: Alternatively, you can follow the instructions from the Bose Updater, to get your SoundLink Flex updated through a computer, without the app.

6. Factory Reset the Bose SoundLink

If nothing helps and your Bose SoundLink Flex is not charging, perhaps the device needs to be factory reset, which eliminates most problems immediately.

However, remember that the factory reset will erase all wireless connection profiles and reset all settings of your SoundLink speaker.

factory reset the bose soundlink

Here’s how to factory reset Bose SoundLink Flex in easy steps:

  1. First, disconnect the Bose Flex from the charger.
  2. Verify that the device is powered on and working.
  3. Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds.
  4. When your speaker powers off, release the button.

Your Bose SoundLink Flex is now reset to factory defaults.

Did this solve your charging problem? If not, keep reading!

7. Change the Charging Environment

Another reason why Bose SoundLink Flex refuses to charge is due to environmental factors such as extreme cold or extreme heat.

If it’s cold in the room, or it’s too hot, the battery of your Bose SoundLink Flex might be unable to receive voltage, even if everything is working.

change the charging environment

So, try to acclimatize your speaker or try charging the device under normal room temperature!

8. Verify the Charger’s Requirements

Your Bose SoundLink Flex might not be charging because your power brick (adapter) that plugs into the outlet does not meet the electrical requirements. 

Your Bose SoundLink Flex is proven to charge through a power adapter with 100–240 VAC in the range of power supply frequency of 47–63 Hz.

verify the charger’s requirements
  • The brick must have at least 5 V output, so your Bose SoundLink Flex can charge quickly and sufficiently.

So, if you have another power adapter lying around, test charging your Bose speaker with it!

Note: If your Bose SoundLink Flex won’t charge regardless, replace the USB-A to USB-C cable!

Final Thoughts

Hence, if your Bose SoundLink Flex not charging, you must inspect the charging equipment, clean the charging port, and update the speaker.

Additionally, you may have to reset the device or find a compatible power adapter.

Follow us for more Bose SoundLink Flex troubleshooting!