Is Your Bose Micro SoundLink Not Connecting? (Quick Fix)

bose micro soundlink not connecting

Well, if your Bose Micro SoundLink not connecting to your source, we can help you fix this!

Bose SoundLink speakers may be refusing to connect due to an existing Bluetooth connection, charging issues, or wireless signal interference.

So, whether this is the first time connecting the Bose SoundLink or the product has recently stopped pairing, we can help you solve the issue. 

Let’s take a look at the solution:

If the Bose Micro SoundLink is not connecting, reactivate the “Bluetooth” feature of both devices and fully recharge the speaker.

If the fault persists, force-reboot the SoundLink, re-add the speaker’s profile and factory reset the system.

There’s much more so, let’s get started!

Why is Bose SoundLink Micro Not Connecting?

why is bose soundlink micro not connecting

Here’s why the Bose Micro SoundLink is refusing to connect over Bluetooth:

  • There’s a fault with the Bluetooth of either device.
  • Your Bose SoundLink Micro’s battery level is low.
  • Your Bose SoundLink Micro is already connected.
  • The speaker’s battery capacity must be recharged.
  • There’s an issue with the system of your Bose unit.

Keep reading to review the most effective solutions against the Bose SoundLink’s pairing issue!

Bose Micro SoundLink Not Connecting – Tested Solutions!

Tip: These solutions guarantee success if you follow them consecutively!

1. Reactivate Your Device’s Bluetooth

reactivate your device's bluetooth

Reactivating the Bluetooth feature of your Bose speaker and your source device may resolve persisting issues with the wireless connection and the pairing. 

How to Re-activate Bluetooth On Bose SoundLink Micro?

You can cycle the Bose SoundLink’s wireless connection by holding the “Bluetooth” button for 5–10 seconds.

The speaker will lose connection to all the existing devices, and the Bluetooth’s LED indicator should also go off and then illuminate.

How to Re-activate Bluetooth On Any Output Device?

To reactivate the source device’s “Bluetooth” feature, access the settings or the quick menu and tap the Bluetooth feature’s activation button.

Wait for at least 15 seconds and attempt to reconnect with the Bose SoundLink Micro.

Note: On iOS devices, Bluetooth can only be fully deactivated through the settings!

2. Force Reboot the SoundLink Micro

force reboot the soundlink micro

A proven resolution to underlying issues with the Bose SoundLink is to force a system restart of the hardware.

Holding the “Power” button for a prolonged period allows the hardware to release residual power and correct minor issues with the wired or wireless speaker connection.

Here’s how to perform a force reboot on the Bose SoundLink Micro:

  1. Connect the Bose SoundLink Micro to your charging equipment.
  2. Press the Bose’s “Power” button once, to power off the product.
  3. Next, wait for 15 seconds and press the Power button to reboot.
  4. Hold the Power button for 7 seconds to force restart the system.

How to Check Bose SoundLink Micro Battery Level?

To check what’s the current battery capacity of the Bose SoundLink Micro, you need to power the speaker on/off or hold the “Power” button until the voice assistant pronounces it.

While in use, the Bose SoundLink Micro will always announce whenever it requires charging and has dropped under an optimal battery level.

Notice: Holding the “Power” button for any longer may cause the Bose speaker to factory reset!

3. Disband Existing Bluetooth Pairing

disband existing bluetooth pairing

Well, if you’re trying to connect the Bose SoundLink to a new source while there’s an existing Bluetooth connection, the setup will fail

You must ensure that the Bose speaker is free of all Bluetooth connections, before performing a setup with a new device.

To ensure the speaker is not paired to any of your other devices, you can either check manually, disable the device’s Bluetooth, or press the “Bluetooth” button.

Bonus Tip: Unplug All Wired SoundLink Connections!

If the Bose SoundLink is connected to any output device over a wired USB connection, make sure to unplug it as this could also interfere with the connection.

The SoundLink may not even be discovered by nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices if it is already connected via USB.

Tip: Reduce the amount of devices the output device is paired with to prevent congestion!

4. Dislocate Interfering Wireless Devices

dislocate interfering wireless devices

A potential reason why the Bose speaker is no longer connecting could be because of existing interference with another wireless device.

So, positioning devices emitting signals with identical frequencies may cause a conflict of the radio waves, resulting in pairing and connection issues.

Ensure none of the following devices are anywhere close to the SoundLink:

  • Network devices, such as routers, modems, or gateway.
  • Bluetooth devices, distributing the same frequency type.
  • RF transmitters, such as cordless phones or baby phones.

You should also note that any device with a metallic or reflective surface can cause the Bose speaker’s signal to degrade and prevent it from reaching its destination. 

Note: Even if your Bose pairs successfully, persisting interference may impact the audio quality!

5. Re-Add the SoundLink’s Bluetooth Profile

re-add the soundlink’s bluetooth profile

If the SoundLink has been previously paired to your device, the speaker’s profile may still be registered within the device’s “Bluetooth” settings.

To ensure there isn’t a problem with the speaker’s wireless settings, the next step is to re-add the Bluetooth profile of the Bose device.

Here’s how to re-add the Bluetooth profile of the Bose SoundLink Micro:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your wireless device.
  2. Next, access the “Bluetooth” or “Wireless” page.
  3. Ensure that the “Bluetooth” feature is set to “ON.”
  4. Scroll down to the “Remembered Devices” section.
  5. Tap on the “Options” button next to Bose’s profile.
  6. Press on “Forget this Device” at the page’s bottom.
  7. Complete the initial setup of the speaker to re-add.

Registering the speaker’s profile in your device’s Bluetooth settings allows for a quicker and more seamless connection while within range.

If you haven’t connected the Bose SoundLink Micro to your device yet, you have to search for the speaker under “Discoverable Devices.”

Note: The Bose SoundLink Micro’s profile name differs based on the product’s serial number!

6. Fully Refill the Bose SoundLink’s Battery

fully refill the bose soundlink’s battery

Low capacity levels or an exhausted product battery may cause persisting problems with the Bluetooth connection.

To ensure the Bose SoundLink is functioning at an optimal charge level, the next step is to reconnect the speaker to the wall and wait until the battery is at least 50%.

Based on the current capacity of the speaker, charging the Bose may take somewhere between 15–25 minutes at best.

Ensure the power cord is installed securely on both ends and wait until at least half of the LED indicators are lit.

Note: The speaker’s active LED Indicators stay on while the product is connected to a charger!

7. Conduct a SoundLink Factory Reset

conduct a soundlink factory reset

If the Bose speaker is still unable to establish a connection over Bluetooth, you should perform a factory reset of the SoundLink system.

Restoring the speaker to factory defaults erases the existing cache of previously connected Bluetooth devices and resolves lasting software issues.

Follow these instructions to factory reset the Bose SoundLink:

  1. Unplug the Bose SoundLink from all cables and the charger.
  2. Press the “Bluetooth” button once, to deactivate the feature.
  3. Next, press and hold the “Power” button for 10–15 seconds.
  4. Release the button after the “Bluetooth” LED starts blinking.
  5. After that, press “Bluetooth” again to re-activate the feature.
  6. Attempt to connect your SoundLink to your Bluetooth source.
Alert: If the “Bluetooth” button does not blink, the reset has not been activated successfully!

8. Test On Wired Connection (Workaround)

test on wired connection (workaround)

If the speaker is refusing to pair over Bluetooth, you should test whether the product is capable of broadcasting audio over a micro-USB connection.

The secondary purpose of the built-in micro-USB charging port on the SoundLink is to connect over a wired USB cable to the source.

So, connect the speaker with the micro-USB end of the charging adapter and plug the other end with a compatible device.

Wait for between 15–20 seconds and test the speaker’s audio output.

Tip: You can use the supplied micro-USB charger to establish the wired connection!

Quick Recap

So, if your Bose Micro SoundLink not connecting, dislocate any interfering wireless devices, re-add the speaker’s Bluetooth profile, and disband existing wireless connections.

So, if the fault persists, fully recharge the Bose speaker and factory reset the SoundLink system.

Follow us for more Bose Micro SoundLink troubleshooting!