ASTRO A50 Won’t Turn Off? Don’t Panic, Try This!

astro a50 won't turn off

If your ASTRO A50 won’t turn off, and you don’t know why? Stop worrying and keep reading!

The all-new, fully wireless ASTRO A50 headset is one of the latest blockbusters in the gaming industry and comes equipped with numerous different features.

If ASTRO does not respond to the built-in “Power” button on the right earcup, the issue could be related to an improperly charged battery, system problems, or wireless Bluetooth interference.

Let’s go through the quick solution:

If ASTRO A50 isn’t turning off, long-press the power button, charge your headset to full battery, and force a system reset.

If the issue is still there, pair the headset manually and wait until the battery is completely depleted.

Let’s unwrap some of the essentials!

Why Won’t My ASTRO A50 Turn Off?

why won’t my astro a50 turn off

Apart from issues with the “Power” button of the headset or the battery, ASTRO could also be experiencing problems with the system or Bluetooth distribution.

It’s important to note that most wireless headsets cannot turn off until all existing Bluetooth connections are disbanded.

Here are all possible causes why ASTRO A50 isn’t turning on:

  • The “Power” button is stuck and not making contact.
  • A problem with ASTRO’s charging station or source.
  • The Bluetooth is preventing the A50 from turning off.
  • A malfunction of the built-in ASTRO A50 battery unit.
  • Your headset has developed a hardware malfunction.

Those are all of the possible causes that may impact ASTRO A50’s functionality.

We’ll exclude the hardware malfunction for now, and proceed with everything else that we are in control of…

ASTRO A50 Won’t Turn Off – Here’s How to Fix Quickly!

When not turning on, the issue is common. In contrast, when not turning off, it’s a weird one!

Well, don’t worry we’ve managed to fix the issue…

1. Deactivate the A50 Headset Properly

deactivate the a50 headset properly

If you’re holding the incorrect button on the headset or haven’t held the “Power” button for long enough, the ASTRO A50 headset will not power off. 

For as long as ASTRO A50 is turned on, the remaining charge will be slowly consumed until the headset’s battery is depleted, automatically turning off.

Does ASTRO A50 Have a “Power” Button?

While it may not look like it, ASTRO A50 does have a Power button that has a small electricity icon on it.

It is located on the right earcup, right below the plastic frame, and has a small LED indicator, which can help you recognize it.

To power off the headset, press and hold the “Power” button on the right earcup for at least 3–4 seconds and release once the indicator light powers off.

If the LED does not go off, this means the headset has not detected the button press.

How to Tell if ASTRO A50’s Power Button is Faulty?

astro a50’s power button is faulty

To determine if there’s a fault with a particular button on your headset, test all other peripheral buttons on the ASTRO A50.

If the headset seems to be responding properly when other buttons are pressed, chances are that the “Power” button is stuck or doesn’t contact the terminal below.

Note: To address a “Power” button failure, the ASTRO A50 headset must be disassembled.

2. Fully Re-Charge the ASTRO A50

You can address issues with the startup and base functionality of the ASTRO A50 by refilling the headset’s battery capacity to the maximum.

A potentially insufficient power supply may prevent the A50 headphones from turning off on-demand upon pressing and holding the “Power” button.

How to Charge ASTRO A50 Via Dock?

how to charge astro a50 via dock

ASTRO’s docking station offers another wireless solution for the A50, without having to plug any cables into the headset at all.

Therefore, ensure your docking station is connected to power, lift the headset’s microphone, and position the ASTRO A50 on top of the dock’s charging pins.

  • If the LED indicator of the headset turns solid orange, it means that the charging process has started. 

How to Charge ASTRO A50 Directly?

If you prefer playing while the headset is charging, then the solution is to plug the micro-USB cable into the charging port on your headset.

You can use any nearby electrical outlet with an adapter as a charging source or plug the other end of the cable into one of your PC USB ports.

Note: It typically takes between 3–4 hours to charge the ASTRO A50 from 0% up to 100%.

3. Unpair the A50 Headset Manually

unpair the a50 headset manually

If the ASTRO A50 headset isn’t turning off, there’s a strong possibility that it is still paired to your wireless devices.

Unpairing the headset’s Bluetooth connection manually is another reliable step to turn off your headset if it does not respond to pressing and holding the built-in “Power” button.

Here’s how to manually unpair the ASTRO A50 headset in easy steps:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your wireless device.
  2. Next, navigate to the “Bluetooth” or “Wireless” tab.
  3. After that, find the headset’s connection from the list.
  4. Next, tap the “Manage” or “Info” option at the bottom.
  5. Go downwards and select “Disconnect” or “Unpair.”

Bonus Tip: Forget ASTRO A50’s Connection!

Like other wireless headsets, ASTRO A50 also uses automatic Bluetooth pairing for registering devices within wireless range.

Upon turning on, the headset is designed to automatically search for “remembered” connections nearby and connect with devices that use compatible technology.

To ensure the headset does not accidentally reconnect with your device, you can “Forget” the Bluetooth connection from the same menu.

Tip: To forget the A50 on iOS, press the “i” (info) button, and on Android, tap on the cogwheel!

4. Connect ASTRO A50 to a Computer

connect astro a50 to a computer

Connecting the ASTRO A50 to a computer may solve issues with the system of the headphones or the integrity of the Bluetooth database.

Also, a wired computer connection is an alternative to charging the headset if no ASTRO dock station is available.

Let’s learn how to connect the ASTRO A50 to compatible computer systems!

How to Connect ASTRO A50 to a Windows Computer?

  1. Plug a micro-USB adapter into ASTRO A50’s side port.
  2. Connect the other end to a 2.0 USB on your computer.
  3. Navigate to your “Device Manager” on your PC system.
  4. Check if “ASTRO A50” appears below “Audio Devices.”
  5. Then, hold the A50’s “Power” button for 15–20 seconds.

How to Connect ASTRO A50 to a macOS Computer?

connect astro a50 to a macos computer
  1. Plug a micro-USB cable into the port on the ASTRO A50.
  2. Install the other end of the cable into a port on your Mac.
  3. Next, wait until the macOS system detects a new device.
  4. Head to “Finder” → “Activity Monitor” on your macOS.
  5. Check if the system detects your ASTRO A50 headset.
Notice: You may be prompted to allow the headphones for “Alternative Uses” while connected, which may prevent charging.

5. Factory Reset the ASTRO Headset

Another optimal solution when the ASTRO A50 headset won’t turn off is to force a factory reset by holding a particular combination of buttons on the device. 

Well, restoring ASTRO A50 to factory defaults will disband all existing Bluetooth connections and revert all configurations of the headset to factory default.

factory reset the astro headset

Warning: Ensure the headset is not connected to a power supply while starting the reset!

Follow these instructions to start and undergo the factory reset on ASTRO A50:

  1. First, rotate ASTRO A50’s microphone upwards.
  2. Locate the “Game” button on the right ear cup.
  3. Hold the “Game” button for up to ~15 seconds.
  4. Release the button once ASTRO’s LED flashes.
  5. Next, wait for 1–2 minutes to complete the reset.

Although it takes about 20–30 seconds until the headset is usable again, you should wait for at least a couple of minutes after starting the reset.

Holding the “Power” button of your headset or interacting with ASTRO A50 in any other way may prevent your reset process from completing.

Notice: ASTRO A50 will be manually unpaired from your wireless device!

6. Deplete your ASTRO A50 Battery

If none of the solutions we’ve gone through so far deactivated your headset, the best option is to wait until ASTRO A50’s battery is completely depleted.

All you need to do is ensure the headset is paired with your wireless device and simply wait for several minutes up to a few hours until ASTRO turns off.

How Long Does ASTRO A50’s Battery Last?

how long does astro a50’s battery last

Based on the remaining charge of the headset, a complete depletion of the battery may take up to 5–6 hours if ASTRO is charged to 50% capacity.

If you’ve just disconnected the headset from the charger, depleting the battery requires 15+ hours of persistent work, hence playing sounds.

In that set of thoughts, ensure ASTRO’s LED indicator is lit and wait until the battery strikes 0%.

Then, reconnect your headset with a charger for 10–15 minutes and hold the “Power” button.

Tip: If your ASTRO A50 is still not turning off, check the warranty and consult with the support!

Quick Recap

If your ASTRO A50 won’t turn off, ensure you’re deactivating the headset properly and refill the battery to max capacity.

Also, check if there’s a physical fault with the “Power” button, factory reset the headset, and deplete ASTRO’s battery.

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