ASTRO A50 Cutting In And Out? (Fix ASAP!)

astro a50 cutting in and out

Worried because ASTRO A50 cutting in and out? Worry no more and read through this guide!

If the ASTRO A50 sound keeps cutting in and out, this pretty much makes the headset useless, as this is one of the most frustrating problems.

The issue has proven to be challenging to solve, so we’ve prepared a guide including only proven-to-work techniques in a step-by-step tutorial.

So, here is the quick fix:

When the ASTRO A50 sound keeps cutting out, verify the base station is plugged into the motherboard of your PC and that the correct mode is selected.

Also, update your audio drivers, resolve interference, and reset your headset.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, so continue reading…

Why is My ASTRO A50 Sound Cutting In and Out?

astro a50 sound cutting in and out

The audio cutting in and out is probably one of the most frustrating issues with any headset, not only ASTRO A50.

Wireless headsets such as ASTRO A50 are prone to such issues, so we’ve prepared a complete list containing all possibilities for sound cutting in and out of your ASTRO.

Here’s why the ASTRO A50 sound keeps cutting in and out:

  • Incompatibility in the USB connection port.
  • The base station is not in the correct mode.
  • The computer’s audio drivers are outdated.
  • Existing wireless interference in your setup.
  • An outdated firmware of your ASTRO A50.
  • System-related problem with your ASTRO.
  • Battery-related problems such as throttling.

That’s it. Let’s address all of these possibilities in one go!

How to Fix When ASTRO A50 Cutting In and Out?

Tip: We recommend following the instructions in order…

1. Plug Base Station to Motherboard

plug base station to motherboard

The first and probably one of the most helpful methods that you should undertake is to plug the headset into a different USB port

If you’re using a PC to connect the ASTRO A50 base station, we strongly recommend plugging the USB (big end of the cable) into the motherboard.

Your PC typically has two USB ports on the case, and two or three more USB ports on the back, directly from the machine motherboard.

So, connect the ASTRO A50 base station on the back of your PC and test whether the headset will keep cutting out.

If you’re using a console such as Xbox or PlayStation, simply switch to a different USB port to check whether the audio cutting will stop.

Note: Verify that the USB and microUSB sides of the cable are securely plugged in!

2. Set the Correct Base Station Mode

set the correct base station mode

On the ASTRO A50 base station, you’ll find a switch that you can set in PC or Xbox mode.

So, based on the machine you use to power the station, set the mode switch to the correct state.

  • If using a PC, laptop, or other computer set to “PC
  • If using a PlayStation 4/5 or Xbox, set it to “Xbox

Also, we recommend switching to a different media/sound and try playing music and audio from multiple sources to justify whether the cutting out is source-related.

If not, and your ASTRO A50 audio keeps cutting out from multiple different sources, continue reading…

3. Update the System’s Audio Drivers

update the system’s audio drivers

If your ASTRO A50 base station is connected to a Windows PC, and the audio keeps cutting in and out, the problem may be related to the audio drivers.

They sometimes cause compatibility faults with external speakers such as ASTRO A50, so we recommend updating the drivers now.

Here’s how to update the audio drivers on your Windows computer:

  1. Click on “Start” in the Taskbar and open Device Manager.
  2. Then, reveal the menu under “Audio inputs and outputs.”
  3. Select “Speakers” where your ASTRO A50 can be found.
  4. In the following window, select the “Driver” tab on the top.
  5. Finally, click on “Update Driver” and wait for the upgrade.

Your Windows operating system will upgrade the audio drivers for the ASTRO A50 headset, and will surely solve the cutting out problem.

If not, however, you’ll need additional troubleshooting…

Note: Skip this step if your ASTRO A50 is cutting out when connected to a console!

4. Address the Wireless Interference

address the wireless interference

The ASTRO A50 works by transmitting wireless signals from the connected base station to the wireless headset.

This means that the ASTRO A50 is prone to wireless interference, actively congesting the signal and making the audio output cut out.

However, there are a few proven ways to fight back and resolve wireless interference, so we’ve prepared a couple of tested techniques that help.

Here’s exactly what to do against wireless interference:

  • Move your A50 base station away from electronics.
  • Keep your station and headset close to each other.
  • Turn OFF the Bluetooth feature of nearby devices.
  • Keep the Wi-Fi router and base station 15 feet apart.

If you’ve undertaken these solutions against wireless interference, but the audio on the ASTRO A50 keeps cutting out, continue reading… 

5. Update the ASTRO A50 Headset

According to our research, your ASTRO A50 operation could be unstable and the sound may be cutting in and out due to outdated firmware.

Thus, if you’re using your ASTRO A50 without the control center, your headset is probably outdated, and updating can solve most of the problems.

To update your ASTRO A50 firmware, not only that the base station must be connected to a PC, but you also need to have the ASTRO Control Center.

update the astro a50 headset

You can download the software for PC (Windows/macOS) by following the link and clicking on “Download C40 TR Software for PC.”

Here’s how to install the control center and update your ASTRO A50:

  1. When you have downloaded the software install it on your PC.
  2. Then, connect your ASTRO A50 station to the computer USB.
  3. Open the ASTRO control center and you should be connected.
  4. So, next to your ASTRO A50, there must be an update button.
  5. Click “UPDATE NOW” to download and upgrade the firmware.

This may take a bit of time, so remain patient. 

When the update is ready, test if your ASTRO A50 is cutting in/out, and if yes, keep reading…

6. Factory Reset your ASTRO A50

If nothing worked so far, perhaps you’ll need to factory reset your ASTRO A50 headset to stop the audio from cutting in and out.

The factory restoration will ultimately reset ALL settings on the headset as well as in the ASTRO control center but will address any software-related problems.

factory reset your astro a50

To factory reset your ASTRO A50, follow the instructions below:

  1. First, take your ASTRO A50 out of the station.
  2. Hold the Power button to turn on the headset.
  3. Your headset is “ON” when the LED lights up.
  4. Locate the “Game” fader on one of the earcups.
  5. You must also find the “Dolby” surround button.
  6. Press and hold both buttons for ~20 seconds.
  7. This will factory reset the ASTRO A50 headset.

When you’re ready with the factory reset, test if the sound keeps cutting in and out.

If yes, then you may be facing a battery-related problem so let’s check what else there is left to attempt.

7. Recharge ASTRO A50 Overnight

If your ASTRO A50 cutting out, the problem may be related to battery throttling, which happens when the charge is insufficient.

So, one excellent way to justify whether you face battery-related issues with your ASTRO A50 would be to charge them on your station overnight for ~12 hours.

recharge astro a50 overnight

For this purpose, you must verify that your machine wouldn’t be sleeping, so leave your PC or console turned on, and stop the auto-sleep feature.

Then position your ASTRO headset on your base station overnight and in the morning, test whether the audio playback is cutting in and out.

If that’s not helping either, we recommend checking your warranty or contacting the merchant for a reclamation and hopefully a free replacement. Best of luck!

Quick Recap

So, if ASTRO A50 cutting in and out, you need to test different USB ports, solve wireless signal congestion, and update your audio drivers.

Additionally, you may need to update or factory reset your ASTRO A50 headset.

We hope this guide was helpful so follow us for more!