Astro A50 Static Noise? (Silence the Crackle)

astro a50 static noise

You’re worried because you hear ASTRO A50 static noise? Well, we have a working solution!

The static noise (buzzing/crackling) is not a pleasant experience.

However, wireless headsets such as ASTRO A50 are prone to signal-related faults so in this guide, we’ll unwrap the solution.

Here’s how you can solve the problem:

When ASTRO A50 is producing static noise, begin with shortening the distance between the base and headset, switching to a different USB port, and updating the headset.

Also, configure the audio settings and reset your ASTRO A50.

Let’s continue straight to the solutions!

How to Fix ASTRO A50 Static Noise? – 8 Working Solutions

Quick Tip: We recommend trying all solutions!

1. Move your ASTRO A50 Station

move your astro a50 station

The first and most important solution to try is to move your ASTRO A50 base station closer to the headset.

Since many users have reported static noise and cracking when moving out of range of the base, closing the proximity between the headset and the station should be helpful.

The recommended distance for keeping your ASTRO A50 headset from the base station is a maximum of 10 feet.

If you’re on a PC, keeping the base station extra close to your headset is not a problem, but when using a console, this might be a challenging task, involving relocation.

So, try if your ASTRO A50 produces static noise when keeping them right next to the station!

If not, then find a way to shorten the proximity between both devices while wearing the headset. 

2. Test with a Different USB Ports

test with a different usb ports

Another quick solution to attempt against ASTRO A50 crackling is to use a different USB port on the machine connected to the base station.

Most computers, laptops, and consoles have more than one USB port on the front and back, some of which are USB 2.0 and others are USB 3.0.

ASTRO A50 works in both types of USB ports so we recommend switching to a different one, or trying multiple to check if the static noise will disappear. 

  • On an Xbox/PS4/5, you can find 2 USBs on the front and 2 more on the back.
  • On a PC, there are USB 2–3 ports on the front and 3–4 more ports on the back.

While reconnecting the USB cable, thoroughly inspect the used port and connector for visual defects such as bents, kinks, and other damage.

Also, Switch to a Different Cable!

Sometimes the static noise comes from the USB cable that connects the ASTRO base station to the computer, laptop, or console.

To rule out this possibility, try implementing a secondary USB cable into your setup to connect your station to the source machine and check the static noises.

Note: We recommend using a short USB cable, without USB extenders!

3. Update the ASTRO A50 Headset

update the astro a50 headset

According to a variety of ASTRO A50 users, the static noise sometimes comes from outdated headset firmware.

This may sound unlikely at first, but if you haven’t connected your ASTRO A50 to a PC yet, there is a high chance you’re running very old firmware so we advise updating.

To update your ASTRO A50 you would need a computer, USB cable, and the command center!

Here are the steps to quickly update your ASTRO A50 headset:

  1. First, connect your ASTRO A50 station to your computer.
  2. We strongly recommend using one of the back USB ports.
  3. Then, download the ASTRO Command Center on the PC.
  4. Info: Download the correct installer for Windows or macOS.
  5. Install the command center by opening the downloaded file.
  6. If your station is connected your ASTRO A50 will be paired.
  7. On the top of the screen, click on “UPDATE NOW” to start.

This might take a while, based on how many updates ASTRO A50 is missing and your internet speed.

When the headset is up to date, reconstruct your previous setup to a console or the PC and test whether the static noises are still there.

If yes, continue reading…

4. Set the Base to the Correct Mode

set the base to the correct mode

There is one more quick thing to undertake against static noise, crackling, or other audio-related issues with the ASTRO A50.

That would be to verify that the ASTRO base station is set to the correct mode, which can be done from a switch located on the side or back of your A50 station.

The ASTRO base station typically has two modes, on some models there is PC and Xbox, and on other models, there is PC and PlayStation.

So, according to the machine that the ASTRO A50 base station is connected with, set the correct mode, or switch to the other one to test on.

Note: If you’re using a PlayStation but there is an “Xbox” switch, select it and test!

5. Adjust your Output Levels (Windows)

adjust your output levels (windows)

If you still have ASTRO A50 crackling noises, on your connected headset the reason could be due to overamplification of the sound.

In other words, to increase the volume without static or crackling noises, you must boost the strength of the sound, but lower the volume boost levels.

To do this on a Windows computer, follow the steps below:

  1. First, click the Start Menu, and type “Sound”.
  2. Then, click on the “Change system sounds
  3. Ensure that you’re in the “Playback” section.
  4. From the pop-up window, select your ASTRO.
  5. Right-click on the ASTRO A50Properties.
  6. From the tab above, go to the “Levels” pane.
  7. Set the “Main Volume” to a maximum of 75%.

When ready, check if your ASTRO A50 is still producing static noises or crackling sounds.

If not, that’s good and the problem is solved but your volume might be quieter.

So, to increase the A50 volume, click on the sound icon from the Windows Taskbar, and crank up the volume to 70-80%.

Note: While in the “Sound” pop-up, right-click on your ASTRO A50 and verify that they are set as a default output device for your Windows system. 

6. Update your Audio Drivers (Windows)

update your audio drivers (windows)

The static noises on the ASTRO A50 headset, especially in combination with a Windows OS, can be caused by outdated/corrupted audio drivers.

Thus, the next best step to attempt is to update the audio drivers on your computer, which will hopefully resolve the crackling noises.

Here’s how to update your audio drivers on a Windows computer:

  1. Open the Start menu and type “Device Manager.”
  2. Then, locate the “Audio inputs and outputs” tab.
  3. When you reveal the section, find the ASTRO A50.
  4. Right-click the headset profile and “Update driver.”
  5. Windows will automatically search for any updates.

You’ll be notified when the driver is updated, so when ready, check if there are static or crackling noises on your A50 headset.

If yes, additional troubleshooting will be needed so keep reading…

7. Configure the Console Settings (PlayStation)

configure the console settings (playstation)

So, if you’re using a PlayStation to power your ASTRO base station, you need to select the A50 headset as an input and output device in the settings.

If not, your PlayStation will be sending the sound to the selected device and your ASTRO A50 headset might be producing buzzing noises.

So, go into the PlayStation settings, enter “Audio Devices” and do the following:

  • Select USB Headset (ASTRO A50) next to [INPUT DEVICE].
  • Select USB Headset (ASTRO A50) next to [OUTPUT DEVICE].
  • Set the Volume Control (Headphones) to a maximum of 75%.
  • Untick the box next to “Switch Output Device Automatically”.

When these settings are configured, reboot your console, and test whether the A50 headset is still producing static/crackling noises.

If yes, then we strongly recommend checking if the issue will also appear on a computer or laptop, which will further diagnose and reveal the true culprit.

Note: Verify that your PlayStation console is up to date!

8. Reset the ASTRO A50 to Default

reset the astro a50 to default

So, if your ASTRO A50 is still producing static or crackling noises, it’s time to reset the headset to default settings.

This method will revert your headset to default settings and will address all software-related issues, hopefully resolving the static and crackling noises in under 5 minutes.

Here’s how to factory reset the ASTRO A50 headset in easy steps:

  1. First, ensure that your ASTRO A50 headset is working
  2. If not, press and hold the “On” button on your left ear cup.
  3. Locate the “Dolby” and “Game” buttons on the headset.
  4. Press and hold both buttons for about ~25–30 seconds.

This will factory reset the A50 headset. When ready, test whether the static noises are still there.

If yes, there is likely a problem either with the headphones or the base station, so we recommend checking your device’s warranty.

Quick Recap

Hence, when ASTRO A50 static noise appears, keep the station closer to the headset, update the A50 firmware, and adjust the audio settings.

Additionally, you may need to factory reset your ASTRO A50 to fix the problem.

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