ASTRO A50 Not Connecting To Xbox? (Fix Connection Issues FAST!)

astro a50 not connecting to xbox

If your ASTRO A50 not connecting to Xbox, we have a complete step-by-step guide for you!

ASTRO A50 is leading the gaming headphones market, but even the best products are prone to connection problems.

If you’re struggling to connect your ASTRO A50 to your Xbox console, this guide will provide you with complete steps and solutions to resolve the problem in minutes.

If your ASTRO A50 is not connected to Xbox, switch the base station’s mode to “Xbox”, reconnect all cables, and adjust the console’s audio settings.

If this doesn’t help, reset your Xbox audio configuration and factory reset your A50’s.

To unwrap how all of this is done, continue reading!

How to Fix When ASTRO A50 Not Connecting to Xbox?

When using your ASTRO A50 with an Xbox console, (based on your model) you may have one or two connection options including HDMI and USB standalone connection. 

The interesting part is that if you use ASTRO A50 X can use both connections simultaneously, to achieve the highest-quality and uninterrupted playout experience. 

However, before getting in-depth, let’s apply some general troubleshooting steps!

1. Switch A50 to the “Xbox” Mode

switch a50 to the “xbox” mode

The first and most important step is to verify that the base station of your ASTRO A50 is set to the correct mode.

Some models may not have a “Mode” switch, but if you use the base model of ASTRO A50, you’ll see a switch with two options:

  • PC (Desktop)
  • Xbox or PS

So, again based on your model, set the switch to the “Xbox” or “PS (PlayStation)”, which tells the base station that it’s being connected to a console.

If your ASTRO A50 was set to the “PC” mode, switching to console mode should immediately resolve the fault and get you connected.

Quick Tip: To switch to Xbox mode on the ASTRO A50 X model, press the PLAYSYNC button!

2. Connect A50 to Xbox Correctly

connect a50 to xbox correctly

Well, if your base model ASTRO A50 not connecting to Xbox Series X or S, the steps below will guide you through the procedure. 

So, this way you’ll ensure that the setup is correct, excluding most of the possibilities for the ASTRO connection issues in one go.

2.1 Connect to Xbox One:

  1. Set the switch on the base station to “Xbox.”
  2. Plug the microUSB to the A50 base station.
  3. Also, connect the Optical cable to the base.
  4. Next, plug the micro USB into the Xbox One.
  5. Connect your Optical cable to your console.

That’s it. Your ASTRO A50 should now be connected to your Xbox One!

2.2 Connect to Xbox X/S:

  1. On the back of the station, set the switch to “Xbox.”
  2. Plug the micro USB cable into the base station port.
  3. Connect the other side of the cable to your console.

If you have the ASTRO A50 X model these steps will not apply, so continue reading…

Connecting ASTRO A50 X To Xbox?

connecting astro a50 x to xbox

If you’re trying to connect ASTRO A50 X to Xbox, you must connect one side of the HDMI cable to the base and the other end to your Xbox.

Alternatively, you can go with the standalone USB connection, which again requires connecting both sides of the wire to the Xbox and A50 station.

On your Xbox’s side, there is an “HDMI OUT” port that must be used, and in turn, your ASTRO A50 station has an “HDMI IN” port.

The USB cable is a USB-C to USB-A, which again, connects to an available port on the Xbox console and plugs into the USB port of the ASTRO A50 X base.

If the connection is successful, but your A50’s are not outputting, it may be due to the settings!

3. Set Up the Xbox Audio Settings

set up the xbox audio settings

Another essential factor for setting up ASTRO A50 with Xbox is the console’s audio settings and whether they are configured based on your connection type.

So, below we’ll review the settings and configurations you must set up, based on whether you use HDMI or USB connection type.

3.1 For HDMI Connection:

  1. On the Xbox console, go to “Settings.”
  2. Then, navigate to the “General” menu.
  3. Next, select “Volume & Audio Output.”
  4. Set “Dolby Atmos” for “Headset Audio”.
  5. Set “Headset Format” for the HDMI Audio.
  6. Next, advance to the “Additional Options.”
  7. Switch the “Chat Mixer” to “Do Nothing.”
  8. Set the “Party Chat Output” to “Headset.”
  9. Finally, disable the “Mute Speaker Audio.”

That’s it. Your ASTRO A50 should now be connected and successfully working on your Xbox!

However, if you use a USB standalone connection, the options are slightly different!

3.2 For USB Standalone:

for usb standalone setup xbox
  1. From the home go to Settings General.
  2. Then, enter the “Volume & Audio Output.”
  3. Switch “Headset Audio” to “Dolby Atmos.”
  4. Then, navigate to the “Additional Options”.
  5. Ensure “Chat Mixer” is set to “Do Nothing.”
  6. Verify “Party Chat” is “Output to Headset.”
  7. Finally, enable the option “Mute Speaker.”

After following these steps, you should be ready to go! 

So, double-check all wired connections and test whether your ASTRO A50 is now working with the Xbox console.

If you still don’t hear any sound, perhaps there is a problem with the station.

4. Update ASTRO A50 Base Station

update astro a50 base station

The ASTRO A50 base station plays a vital role when connecting the headset to any device, not only Xbox, so it’s important to perform an update

The base station may be successfully connected to the Xbox, but if the wireless connection to the A50 headset is bad, you’ll not hear any output.

Well, this is a common problem, especially if you haven’t connected the A50 station to the PC in a while, the firmware build may be outdated.

So, here’s how to update your ASTRO A50 base station in easy steps:

  1. Connect the ASTRO base station to a Windows PC.
  2. One side of the USB cable plugs into the PC port.
  3. The other side connects to the base station port.
  4. Download and install the “ASTRO Command Center.”
  5. Open the software and select your A50 headset.
  6. Finally, click on the orange “Update Now” button.

The update may take a while, but when ready, reconnect your base station to the Xbox console, and test whether the issue is now gone.

If you’re still facing connection issues, continue reading!

5. Reset the ASTRO A50 to Default

reset the astro a50 to default

One of the most potent solutions against connection problems between the ASTRO A50 station and Xbox console is the factory reset.

This method will erase all configurations including the settings in the ASTRO Command Center, so back up any settings you don’t want to be deleted.

Here’s how to factory reset your ASTRO A50 in easy steps:

  1. First, remove your ASTRO A50 from the base station.
  2. Hold the Power button to turn on the ASTRO headset.
  3. On the left ear cup, press and hold the “Game” fader.
  4. Next, simultaneously, press and hold the “Dolby” button.
  5. Hold both buttons for 20–25 seconds to reset your A50.

When your ASTRO A50 is factory reset, go ahead and try whether the connection to the Xbox will now work.

If yes, then you have been facing a software-related problem, which may not be easily detectable, and you can’t tell what was wrong. If your issues continue, keep reading…

6. Reset your Xbox Audio Settings

reset your xbox audio settings

If your ASTRO A50 won’t connect to Xbox, a strong troubleshooting solution would be to reset the audio settings.

This way, you’ll start fresh and configure the correct settings for the ASTRO A50 headset, by following the instructions in solution 3, that we already discussed.

However, first, let’s reset your Xbox audio settings!

  1. First, from the main screen, head to the “Settings.”
  2. In the General tab, go to “Volume & audio output.”
  3. When you’re there, enter “Audio testing & details.”
  4. Finally, select “Reset audio settings” on the left side.

When the audio settings are reset, scroll up to solution 3 and configure the correct audio options for the ASTRO A50 headset.

When ready, you should no longer face problems with the console connection to your A50 and you must be hearing the output.

If not, unfortunately, you may have a faulty piece of equipment in your setup, which involves the audio cable, the base station, and input/output ports.

The only way to tighten the circle further is to replace the audio cable, test with a different input port, or connect with a different device.

Note: If your ASTRO A50 base station is defective, you may need to claim your warranty!

Final Thoughts

Hence, if your ASTRO A50 not connecting to Xbox, set your station to the correct mode, adjust the console’s audio settings, and double-check the connections.

Additionally, you may need to reset the Xbox audio settings to default.

We hope this guide was helpful so follow us for more ASTRO A50 troubleshooting!