Astro A50 Headband Popping Out? (Fixes & Workarounds)

astro a50 headband popping out

ASTRO A50 headband popping out, and you’re frustrated? Well, we have got the solutions!

Some models of ASTRO A50 headphones come with a known defect in their headband, which constantly pops out when you put on the headset.

However, we’ve found a few ways to “stitch” the problem by implementing additional reinforcement or permanently fixating your A50’s band.

Let’s take a quick peek at what can be done:

If your ASTRO A50 headband is popping out, you must snap the band into the rails and secure it via string or rubber band.

In the meantime, you can order 3-D printed clips for the ASTRO A50 headband or apply glue to permanently secure it.

Let’s continue exploring how to solve the issue!

Why ASTRO A50 Headband Keeps Popping Out?

why astro a50 headband keeps popping out

You might be surprised, but you’re doing nothing wrong! This is a common problem with some ASTRO A50 models, and users reported that their band pops out, on brand-new headsets. 

The headband simply pops out when you equip the headset and won’t stay secured even if you snap the piece back into place.

However, it’s well-known that this is the manufacturer’s problem.

So, how do you deal with factory defects? The answer is DIY!

Here are some quick ways to secure the ASTRO A50 headband into place:

  • Reinforce the headband via a rubber band.
  • Warp a thread/string/cord around the band.
  • Use duct tape to make the notches thicker.
  • Attach 3D-printed clip holders on the band.
  • Use glue to permanently fix the headband.

So, that’s several DIY solutions that you can attempt at home, which are proven to resolve the issue with the popping-out headband.

If you’re committed to solving the problem immediately, we’re about to unwrap all these methods in detail so make sure to check them out in the guide.

How to Fix ASTRO A50 Headband Popping Out – 6 Ways!

Tip: We recommend following the steps consecutively!

1. Snap your Headband into Place

snap your headband into place

Well, sometimes the headband of your ASTRO A50 may pop out simply due to physical impact, which forces the band to get off the rails.

This primarily happens because the rails holding the top headband can move back and forth when you twist the headset, which is very frustrating.

However, in most cases, it’s enough to simply *snap* everything back into place and proceed by being gentle when equipping the headset.

Well, to avoid damaging the ASTRO A50 headset, gently pull the rails out and fit the headband securely.

When ready, grab the entire headband and squeeze inwards applying mild pressure, to secure the headband and prevent a minor twist/impact from displacing the band from the rail.

Tip: Verify that both rails that support the headband are not cracked or damaged, which makes the gap larger, popping out your headband.

2. Reinforce A50 via Rubber Band 

reinforce a50 via rubber band

Some people managed to stop the headband on ASTRO A50 from popping out by implementing a rubber band/s.

Well, it is quite a DIY project, but considering that the headset won’t stay put on your head when the band is not in place, a rubber band might solve your problem in minutes.

All you need is 2–3 rubber bands!

When you’ve got them, here is exactly what to do:

  1. Snap back the headband of your A50 into the rails.
  2. Squeeze the headband rails to securely fit the band.
  3. Wrap the rubber bands in three places on the band.
  4. Tip: If you have to, wrap each rubber band in two.
  5. Verify your rubber bands apply inwards pressure.

If you’ve installed the rubber bands correctly and tightly, the rails must be pushing the headband inwards, which must hold the contraption together.

If you have to, implement even more rubber bands to entirely secure the rails and prevent your headband from popping out even on impact.

Quick Tip: To prevent feeling the rubber bands on your head, slide them beneath the cushion on the underside of the headband.

3. Warp a Thread Around the Band

warp a thread around the band

Another working way to prevent the headband of your ASTRO A50 from popping out is to use a thread of almost any kind.

You can use fiber, strand, cord, string, or even wire to wrap around the headband of your ASTRO A50 and secure the piece without providing room for movement.

This way, your ASTRO A50 headband must not be able to pop out from the rails, even if you twist and drop your headset. 

However, using a thread that is too thick, may have an impact on how you feel the A50 headset when you equip it.

To avoid this, we recommend sliding the string beneath the rubber cushion, which will prevent the thread from contacting your head, and you shouldn’t feel these add-ons.

Important: The wrapped thread must be tight!

4. Attach Clip Holders to the Band

attach clip holders to the band

A permanent and effective solution to prevent the headband of your ASTRO A50 from popping out is to acquire and install clip holders.

Well, unfortunately, there are no specialized clips on the market designed for ASTRO A50 that you can buy, but you can acquire them in different ways.

One way is to 3D print them!

Luckily, someone on the web designed the ASTRO A50 headband clips and uploaded the file publicly for everyone in need.

If you don’t have a 3D printer, you can download the file, and using a USB flash drive, go to a 3D printing store.

Alternatively, you can send the file to a 3D printing company and order the A50 headband clips online, without having to visit the site.

Either way, a bit of waiting and patience is required but, with the headband clips, you’ll have a permanent and professional solution to band popping issue.

Note: Another way to acquire a headband clip is to find something similar that can squeeze the headband rails inwards and apply constant pressure.

5. Apply Duct Tape for Thickness

apply duct tape for thickness

The primary reason why the headband of your ASTRO A50 is popping out is the small notches (tabs) on either side, which fit into the rails (holders).

These tabs are designed to fit, but when they are freely moving, they don’t provide friction, which allows the headband to easily pop out.

One way that will secure the headband from popping out is to warp some duct tape around the tabs, to make them thicker.

These tabs are the small notches on the headband, and if you wrap some duct tape, this will make them wider and increase their height, securing your headband.

Snapping the headband back into place might be a bit challenging, but once fitted, the friction and pressure will prevent the headband from popping out.

If this does not work for you, keep reading for the permanent solution!

6. Use Glue to Secure the Headband

Well, we know that the popping-out problem with the ASTRO A50 headband makes the headset useless, so we’ve got a pretty good idea.

If your ASTRO A50 warranty is over, or you don’t have any intentions of claiming it, you can glue the band onto the rails, which is a permanent solution.

use glue to secure the headband

Some people recommend using hot glue, but to be honest, if you’re going that far in solving the problem, this doesn’t matter.

All you need for the project is a strong glue (preferably for plastic).

Since this is a “sticky” situation, here are some steps:

  1. Snap the headband off the ASTRO A50 rails.
  2. Tip: Use a helping hand from a friend/family.
  3. Have the second person pull out band rails.
  4. Apply a few drops of glue on the small notch.
  5. Also, apply glue on the connecting rial points.
  6. Have the second person snap the headband.

That’s it. Then, position your ASTRO A50 headset on a blanket/cover considering that the glue may leak, and leave them for 20 minutes.

When your headband is glued into the rails, even if you twist, hit, or drop the ASTRO A50 headset, the band will stay in place and never pop out.

Warning: Leaking glue may leave permanent trails on the outer surface of the headband!

Let’s Recap

If your ASTRO A50 headband popping out, snap the band into the rails, and either secure the headset via rubber band or wrap-around thread or string.

A more permanent solution involves using 3D-printed clips or glue.

We hope this guide was helpful so follow us for more ASTRO A50 DIY and solutions!