Yealink Headset Not Working? (7 Instant Solutions!)

yealink headset not working

Yealink headset not working and you’re frustrated? Don’t worry, we have the solution here!

Yealink headsets are an amazing piece of hardware and software for office communications, but when it’s not working, the entire thing is useless.

So, in this read, we’ll teach you how to fix this!

If your Yealink headset is not working, unmute your device, fully charge the headset, and clean the charging points.

If this doesn’t help, update the firmware, switch to a different “Range” settings, and perform a factory reset.

If you’re unsure how all of this is done, continue reading!

Why is My Yealink Headset Not Working?

why is my yealink headset not working

There are quite a few different reasons for a non-working Yealink headset.

Many of them involve the charging station, others are related to the settings, so let’s take a quick look at all suspects!

  • Your Yealink headset/microphone is muted.
  • The Yealink docking station is not charging.
  • The contact points are obstructed/clogged.
  • Your Yealink headset firmware is outdated.
  • The wireless range is incorrectly selected.
  • Software-related problem with your Yealink.

Let’s get into troubleshooting!

How to Fix When a Yealink Headset Not Working?

Tip: Try the steps chronologically!

1. Unmute Headset & Microphone

unmute headset & microphone

If you don’t hear anything from the Yealink headset, the first and most important step is to verify that the headset and microphone are not muted. 

Unmuting Yealink Headset:

The Yealink headset has a “Mute” button on the left side, which mutes the audio output from the earset.

If you believe your headset is muted and that’s why it’s not working, simply press the button once and test whether you’ll start hearing something.

Unmuting Yealink Microphone:

In contrast, if your Yealink headset mic not working and nobody hears you when talking, you must slide the microphone down, next to your mouth.

  • Otherwise, when the microphone is straightened, your input will be muted and nobody will hear you speak.

That’s it. If your Yealink headset is not muted in any way, but not working, continue reading…

2. Charge Headset & Yealink Dock

charge headset & yealink dock

Your Yealink headset may not work because there is no battery, which commonly happens due to bad charging of the dock station.

To charge your Yealink headset, the dock station should be connected to a proven supply and your headset positioned properly to receive sufficient charge.

So, here are a few steps to verify that your Yealink dock is charging:

  1. Connect the power supply to the Yealink dock.
  2. The port is located on your station’s underside.
  3. Plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet.
  4. The LEDs on your Yealink dock should light up.
  5. Position your Yealink headset onto the station.
  6. The circular LED should start blinking in yellow.

If your Yealink headset’s circular LED is blinking in yellow light, this generally means that the unit is charging successfully.

The recommended charging time is about 2.5 hours, meaning you must leave your headset charging for at least 30–40 minutes, before testing the functionality.

Quick Tip: While waiting for the Yealink headset to charge, continue reading the guide!

3. Clean Headset Charging Points

clean headset charging points

If your Yealink headset is not charging, this explains why it’s not working, so you may need to clean the charging points located on the top of the base. 

To charge your Yealink headset, you must position the device on the dock so the charging pins contact the charging points on the headband.

Thus, if your Yealink headset’s charging contacts are obstructed, dirty, or clogged in any way, your device may be unable to charge sufficiently.

Well, for the cleaning, you can use everyday materials such as a toothpick, ear sticks, and an old toothbrush.

  • We don’t recommend using liquids to avoid damaging the Yealink equipment or producing a short circuit, which could be lethal for the headset.
Important: Verify that the charging terminals on the headband contact the dock’s pins!

4. Upgrade the Yealink’s Firmware

upgrade the yealink's firmware

If your Yealink is not receiving calls, there is no audio or the phone doesn’t detect the headset, it’s time to perform a firmware upgrade.

This is quite easy as long as you have a USB cable and a computer since you would need to download and install the Yealink USB Connect software.

Here’s how to update your Yealink’s firmware in easy steps:

  1. Locate the USB port, labeled “PC” on your Yealink dock.
  2. Connect one side of the USB cable to this output port.
  3. Plug the other side of the USB cable into your computer.
  4. Next, download the Yealink USB Connect PC software.
  5. If using a Mac, click on the (download for MAC) button.
  6. If using Windows, click the (download for WIN) button.
  7. Then, install the downloaded software on your computer.
  8. Open Yealink USB Connect and click on the “Skip Link”.
  9. Your computer should automatically detect your headset.
  10. When this happens, the firmware update should begin.

If you see “Updating Device(s)”, the firmware upgrade is underway, meaning you only need to observe the progress bar.

When ready, you should see “Upgrade Completed”, and you can go ahead and close your Yealink USB Connect software, to test whether your headset is working.

Note: Your computer must be connected to the internet to update the Yealink’s firmware!

5. Change Yealink’s Wireless Range

change yealink’s wireless range

The reason why your Yealink headset is not working could be due to insufficient range, based on the settings chosen in the Yealink USB Connect. 

If you’re on your desk whenever using the Yealink headset, it’s best to select the “Short” range.

In contrast, if you’re constantly away from the desk, it’s better to select the “Long” range option.

So, connect your Yealink dock to your PC and follow the steps:

  1. Verify that the Yealink dock is connected to a PC.
  2. Download and install the Yealink USB Connect.
  3. Open the software and select the Yealink device.
  4. Then, head to the “Device Settings” on the left.
  5. Next, on the top, go to the “Advanced Settings.”
  6. Under “General” change your “Wireless Range.”

When you’re ready, test if your Yealink headset is working as expected.

If not, we recommend rebooting your equipment by disconnecting all the wires for 10 minutes and then reconnecting.

Tip: Ensure that the Yealink headset is detected by the software from the “Device Status” tab!

6. Disable the Yealink’s Music Mode

disable the yealink’s music mode

If you experience poor audio quality during phone conversations with your Yealink headset, the culprit might be the “Music Mode” option. 

As the feature’s name suggests, this option must enhance the quality of your music output, but according to many sources, the feature decreases the audibility of your Yealink headset’s calls.

Here’s how to disable the Yealink’s Music Mode feature in easy steps:

  1. Verify that your dock is plugged into your computer.
  2. Open the Yealink USB Connect software on the PC.
  3. Head to “Device Settings” → “Advanced Settings.”
  4. Under “General” find and disable the “Music Mode.”

When you’re ready, try to perform some calls through your Yealink headset to justify whether the issue is still there.

If yes, perhaps you need some additional troubleshooting, so keep reading…

7. Factory Reset the Yealink’s Station

The entire problem with the Yealink headset could be coming from the base station, which can be reset in a few simple steps.

However, this will revert all settings to default but will provide you with an opportunity to start fresh.

factory reset the yealink’s station

Here’s how to factory reset your Yealink base station in easy steps:

  1. Verify that your Yealink base is connected to power.
  2. Then, locate the button with an icon of a computer.
  3. Also, locate the button with an icon of a telephone.
  4. Press and hold both buttons for about 10 seconds.
  5. You should hear a message saying “Factory Reset.”
  6. Then, disconnect the Yealink station’s power cable.
  7. After about 60 seconds reconnect the cable back in.

That’s everything about the factory reset. When ready, test if your Yealink headset now works!

Reminder: You can also reset your Yealink devices through the Yealink USB Connect software!

Quick Recap

If your Yealink headset not working, unmute both the headset and microphone, update the firmware, and clean the charging points.

Additionally, you may need to consider resetting the device and switching to the “Long” range.

We hope this guide was helpful so follow us for more!