Is Your JBL Flip 6 Not Turning On? (Don’t Panic! Easy Fix)

jbl flip 6 not turning on

If you’re wondering why the JBL Flip 6 not turning on, then this guide will help you!

The JBL Flip 6 could develop a startup issue due to improper battery charging, defective Flip 6 equipment, and even issues with the power button.

So, this guide will help you determine what prevents the speaker from starting up and provide expert solutions to eliminate your problem.

If the JBL Flip 6 isn’t turning on, discharge the speaker’s hardware, replace the charging equipment, and alter the charging socket.

If the fault persists, force a factory reset on the JBL Flip and attempt to access the internal battery unit.

Keep reading to uncover all solutions!

Why is My JBL Flip 6 Not Turning On?

why jbl flip 6 not turning on

Here’s what can prevent the JBL Flip 6 from starting up successfully:

  • The JBL Flip 6 battery is not sufficiently charged.
  • There’s an issue with the speaker’s power button.
  • Defects in the charging equipment of the speaker.
  • Insufficiency from the connected electrical source.Insufficiency from the connected electrical source.
  • Defective third-party equipment in JBL Flip setup.

Keep reading further to learn how to solve JBL Flip 6’s startup issue in less than 5 minutes!

JBL Flip 6 Not Turning On – Quick and Effective Solutions!

Tip: Follow the steps consecutively!

1. Discharge the Speaker’s Hardware

By far, the easiest method to eliminate prevalent issues with the JBL Flip 6 is by discharging the speaker’s hardware.

To achieve a complete power cycle, disconnect the JBL speaker from your outlet and hold ALL buttons on the device for a short period to discharge all the residual power. 

discharge the speaker’s hardware

Follow these steps to discharge the hardware of the JBL speaker:

  1. Hold the “Power” button on the JBL Flip 6 for ~5 seconds.
  2. Plug the JBL into a charger and unplug it after 10 seconds.
  3. Hold each button on your speaker’s panel for ~10 seconds.
  4. Press “Power” on the speaker and hold it for ~30 seconds.

To successfully jump-start the JBL speaker, connect the device to power and press the Power button.

If your speaker is not turning on, chances are that the battery is dead or near 0 percent.

Tip: Check any obstructions that prevent the Power button from pressing!

2. Recharge JBL Flip 6’s Battery Fully

recharge jbl flip 6’s battery fully

To ensure the JBL speaker’s fault is not charge-related, the next step is to reconnect the device to the charger and wait until the internal battery’s capacity reaches 100%.

Even if the battery is becoming degraded, it may cause the speaker to power off before the charge is depleted fully.

How Long Does JBL Flip 6 Charge For?

On average, it takes between half an hour to 2 hours and a half for the JBL Flip 6 to charge from 0% capacity up to 100%.

If the charging process is not interrupted, with the fast-charge USB-C, the speaker may succeed in charging in under an hour. 

How to Tell if JBL Flip 6 is Charging?

If a charger is connected and the speaker detects it, the LED indicator next to the “‘Bluetooth” button will start flashing and slowly filling up.

After the speaker’s battery is recharged fully, the indicator will power off and await the startup procedure. 

Note: We recommend charging to 100% and then attempting to turn on the speaker!

3. Use an Alternative Charging Source

use an alternative charging source

You can eliminate issues when the JBL Flip 6 won’t turn on by charging the speaker through an alternative power outlet.

If your power outlet is faulty, the voltage is fluctuating or something else is wrong with the source, your JBL Flip 6 might not be able to fully charge and may not turn on.

One of the primary requirements is to verify your JBL Flip 6 speaker’s power adapter is plugged in directly to the source.

  • This means no extenders, dividers, or other smart plug wall connectors.
Quick Tip: Try charging your JBL Flip 6 through an outlet from a different room!

4. Replace Your Charging Equipment

replace your charging equipment

By now, all evidence for the JBL Flip 6 charging issue leads to a faulty charging cable/adapter!

To immediately rule out this possibility, you should attempt to charge the JBL speaker by using an alternative charging cable or A/C adapter.

The power adapter you need is a standard 5 V power brick and the cable you need is USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to USB-A (adapter-based).

Note: Try replacing pieces of your equipment one by one to determine the cause of the issue!

Bonus Tip: Inspect JBL’s Charging Port

inspect jbl’s charging port

While inspecting the speaker’s charging equipment, ensure there aren’t any obstructions within JBL Flip 6’s charging port.

Over the long run, the JBL speaker may accumulate debris in many places, including the charging port’s contact pins, that may prevent the connector from plugging.

  • To clean the port, use only dry tools such as a toothpick and a toothbrush, and avoid any liquids!

5. Exit the JBL Flip 6’s “Service” Mode

If the JBL Flip 6 speaker does not respond to any inputs and none of the LED lights are on, the unit may have entered “Service” mode.

While the speaker is under service mode, your device will await software commands and all functions (including charging) will be temporarily disabled.

exit jbl flip 6’s “service” mode

Here’s how to exit the “Service” mode on your JBL Flip 6:

  1. Press the “Power” button on the speaker for ~5 seconds.
  2. Hold the “Bluetooth” + “Play” buttons for 10–15 seconds.
  3. Check if there will be any visual output from your speaker.
Note: When the JBL speaker exits the service mode, the LED indicator will flash!

6. Reset the JBL Flip 6 to Factory Default

If you’re still unable to turn on the speaker, you should consider performing a factory reset of the JBL system.

It is a highly effective resolution against issues with the startup, the charging, and the standard functionality of the Flip 6 speaker.

Warning: Restoring the speaker to factory defaults erases all wireless and audio configurations!

reset jbl flip 6 factory default

Here’s how to factory reset the JBL Flip 6 in easy steps:

  1. Connect the JBL Flip 6 with a charging adapter and an outlet.
  2. Hold both the “Volume +” and “Play” buttons simultaneously.
  3. Wait until there’s an indication from your speaker’s built-in LED.
  4. Try to power the JBL speaker by holding the “Power” button.
Reminder: You must set up the JBL speaker’s wireless connection from scratch after the reset!

7. Reconnect JBL Flip 6’s Battery Unit (Advanced)

If the JBL Flip 6 speaker just doesn’t turn on, you can access the device’s hardware and attempt to reconnect the battery pack.

This is because if the “ZIP” connectors are stuck, unplugged, or damaged, this will stop the speaker from starting up properly, even with a fully charged battery.

Warning: Accessing the speaker’s hardware voids the warranty!

reconnect jbl flip 6’s battery unit

Accessing and removing JBL Flip 6’s battery requires the following tools:

  • A spudger
  • A Phillips screwdriver
  • A pair of precision tweezers

Alert: Ensure the speaker is powered off before accessing the hardware!

Follow these instructions to access and remove JBL Flip 6’s battery:

  1. Pry open the fabric cover on the side of the speaker.
  2. Next, release the plastic clips above the button plate.
  3. Pry up the fabric cover and carefully lift it off upwards.
  4. Tip: Use one hand to spread the plastic cover’s edges.
  5. Unclip and remove the passive radiator on the right.
  6. Pull the radiator out from the speaker’s safety bracket.
  7. Unfasten the safety bracket’s screws on the right side.
  8. Remove the safety bracket and unfasten JBL’s woofer.
  9. Move the woofer and disconnect the motherboard A/C.
  10. Unfasten the tweeter of your speaker’s on the left side.
  11. Remove all ZIF and power button connectors from JBL.
  12. Move the mainboard and unplug the JBL’s battery pack.
  13. Repeat the steps in reverse to reassemble your device.
Quick Tip: Take a picture of the speaker’s default hardware setup for easier reinstallation!

Quick Recap

Whenever the JBL Flip 6 not turning on, you must ensure the speaker is fully charged, use an alternative power source, and replace the charging equipment.

If the fault persists, factory reset JBL Flip 6 and reinsert the internal battery.

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