Is Your JBL Flip 6 Keeps Turning Off? (Instant Solutions!)

jbl flip 6 keeps turning off

Your JBL Flip 6 keeps turning off, and you’re worried? Well, relax as this might not be lethal!

Before assuming that there is a hardware problem with the JBL Flip 6, there are a lot of things you can try and localize the shutting-off problem.

In 99% of the cases, the issue appears due to something external, and your JBL Flip speaker turns out to be in perfect health with no defects.

If your JBL Flip 6 turns off randomly, stop the “Auto-Off” feature, clean the charging port, and fully recharge the device.

Additionally, update the firmware build, stop overheating, and perform a factory reset on your JBL Flip 6.

Why Does My JBL Flip 6 Keep Turning Off?

why jbl flip 6 keep turning off

There are a lot of different reasons why JBL Flip 6 keeps turning off by itself:

  • The Auto-Off feature is enabled and active.
  • Your JBL Flip 6 speaker was not charged.
  • The speaker is overheating and turning off.
  • An outdated firmware causing bugs/glitches.
  • A bad influence from environmental factors.

That’s it. Not much but enough to produce a lot of potential suspects. So, let’s fix this problem!

How to Fix When JBL Flip 6 Keeps Turning Off?

Note: Can you recall an event after which your JBL Flip 6 started shutting down, such as liquid damage or physical impact?

1. Stop the JBL Auto-Off Feature

stop the jbl auto-off feature

Most modern speakers such as the JBL Flip 6 have an integrated “Auto Power Off” feature, that aims to preserve battery by turning off the speaker after long inactivity.

The inactivity period is about 20 minutes, and if your speaker is not playing music, the device will automatically turn off.

To disable the “Auto Power Off” of your JBL Flip 6 speaker you’ll need to pair the device with a Bluetooth smartphone and download the JBL Portable app. 

When you have the JBL Portable app, here’s how to disable the Auto-Off:

  1. Open the JBL Portable app and wait for discovery.
  2. When your JBL Flip 6 appears, select your device.
  3. Scroll down to locate the “Power Saving” section.
  4. Then, tap the toggle to disable “Auto Power Off.”

It’s that simple. Your JBL Flip 6 speaker should no longer turn off by itself, even if left turned on, without playback indefinitely.

However, if your speaker keeps turning off, keep reading ahead…

2. Clean Your JBL’s Charging Port

A very quick step before charging the speaker is to verify that the charging port is not blocked or obstructed, which ultimately prevents the charging.

When the JBL Flip 6 is not charged enough, the speaker might randomly turn off, indicating that the battery is low or entirely out of charge.

clean your jbl’s charging port

To clean the USB-C charging port, you’ll need the following:

  • A toothpick
  • An ear stick
  • Old toothbrush
  • Flashlight

So, use the toothpick to gently reach within the port while shining the flashlight, and scrub all the debris, hairs, and dust in the port.

Then, using the old toothbrush, remove everything within the port to ensure that there are no blockages.

Then, repeat until the port is clean of obstructions.

Lastly, verify that the USB-C connector reaches in, and continue with the next step…

3. Fully Charge your JBL Speaker

fully charge your jbl speaker

If your JBL Flip 6 turning off by itself, without an obvious reason, perhaps the battery is very low, even if you’ve recently charged the speaker. 

To check the battery level of the JBL Flip 6 speaker it’s enough to press the Power button once, and check the horizontal LED light.

The small linear LED fills up, showing the exact charge of the battery, and when charging, this LED will move up and down, slowly filling up the entire line.

So, if your JBL Flip 6 LED line light is not moving when connected, the speaker is not charging!

What to Do If JBL Flip 6 Not Charging?

  • Check the power cable and adapter.
  • Plug into a different electrical source.
  • Replace the JBL charging equipment.

If your JBL Flip 6 battery is sufficiently charged, but still turning off, continue reading ahead…

4. Check and Prevent Overheating

check and prevent overheating

Your JBL Flip 6 speaker might be turning off because of overheating, which constantly activates the device’s defensive mechanism.

When the temperatures get too high, your JBL Flip 6 turns off automatically, to prevent the heat from damaging the internal components and cool down.

So, here are a few things you can do against JBL Flip 6 overheating:

  • Avoid exposing your JBL speaker to direct sunlight.
  • Use a vacuum or compressed air to clean the vents.
  • Don’t position the speaker on stiff and fluffy surfaces.
  • Move the Flip 6 speaker away from the heat conductors.

If your JBL Flip 6 keeps turning off, leave the device “OFF” for a few minutes to cool down and then test if the issue continues.

If yes, keep reading as the most important steps are to come…

5. Update your JBL Flip 6 Firmware

update your jbl flip 6 firmware

The software condition of your JBL Flip 6 might be causing the random shutdowns, which can be easily resolved by updating the firmware.

If you haven’t updated your JBL Flip 6 in a while, software bugs may be causing all this fuss, and making your JBL speaker turn off.

To update your JBL Flip 6, you would need the speaker connected to your Bluetooth source, so the JBL Portable app can discover the device.

When you open the app and select your JBL Flip 6 speaker, the “Software Update” prompt will appear on the very top, and all you need to do is press.

Your speaker will then download and install the latest firmware, which should prevent the random turning off and solve the problem.

Note: If your JBL Flip 6 speaker won’t stay on long enough for updating, try the next step!

6. Factory Reset your JBL Speaker

factory reset your jbl speaker

If nothing works, you should use the time your JBL Flip 6 stays “ON” to trigger a factory reset, which might solve your problem in an instant.

The factory reset, however, will reset all JBL Flip 6 speaker settings to default, unpair all Bluetooth devices, and erase all the in-app configurations.

  • To factory reset JBL Flip 6, press and hold the Play + Volume Up for 5 seconds!

You should hear a sound prompt sounding like “turning off” and the speaker will shut down, and restore the factory settings.

Then, press the Power button and when the device powers on, it will be in “Discovery Mode” so you can pair it with your source and test whether it will be turning off.

If your speaker still turns off, continue reading…

7. Check for Environmental Factors

check for environmental factors

Well, even if rarely, the JBL Flip 6 speaker may be turning off because of extreme temperatures such as a cold.

If you’re just taking the speaker out of the box after being delivered, note that the box could have been exposed to freezing temps and your device needs to acclimatize.

This means leaving the speaker at a room’s temperature for about 30 minutes, during which we recommend reading the rest of this guide…

8. Avoid Any Magnetic Interference

Magnetic interference is very rare but apparent in many cases where speakers such as JBL Flip 6 randomly turn off without a proper reason.

So, if that’s the case, you’ll need to dislocate your JBL Flip 6 speaker away from devices that emit magnetic interference, to fix the problem.

avoid any magnetic interference

Here are some examples of devices that can interfere with JBL Flip 6:

  • Electronic appliances of all kinds.
  • A/C transformers and power wires.
  • Permanent magnets and equipment.
  • Audio equipment and preamplifiers.
  • Metal objects and RF transmitters.

So, move the JBL Flip 6 away from these devices and check whether it will still turn off by itself!

Tip: If nothing helps, the main board of your JBL Flip 6 may be due for replacement so contact JBL Support or claim your warranty from the local merchant.

Quick Recap

So, if your JBL Flip 6 keeps turning off, disable the “Auto Power Off” feature, and fully charge your device.

Additionally, update the firmware, prevent overheating and factory reset the JBL Flip 6 to defaults.

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