Your JBL Flip 6 Won’t Charge? – (5 Working Solutions!)

jbl flip 6 won't charge

JBL Flip 6 won’t charge and you’re getting worried? Relax, as this might not be a lethal issue!

Charging issues with speakers such as JBL Flip 6 appear out of a sudden and can be caused by a variety of potential culprits.

They involve your charging equipment, the charging port, the power adapter, software state, and firmware, hence, there is a lot to inspect so let’s get started!

If your JBL Flip 6 is not charging, inspect the USB-A to USB-C cable, connect the speaker to the wall outlet directly, and try a different power source.

Additionally, you may need to update the speaker’s software or perform a factory reset.

Let’s keep unwrapping!

Why is My JBL Flip 6 Not Charging?

why jbl flip 6 not charging

Here are the primary reasons why the JBL Flip 6 speaker is not charging when connected:

  • The power cable or the adapter is faulty.
  • The USB-C charging port is obstructed.
  • Your electrical source is not functioning.
  • Firmware-related issue with the speaker.
  • Software error or operating system bug.

When JBL Flip 6 Charges Successfully?

When you connect your JBL Flip 6 speaker to the charger, the horizontal LED light right next to the Bluetooth button should start moving right and left.

The LED shows how much of the device’s battery is charged, and when moving, this means that the JBL Flip 6 charges well.

If the LED does not glow in white and does not move when the charger is connected to the JBL Flip 6, then your speaker is not charging.

Let’s learn how to resolve this!

How to Solve JBL Flip 6 Won’t Charge Issue? – Easy Methods!

Tip: To check the battery of JBL Flip 6, press the power button and look at the horizontal LED.

1. Inspect the Charging Cable/Adapter

inspect the charging cable/adapter

If your JBL Flip 6 is not charging when connected, the first step is to disconnect the components of your charging equipment.

With the JBL Flip 6, there is a charging cable (USB-A to USB-C) as well as an optional A/C adapter, which is a standard brick with 5 V and 2 amps of output power.

If either of these components are defective, the JBL Flip 6 won’t charge so let’s perform a quick inspection to determine the issue’s nest.

Inspecting the USB Cable:

When inspecting the USB-A to USB-C cable, you must check the cable’s body for rips, cuts, and exposed wires first.

If everything appears intact, you should check both connectors of the USB cable for bents or other defects that might result in charging issues with your JBL Flip 6 speaker.

Insecting the A/C Adapter:

insecting the a/c adapter

The power adapter is nothing special and you only need to check whether the USB port that you plug the USB-A side of the cable into is clogged.

In addition, we recommend checking whether the adapter’s prongs are straight and not bent, preventing the brick from plugging into the outlet.

If your charging equipment is intact, continue reading…

2. Plug to a Different Electrical Source

So, if you’ve been attempting to charge your JBL Flip 6 from a computer or laptop USB port, we strongly recommend using a power brick.

This is the number one step that you must undertake, considering that the voltage from the USB port might not be sufficient, preventing the charging.

Hence, connect your JBL Flip 6 with the USB-C end of the cable, and plug the USB-A side of the wire into a 5 V power adapter.

Then, this power adapter plugs into the power source, and your speaker should start charging.

If not, switch to a different and proven-to-work wall outlet.

Important: Third-Party Connectors!

important: third-party connectors

If you have third-party connectors on your power outlet, we recommend disconnecting them and plugging the JBL Flip 6 power adapter directly. 

Avoid connecting your JBL Flip 6 to:

  • Electrical strips
  • Power dividers
  • A/C extenders
  • Smart plugs
  • Surge protectors

If your JBL Flip 6 is not charging, even when connected directly to a working power source, the problem is down to your speaker.

So keep reading to unveil solutions against charging issues!

3. Clean JBL Flip 6 Charging Input Port

If your JBL Flip 6 not charging, after verifying your charging equipment and power source, this raises the suspicion of a faulty charging port.

Well, the charging port of your JBL Flip 6 might not necessarily be defective, but it could be blocked, obstructed, or clogged with dust or debris.

So, cleaning the charging port should solve the problem immediately!

clean jbl flip 6 charging input port

Here’s how to securely clean your JBL Flip 6 charging input port:

  1. First, acquire several toothpicks and an old toothbrush.
  2. Use the toothpick to gently scrub debris within the port.
  3. Warning: Be extremely cautious not to damage the port.
  4. Using the toothbrush, try to get the scrubbed debris out.
  5. Blow into the port with your mouth for further extraction.
  6. Repeat the steps until there is no debris accumulation.
Important: NEVER use liquids to clean the charging port of your JBL Flip 6!

4. Update the JBL Flip 6 System Version

According to many sources, charging problems on JBL Flip 6 sometimes appear because of an outdated software version.

Luckily, you can quickly update your JBL Flip 6, while there is still a bit of battery left, by using the JBL Portable app, available in the App Store and Google Play.

update the jbl flip 6 system version

Here’s how to update JBL Flip 6 in easy steps:

  1. Download and install the JBL Portable app.
  2. Enable the Bluetooth feature on the phone.
  3. Press the Bluetooth button on the speaker.
  4. In your Bluetooth menu, select JBL to pair.
  5. Open the JBL Portable app on your phone.
  6. Wait until your JBL speaker is discovered.
  7. From the dashboard, tap Software Update.
  8. Finally, press on “Update” to start updating.

When your JBL Flip 6 is updated, connect the speaker to the charger to check if the battery will start filling up.

If not, perhaps there is a software problem with the device, so continue reading…

5. Reset the JBL Flip 6 to Factory Default

If your JBL Flip 6 just won’t start charging, it’s time to perform a factory reset, which will unpair the device from all Bluetooth connections and the JBL Portable app.

You will permanently lose all device settings including the equalizer configuration, but the charging issue must disappear.

reset jbl flip 6 to factory default

Here’s how to factory reset JBL Flip 6 in easy steps:

  1. First, unpair your speaker from your Bluetooth device.
  2. Then, press the Power button to turn on your JBL Flip.
  3. Next, locate the device’s Volume Up and Play buttons.
  4. Finally, hold both buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.
  5. This will reset your JBL Flip 6 to factory default settings.

When your JBL Flip 6 is reset to default settings, before pairing your speaker to your Bluetooth device, connect the charger.

Then observe the horizontal LED, and whether it will start moving.

If not, unfortunately, your USB-A to USB-C cable or power adapter might be defective or the JBL Flip 6 battery is gone for good.

In those cases, it’s best to proceed by contacting the merchant to attempt and claim your product’s warranty.

Quick Recap

Hence, if your JBL Flip 6 won’t charge, check the condition of the charging cable and electrical adapter and try charging the device into a tested power source.

If this doesn’t help, update the JBL Flip 6 firmware, and perform a factory reset.

We hope this guide was helpful so follow us for more JBL Flip 6 troubleshooting guides!