Sony WH-1000XM5 Keeps Disconnecting? (Don’t Panic, Easy Fix)

sony wh-1000xm5 keeps disconnecting

Does Sony WH-1000XM5 keeps disconnecting without a reason? This is a common issue!

The Sony headset could be losing connection to your wireless device repeatedly due to existing interference, profile issues, or conflict with other devices.

By the end of this guide, you will know what’s exactly causing the Sony headset to disconnect and fix the problem in an instant.

If the Sony XM5 headset keeps losing connection, deactivate “Auto-Sleep,” ensure Sony is within wireless range, and re-enable your device’s Bluetooth feature.

Also, re-add the headset’s Bluetooth profile and perform a factory reset.

Let’s unwrap all the details of the issue!

Sony WH-1000XM5 Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting?

sony wh-1000xm5 keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

Here’s why the Sony XM5 headset is constantly unpairing and reconnecting:

  • Your device is moving in and out of Sony’s wireless range.
  • An issue with the Bluetooth feature of the wireless device.
  • The “Auto-Sleep” function is active in Sony’s configuration.
  • There are multiple devices paired to Sony at the same time.
  • Existing wireless interference is conflicting with your signal.

Now, let’s proceed with the expert guide to uncover all possible solutions for the issue!

Sony WH-1000XM5 Keeps Disconnecting – Quick Solutions!

Note: Have you attempted rebooting the Sony headset and your wireless device?

1. Shorten the Physical Distance

shorten the physical distance

The first step is to ensure the connection of your Sony headset meets the wireless distance requirements for a Bluetooth connection.

Keeping the wireless device too far apart from the headset will weaken the signal, causing connection drops and persistent cuts in your audio.

  • The Sony XM5 headset uses a standard 2.4 GHz frequency range, between (2.4000-2.4835 GHz) and supports connection up to 30–35 feet (10–12 meters.)

Staying within the headset’s wireless range ensures the audio will not attenuate or be disrupted.

Tip: You can test the headset’s coverage by slowly walking away from the wireless device!

2. Re-activate the Bluetooth Feature

re-activate the bluetooth feature

If the headset is still not maintaining a persistent connection, you should temporarily set the “Bluetooth” feature on your device to “Off.” 

Whether you’ve connected the headset to your smartphone or desktop device, the drops in the connection can be a result of a Bluetooth feature issue.

How to Disable Bluetooth On Android & iOS?

  • To turn off the Bluetooth on Android, go to “Settings” → “Wireless” → “Bluetooth” and set the slider to “Off.”
  • To turn off the Bluetooth on iOS, tap the Bluetooth icon within the quick menu and go to “Settings” → “Bluetooth” to tap the activation slider.

How to Disable Bluetooth On Windows & Mac?

disable bluetooth on windows & mac
  • To set the Bluetooth “Off” on Windows, go to “Start,” access the “Settings” tab and click on “Devices.” Then, select “Bluetooth” and switch the setting to “Off.”
  • To set the Bluetooth “Off” on Mac, navigate to “Apple Menu” → “System Preferences” → “Bluetooth” and select “Turn Bluetooth Off.”
Note: Wait for at least 60 seconds before activating the Bluetooth on either device!

3. Turn Off “Auto-Sleep” Sony Function

By default, the Sony headset is configured to automatically turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity, thanks to built-in wear detection sensors.

The next step is to set the auto-sleep function to “Do Not Turn Off” within the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app on your mobile.

turn off “auto-sleep” sony function

Here’s how to disable the Sony headset’s auto-sleep option:

  1. Open the Sony app on the Android or iOS mobile.
  2. Enter the configuration of your Sony XM5 headset.
  3. Next, navigate to the “System” tab and scroll down.
  4. Locate the “Automatic Power Off” menu function.
  5. Select the feature to extend the drop-down menu.
  6. Tap the “[Do not turn off]” option from the section.
Reminder: Not allowing the headset to power off by itself can be demanding for the battery and cause it to discharge faster.

4. Hard Reset the Sony XM5 Headset

You can re-activate Sony’s “Pairing” mode by performing a hard reset of the headset’s system and internal battery unit.

Well, it is a quick and effective resolution that takes under 60 seconds to solve underlying issues with the wireless connection or the audio settings of your Sony setup.

hard reset the sony xm5 headset

Follow these steps to perform a hard reset on the Sony XM5 headset:

  1. Power off the Sony headset and wait for ~10 seconds.
  2. Connect the USB type-C charger to your headphones.
  3. Press and hold the “Power” button for up to 15 seconds.
  4. Unplug the charging cable and press the “Power” button.

After the hard reset is complete, ensure the Sony XM5 headset is charged to maximum battery capacity.

You can check your headset’s battery capacity through the Sony app on your mobile.

Note: Low internal battery may impact the headset’s audio playback or wireless connection!

5. Disable the Sony’s Multipoint Feature

disable the sony’s multipoint feature

Allowing the Sony headset to maintain a wireless connection with more than one device at a time may result in wireless interference and disruptions in the signal.

That’s why the next step is to disable the “[Connect to 2 devices simultaneously]” option within the Sonos application.

Here’s how to disable Sony’s ability to pair with multiple devices:

  1. Ensure the headset is currently connected to your smartphone.
  2. Open the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app on your mobile.
  3. Access the “System” tab from the option’s menu under “Home.”
  4. Deactivate the “Connect to 2 devices simultaneously” feature.
Note: If there were multiple devices paired to the headset prior to disabling the function, one random connection will be chosen to remain. 

6. Forget the Sony Headset’s Profile

Well, removing and re-adding your headset’s profile from your wireless device is another quick solution for repeated issues with the connection.

You can manually remove the profile through the “Bluetooth” menu of your wireless device and later re-discover your headset’s connection.

forget the sony headset’s profile

Follow these instructions to remove and re-add the Sony headset’s profile:

  1. Open the “Settings” tab on the device and go to “Bluetooth.”
  2. Next, power off the headset and wait until it is disconnected.
  3. Locate the Sony headset’s profile within the Bluetooth tab.
  4. Tap the “Info” (iOS) or “Manage” (Android) on the right end.
  5. Go to the bottom and tap “Forget this Device” or “Remove.”
  6. Reconnect the headset to create a new headphones profile.
Note: The information and settings as a result of the reset cannot be changed!

7. Check for Interfering Wireless Devices

Sony’s signal may be continuously conflicted by a nearby wireless device, causing the headset to disconnect and reconnect after a while.

Well, existing interference can degrade the quality of Sony’s playback or cause the headset to disconnect.

check for interfering wireless devices

The following devices can interfere with the headset’s Bluetooth signal:

  • Nearby Bluetooth units, working on a 2.4 GHz frequency.
  • Wi-Fi routers, modems, or coax network gateway devices.
  • RF radios, baby phones, microwaves, and even furnaces.

Well, while the radio-frequency signal is much harder to interfere with compared to IR, it can be rather “conflicted” than blocked entirely.

So, ensure there are no other wireless devices within a 10–15-foot radius of the headset and the wireless device.

8. Force a Reset on the Sony Headset

You can eliminate all issues with Sony by performing a factory reset on the headset’s system!

  • Initializing the headset’s system erases all settings and system settings configured up until this point.

After the procedure is complete, you will be able to reconnect with the Sony headset and reestablish the wireless and audio settings configuration.

force a reset on the sony headset

Follow these instructions to start a reset on the WH-1000XM5 headset:

  1. Turn off your Sony headset by pressing the “Power” button.
  2. Next, unplug the USB type-C cable from the charging port.
  3. Wait for up to 10 seconds after the headset has powered off.
  4. Hold the “Power” and “NC/AMB” buttons on the Sony headset.
  5. Release the buttons after the LED indicator flashes 4 times.
Notice: Do not release either button before the headset’s LED has flashed!

Quick Recap

If the Sony WH-1000XM5 keeps disconnecting, hard reset the headset, charge the battery fully, and check for interference with other devices.

If the issue persists, stop Sony’s multipoint feature, forget the Bluetooth profile, and force a headphones factory reset.

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