Is Your Sony XM5 Not Loud Enough? – (Let’s Fix Now)

sony xm5 not loud enough

Is your Sony XM5 not loud enough? Well, stay with us as we have found the working solution!

If turning up the volume from all sources does not increase the XM5 headset’s volume strength, the issue could be a result of an active loud sound limiter or connection issues.

So, this guide will walk you through all the steps you should undertake to boost the volume of your Sony XM5.

If the Sony XM5 isn’t loud enough, verify the volume is increased from all sources, check if your device has an active sound limiter, and recharge the headset.

If the issue persists, power reset the XM5 headset and factory reset the system.

Let’s next check the possible causes of making your headset’ quiet!

Why is My Sony XM5 Headset So Quiet?

sony xm5 headset so quiet

Here’s what can potentially reduce the Sony XM5’s audio playback strength:

  • The volume of the connected device or headset is reduced.
  • The connected device has an activated loud sound limiter.
  • The equalizer settings of the headphones are misconfigured.
  • An active “Volume Limiter” is reducing your XM5’s playback.
  • A battery, charging, or power problem with the Sony headset.

Keep reading to uncover all the necessary details to resolve the issue!

Sony XM5 Not Loud Enough – 8 Ways to Increase the Volume!

Note: Have you increased the output volume of the connected AUX or Bluetooth device?

1. Increase the Sony Headset’s Volume

increase the sony headset’s volume

Only increasing the audio through the AUX or Bluetooth device is not enough, as the Sony XM5 headset has its own separate audio controller.

The right ear cup of your headphones has built-in touch controls that allow for fast reversing, managing the volume, skipping tracks, and more.

Let’s learn more about how the XM5 headset’s touch controls work!

How to Increase Sony XM5 Headset’s Volume?

So, to ensure you’re activating the correct touch-control function, place your finger on the outer panel of the right ear cup and swipe upwards.

Ensure the headset is securely connected to the output device and play music or any sounds to test the playback.

Note: Keep in mind that tapping and not dragging your finger across the right ear cup activates a different touch-control function of the XM5 headset.

2. Disable the Device’s Loud Sounds Limiter

disable the device’s loud sounds limiter

It is possible that your device’s built-in “Loud Sounds” limiter is activated, reducing the output volume of the XM5 headset.

Hence, the next step is to check if there’s an active volume limiter feature, reducing the sounds produced by the Sony XM5 headset.

Let’s learn how to disable the limiter on iOS!

How to Disable “Reduce Loud Sounds” On iPhone?

  1. Open the “Settings” app and navigate to “Screen Time.”
  2. Next, enter the “Content & Privacy Restrictions” section.
  3. Next, ensure the activation slider at the top is set to “ON.”
  4. Scroll down and enter the “Reduce Loud Sounds” tab.
  5. Select the “Don’t Allow” option from the settings menu.
  6. Next, go to “Sounds & Haptics” → “Headphone Safety.”
  7. Tap the “Reduce Loud Audio” slider to turn off the feature.

How to Disable Volume Limiter On Android?

disable volume limiter on android
  1. Open the “Settings” app and navigate to “Sound.”
  2. Access the “Volumes” tab from the options menu.
  3. Uncheck “Safe headset volume” from the section.
  4. Navigate to “Bluetooth” and tap the XM5’s profile.
  5. Check if there’s an active volume limiter feature.
  6. Disable the volume limiter and test the headphones.
Note: If XM5’s audio is quiet on your Windows or macOS computer, check the “Hardware and Sound” section for Windows or “Sounds & Haptics” for Mac.

3. Power Cycle & Charge the Headset

A practical solution for playback issues with the Sony headset is to ensure the headset’s battery is charged to the maximum and perform a power cycle.

You can address all underlying issues with the headphones’ playback, wireless connection, or volume strength of your audio output.

power cycle & charge the headset

Follow these instructions to power cycle the headset and charge it to full capacity:

  1. Press and hold your XM5’s “Power” button on the ear cup.
  2. Release the button after the LED indicator flashes in blue.
  3. Connect the Sony headset with the supplied USB charger.
  4. Hold the headset’s “Power” button for another 15 seconds.
  5. Release the button and wait until XM5 is fully recharged.

It takes a little under 3–3.5 hours for the Sony headset to charge from 0% up to 100% as long as the original charging equipment is used.

A full charge of the headset may last for up to 40 hours of battery life, and you can check the current battery level by pressing the “Power” button.

4. Clean the XM5 Headset’s Ear Cups

If you’re still wondering how to make Sony WH-1000XM5 louder, you should check if there’s earwax or dirt on the internal side of the ear cups.

Not cleaning or maintaining the headset for prolonged periods of time may cause the accumulation of such obstructions and reduce volume.

How to Clean Sony XM5 Headset Ear Cups?

clean sony xm5 headset ear cups
  1. Acquire several Q-tips, isopropyl alcohol, and a small brush.
  2. Check the internal end of the ear cups for potential obstructions.
  3. Apply your cleaning solution to the Q-tips and the small brush.
  4. Insert the cleaning supplies into the ear cup to collect the debris.
  5. Wait until the headset fully dries up and test the audio playback.
Quick Tip: You should also ensure that you’re wearing the headset properly and the cups are covering your ears entirely.

5. Adjust Your XM5’s Equalizer Settings

The EQ settings of your XM5s are another place to check, which can reduce the output volume of your headphones.

If not configured properly, the equalizer can make your headphones sound muffled, quiet, or distorted, so we’ve prepared a quick guide to set up your equalizer universally.

adjust your xm5’s equalizer settings

To set up the Sony XM5’s headphones equalizer, open the Sony Connect app, navigate to the “Sound” tab, and scroll down to reveal the equalizer settings.

Best Custom EQ Settings for Sony XM5 for Loud Audio:

  • Adjust the 400 Hz to -1 dB, maximum -2 dB
  • Set the 1K Hz between +3 dB and/or +4 dB
  • Configure the 2.5 Hz at about +3.5 or +4 dB.
  • Set the 6.3 Hz to around +1 dB maximum +2 dB.
  • Adjust the 16K Hz between 0 dB and -2 dB.
Quick Tip: You can use some of the pre-configured presets for automatic adjustment or check our guide on the best Sony XM5 EQ settings!

6. Test Sony on a Different Input Device

test sony on a different input device

Perhaps, the quiet output of the Sony XM5 headset is caused by an issue with the input device, rather than the headset itself.

That’s why the next step is to test the headset with an alternative smartphone or computer to determine if the quiet playback comes from your initial source unit.

How to Properly Test Sony XM5 Headset?

To ensure the playback’s quality or strength isn’t degraded due to interference, the safest way to test is via a wired AUX connection.

Thus, connect an AUX jack to the 3.5mm port on the XM5 headset and plug the other end into your smartphone or computer to test the Sony headphones.

Note: Ensure the volume of the new device is also turned up before testing!

7. Factory Reset the XM5 Headphones

factory reset the xm5 headphones

If you’re still encountering issues while regulating XM5’s output strength, you should perform a factory reset of the headset’s system.

However, all settings, wireless, and pre-configured audio configurations of the headphones will be erased, along with any issues impacting your output.

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on the Sony XM5 headphones:

  1. Power off the headset and unplug it from the type-C charger.
  2. Simultaneously press the “Power” and the “NC/AMB” buttons.
  3. Wait for the 4 consecutive blue flashes of XM5’s LED lamp.
  4. Next, release both buttons and wait until the headset has reset.
Notice: Do not release the buttons before the Sony headset has flashed 4 times!

8. Amplify the XM5 Headset’s Audio Externally

In case you weren’t able to improve the output strength of the Sony WH-1000XM5 headset, you should consider some alternatives for boosting the strength externally!

Let’s review the best options for increasing the XM5 headset’s loudness!

Download an Equalizer Application

download an equalizer application

The quickest and least expensive option for boosting the Sony XM5 headset’s audio externally is downloading and installing an equalizer app for your device.

You will be able to apply, create, and use custom audio presets that will re-design the output of the Sony XM5.

Use a Portable Amplifier for Headphones

Another option is to install a portable amplifier to use with the AUX connector of the Sony XM5.

The portable audio amp allows for regulating the bass, treble and has a separate volume knob in case the playback is not loud enough.

Set Up an Audio Interface for the PC

set up audio interface for pc

If you’re using the XM5 headset with a computer or a laptop, you should consider setting up a high-quality audio interface to amplify the output of the headphones.

It is a much more reliable option, allowing you to achieve a high-quality output and boost the volume of your Sony XM5. 

Note: If your Sony XM5 is simply not loud enough, you can also seek assistance from Sony Customer Service.

Quick Recap

If the Sony XM5 not loud enough, increase the headset output volume, power cycle the Sony headphones, and charge the battery to a maximum capacity.

If the issue persists, clean the ear cups, adjust the XM5’s equalizer, and disable your device’s loud sound limiter.

If nothing helps, reset your Sony XM5 to factory defaults!