How to Fix Sonos Error Code 800? (7 Instant Solutions)

sonos error code 800

Sonos error code 800 in the app eh? Frustrating, we know, so follow this guide to get rid of it!

While the Sonos app’s error code 800 can occur for multiple reasons, the primary meaning of this error is that your Sonos product is unable to connect with the servers.

This error code mainly appears when starting an update or while managing the devices in the Sonos system.

Here’s what you can do!

To eliminate the error code 800 from the Sonos app, hard reset the affected Sonos device and update the app’s firmware version.

If the issue persists, test Sonos on your mobile’s hotspot, troubleshoot the network and factory reset the system.

What Causes the Sonos App Error Code 800?

what causes sonos app error code 800

Here’s what could prevent the Sonos product from connecting to the servers:

  • The firmware version of the Sonos application is outdated.
  • There’s an underlying issue with the network or equipment.
  • A temporal service outage on Sonos’s server hosting end.
  • Issues with the power supply of the affected Sonos product.
  • Corrupted system data or cache issues with the Sonos app.

Keep reading to uncover the most effective solutions against the 800 error code on Sonos!

Sonos Error Code 800 – Proven Solutions

Note: Retry updating the Sonos after each solution throughout the guide!

1. Hard Reset the Affected Sonos Products

You can address any issues with the Sonos system by performing a hard reset on the affected speakers or devices in the mesh system.

You can achieve a full power circulation of the Sonos device’s hardware by temporarily suspending the power supply, which fixes 90% of the issues.

hard reset affected sonos products

Follow these instructions to hard reset the affected Sonos product:

  1. Optional: Press the Sonos product’s “Power” button to power it off.
  2. Disconnect the supplying power cord from the electrical power supply.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds while the Sonos device’s cable is disconnected.
  4. Reconnect the supply cable to the electrical outlet and test the device.
Note: Ensure the power adapter is securely connected on both ends after the hard reset!

2. Update the Sonos App’s Firmware Version

The Sonos device might be failing to update or connect to the servers, producing error 800 due to an outdated firmware version of the Sonos app.

Most of Sonos’s online features require the latest version of the mobile application to function properly and to connect with the web servers.

update sonos app’s firmware version

Here’s how to update the firmware version of the Sonos app:

  1. First, open the Google Play or App Store on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on your profile icon and navigate to the installed apps page.
  3. Scroll down in the applications list and locate the Sonos platform.
  4. Optional: Tap on the “Check for Updates” button next to the app.
  5. Optional: Tap “Start Update” if there’s an available newer version.
  6. Wait until the Sonos controller application has finished the update.
Note: Before starting the update, verify your mobile device has established a proper connection to a Wi-Fi or cellular network!

3. Troubleshoot the Network Equipment

You can address issues with Sonos’s update feature and resolve error 800 by troubleshooting the Wi-Fi network your product is connected with.

As established, many of the device’s online features may become unavailable if the internet connection to the Wi-Fi is unstable or drops out.

troubleshoot the network equipment

Here are possible solutions for issues with the network or the Wi-Fi equipment:

  • Power cycle the network router or modem by discharging power.
  • Reconnect the service cable of the network modem or gateway.
  • Position Sonos closer to the Wi-Fi router or the gateway device.
  • Set a different value for the Wi-Fi channels of the home network.
  • Update the firmware of the router or force a reset through the GUI.
Tip: If there are ongoing connection issues with other devices, contact the ISP for help!

4. Pair Sonos to a Mobile Hotspot

pair sonos to a mobile hotspot

The next step is to update the Sonos product after connecting it to your mobile device’s hotspot to determine if there’s an issue with the network equipment.

The update will consume some of the mobile’s available data, but the total size of the firmware update shouldn’t be over 100 MBs.

How to Set Up a Hotspot On Android & iOS?

  • To set up the hotspot on Android, open the “Settings” app, go to “Wireless,” “Cellular” or “Mobile Hotspot” and set the feature to “On”.
  • To set up the hotspot on iOS, go to “Settings” → “Personal Hotspot”, and enable “Allow Others to Join” at the top of the page.

How to Connect Sonos to a Mobile Hotspot?

connect sonos to a mobile hotspot
  1. Power off your router or disconnect the service wire from the back.
  2. Open the Sonos S1 Controller app and wait for system detection.
  3. Wait until the “Unable to Connect to Sonos” shows within the app.
  4. Tap the “Learn More” button at the bottom of the display message.
  5. Select “Changed router or Wi-Fi settings?” from the Sonos menu.
  6. Finally, select the mobile’s hotspot from Sonos’s connection menu.
Note: The hotspot of your mobile will use the device’s name in Sonos’s Wi-Fi menu!

5. Re-add the Product from the Sonos App

Another practical solution against error 800 on Sonos is to remove and re-add the product from the application on your mobile.

Well, misconfiguration of some of Sonos’s in-app settings may cause issues with the connection and potentially result in the “800” error code when updating.

re-add product from sonos app

Here’s how to remove and re-add the Sonos product in easy steps:

  1. Open the Sonos app and go to “Settings” → “System.”
  2. Tap on “System Tools” and select “Remove Products.”
  3. Select the problematic Sonos device from the device list.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to remove the product.
  5. Navigate back to the homepage of the Sonos application.
  6. Tap the “Add Speaker or Component” button at the top.
  7. Follow the steps to re-add your Sonos device to the app.
Warning: All settings and custom configurations of the speaker will be erased after re-adding it!

6. Reinstall the Sonos Mobile Application

You can address the error code 800 Sonos by uninstalling and reinstalling the application from your mobile device.

A potential corruption of the system or issues with the cache may prevent the Sonos product from connecting to the Sonos servers and recognizing the update package.

How to Reinstall the Sonos App On Android?

reinstall the sonos app on android
  1. Open the Google Play Store on the Android mobile device.
  2. Tap on your profile icon and go to “Manage apps & device.”
  3. Scroll down and select Sonos from the list of installed apps.
  4. Tap the “Uninstall” function and wait until the app is removed.
  5. Install Sonos by manually searching it through the homepage.

How to Reinstall the Sonos App On iOS?

  1. Locate your Sonos app on the homepage of your iOS device.
  2. Tap and hold the app’s icon until a drop-down menu is shown.
  3. Choose the “Remove this app” function from the app’s menu.
  4. Wait until the Sonos app is removed and access the App Store.
  5. Use the search field to locate and download the Sonos platform.
Note: You will be prompted to re-add the Sonos system in the controller app after the reinstallation!

7. Restore Sonos to Factory Defaults

restore sonos to factory defaults

So, if you’re still unable to successfully start Sonos’s update, you should consider restoring your speaker to factory default settings.

It takes less than 30 seconds to activate the initial restoration and revert all settings of the Sonos product to default values.

Follow these steps to factory reset the malfunctioning Sonos product:

  1. Disconnect the Sonos product’s power cord from the outlet.
  2. Next, press and hold the “Join” or “Bluetooth” device button.
  3. Keep holding the button while reconnecting Sonos’s adapter.
  4. Wait until the LED light flashes green and release the button.
  5. Next, set up the Sonos product initially through the application.

It is recommended to remove and re-add the Sonos product’s profile from the Sonos application after the reset procedure is complete.

Final Thoughts

To address the Sonos error code 800, hard reset the affected Sonos product and update the firmware version of the application.

If the issue persists, re-add the Sonos device, reinstall the mobile application, and restore the product to factory defaults.

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