Is Your Sonos Arc Not Playing TV Sound? (Instant Solutions)

sonos arc not playing tv sound

If your Sonos Arc not playing TV sound, this guide will walk you through the top solutions!

The Sonos Arc’s output functionality could be impacted by factors such as incorrect audio output mode, improper default audio device, or issues with volume management.

So, here, we will help you uncover all possible solutions for the audio faults with the Sonos Arc in a matter of minutes.

If Sonos Arc isn’t playing sound from the TV, first ensure the volume is turned up from all sources, adjust the output device, and power cycle Sonos.

Also, set up your soundbar’s output mode and inspect the TV’s connection.

Let’s unwrap more details!

Why is there Sonos Arc No TV Sound?

why sonos arc no tv sound

Here’s what could prevent Sonos Arc from playing your TV’s sound:

  • The volume of Sonos or the TV has not been increased.
  • The Sonos Arc soundbar is not set to the correct “Mode.”
  • There’s a malfunction or a defect with the TV’s input port.
  • An underlying issue with the Arc soundbar or TV’s power.
  • Misconfiguration of Sonos Arc or the TV’s system settings.

Proceed with the guide to uncover reliable solutions for Sonos Arc’s playback issues!

Sonos Arc Not Playing TV Sound – Working Solutions

Note: Have you verified that the TV and soundbar are both turned on before testing?

1. Turn Up the Volume From All Sources

turn up volume from all sources

Well, the first step is to ensure the playback volume is increased from all sources, including the soundbar and the TV’s settings.

This is very important because, in a custom home theater, there could be multiple audio controllers, all defining the strength of your audio output simultaneously.

Now, let’s learn how to turn up the volume in your streaming setup!

How to Increase Volume from Your TV?

increase volume from sonos arc

So, to increase your TV’s output volume, you can either press the “VOL +” button on the remote control or use the “VOL +” panel button on the side or rear panel.

Ensure the TV’s audio output strength is at least 50% to test Sonos Arc properly. 

How to Increase Volume from Sonos Arc?

To increase the audio strength of Sonos, drag the volume slider or use the “+” button on the right end to lower or increase the output.

Alternatively, use the supplied remote control with the soundbar to adjust the audio strength from a distance.

2. Use an Alternative Input on the TV

Perhaps, a fault with the TV’s inputs is preventing the TV’s signal from reaching the interface of your Sonos Arc soundbar.

That’s why the next step is to use an alternative TV input to connect the soundbar and test the audio quality via a wired cable connection.

The Sonos Arc soundbar only supports “Optical Out” and “HDMI Out” inputs, so search for a compatible input on the TV to use instead of the current port!

2.1 Use an ARC or an eARC HDMI Input

use arc or an earc hdmi input

The most effective method for delivering the audio signal from the TV to the soundbar is via an HDMI cable connection through an ARC (Audio Return Channel) input. 

While there is no difference where standard audio/video HDMI devices are connected, using ARC on any soundbar will greatly improve the audio playback’s quality.

  • To identify an “ARC” input on your TV, look for a sticker on top or underneath the port that says “ARC” or “eARC.”
Note: “eARC” uses an enhanced (advanced) audio transmission technology compared to “ARC.”

3. Inspect Sonos Arc’s TV Connection

There’s a possibility that the Sonos Arc soundbar is no longer reliably connected to the TV.

An unstable or fluctuating connection may result in persistent cuts in the audio, deterioration of the playback, and reduced quality.

Hence, the next step is to ensure that Sonos Arc’s cable or Bluetooth connection is reliable and uninterrupted by reconnecting your Sonos Arc soundbar.

inspect sonos arc’s tv connection

Here’s how to reconnect Sonos Arc from the TV in easy steps:

  1. Disconnect the HDMI or Optical cable from the soundbar’s back.
  2. Unplug the other end from the rear or side panel of the TV device.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds while the cable is disconnected on both ends.
  4. Tip: Verify the input is not obstructed and the cable plugs properly.
  5. Reinstall the audio cable on both ends and test Sonos Arc’s output.
Note: Using a defective cable with Sonos Arc may significantly degrade the output or cause the soundbar to unpair persistently!

4. Set Sonos as a “Default Output Device”

set sonos default output device

If Sonos Arc has not been specified as the “Default Output Device” within your TV’s settings, the soundbar will not produce the TV’s playback.

By default, all TV devices are set to use the built-in TV speakers, and connecting external devices requires adjusting the main output unit manually.

Note: Ensure Sonos Arc is securely connected to the TV, otherwise it won’t show in the menu!

How to Change “Default Output Device” On TV
[Samsung TV]Press “Home” on the remote and go to “Settings.” Next, select “Sound” → “Sound output” and choose the Sonos Arc soundbar.
[Sony TV]Click “Start” → “Settings” → “System” → “Sounds” → “Output” expand the device menu and highlight “Sonos Arc.”
[LG TV]Turn on the TV and go to “[Settings]” → “[All Settings]” → “[Sound]” → “[Sound Out]” and select the Sonos Arc from the menu.
[Philips TV]Go to “Settings Menu” → “SOUND” → “Speakers” and extend the drop-down menu. Select the Sonos Arc soundbar from the list.
[Hisense TV]Access Hisense’s menu and highlight “Speakers” at the bottom of the tab. Enter the menu and choose “Sonos Arc.”
Quick Tip: For exact instructions on how to change the output device, consult the user manual!

5. Hard Reset the Sonos Soundbar and TV

hard reset sonos soundbar and tv

A practical solution for any issues with Sonos Arc or the connected TV is to perform a hard reset.

You can address any functionality issues with either device by temporarily suspending the power supply delivered from the electrical outlet.

Follow these instructions to hard reset the streaming setup in easy steps:

  1. Unplug the Sonos Arc’s power adapter from the wall outlet.
  2. Next, press the “Power” button on your TV’s remote control.
  3. Disconnect the TV’s power adapter from the electrical outlet.
  4. Next, wait for 60 seconds while both devices are unplugged.
  5. Reconnect Sonos Arc’s power cable, followed up by the TVs.
Note: Do not use untrusted or potentially faulty third-party power devices!

6. Replace Sonos Arc’s Wired Connection (HDMI & Optical)

replace sonos arc’s wired connection

If Sonos Arc is connected to your TV physically over an HDMI ARC or Optical connection, you should consider replacing the cable in case of a signal attenuation. 

So, even if there are no physical signs of damage on the cable’s periphery, the internal copper conductors might no longer effectively transmit a signal to the TV’s input.

How to Detect HDMI or Optical Cable Damages?

When inspecting the HDMI cable, watch out for connector damage on either end, rips, cuts, or bents, or exposed wires.

Note that connecting or disconnecting the HDMI cable too hard causes significant damage over time and can be one of the reasons why the cable is no longer working.

Tip: Test the HDMI cable on a different audio or video device to determine if it works!

7. Restore Sonos Arc to Default Settings

restore sonos arc to default settings

A proven method for resolving issues with Sonos Arc is by initiating a system factory reset.

It takes less than 2 minutes for the soundbar’s settings to be completely erased, allowing you to re-configure the system initially.

Here’s how to factory reset the Sonos Arc soundbar in easy steps:

  1. Plug in your Sonos Arc and power the audio device “On.”
  2. Next, press and hold the “Infinity” button on the top panel.
  3. Release when the LED cycles from white to orange to green.
  4. Reconfigure Sonos Arc’s settings from scratch and then test.
Note: Use the Sonos app on your mobile to check and re-configure the soundbar’s settings!

Quick Recap

If the Sonos Arc not playing TV sound, ensure that your soundbar is set as the default output device, turn up the volume from all sources, and hard reset the equipment.

Also, change the TV audio format and force a factory reset on Sonos Arc.

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