Is Your LG Soundbar Not Connecting To TV? (Let’s Fix)

lg soundbar not connecting to tv

If the LG soundbar not connecting to TV, and you have no idea why, this guide is for you!

The LG soundbars support multiple different ways of connection, involving wired and wireless, where we have Optical, HDMI, and Bluetooth connections.

This is why this guide will target to cover the essential ways of connecting and troubleshooting potential problems that may arise.

If the LG soundbar is not connecting to the TV, reconnect the cable or refresh the Pairing Mode for wireless pairing.

If that doesn’t help, switch to a different port, update your LG soundbar firmware and, if needed, perform a factory reset.

Let’s get into the in-depth troubleshooting steps!

How to Fix When LG Soundbar Not Connecting to TV?

fix lg soundbar not connecting to tv

If you struggle to connect your LG soundbar to your TV, whether via HDMI or Bluetooth, we have a complete step-by-step guide to help you.

So, follow the steps below based on the connection you are attempting to establish.

LG Soundbar Not Connecting to TV HDMI:

If you’re using an HDMI connection to your TV, but something is not working, follow these steps:

1. Reconnect Your HDMI Cable

The first and most important step is to reconnect the HDMI cable while verifying that the TV and LG soundbar are connected correctly.

reconnect your hdmi cable

There are two possibilities; you’re either using an HDMI connection to a TV only, or there is a set-top-box between both devices using two HDMI cables.

A Standalone Connection to TV:

If the LG soundbar is connected directly to the TV without a box, there is only one HDMI cable involved in the setup.

The cable must be connected to HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 input ports from the soundbar, and the other end goes into the HDMI eARC/ARC output ports on the back of the TV.

So, unplug the cable on both sides, reconnect, and test!

HDMI Connection to Set-Top-Box:

If you have a set-top-box and a TV setup that you want to hook up to your LG soundbar, two HDMI cables must be involved.

One connects the HDMI output of the TV box to the HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 on the soundbar and the other connects the set-top-box to the TV’s HDMI In.

Well, reconnect the HDMI and try whether it now works!

2. Select the LG Soundbar Source

select the lg soundbar source

When your TV setup is connected to the soundbar, if something is not working, perhaps you need to select the correct HDMI source on the soundbar.

To do so, press the “F” (function) button repeatedly and make sure that the soundbar’s screen is showing the used HDMI port.

3. Test via a Different HDMI Port

If your LG soundbar won’t connect to TV and does not output the audio, you may need to try using a different HDMI port.

There are HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 on the back of the LG soundbar, so feel free to switch from one to the other and test whether this will resolve your connection issue.

test via a different hdmi port
  • If the set-top-box has more than one HDMI input, feel free to connect the other side of the cable into the port, to test with.

The same goes with the TV, although most only have 1 HDMI ARC, so there might not be an opportunity to test with a different port.

Note: Verify the HDMI ports used in the setup are not worn out, lousy, or somehow defective!

4. Update Your TV and Soundbar

If you are still unable to connect the LG soundbar to the TV, perhaps you’ll need to update both device’s firmware to resolve the problem. 

Here’s how to update the software version of the LG soundbar:

  1. Open the LG Soundbar app on your mobile device.
  2. Info: The app is free on the App Store and Google Play.
  3. From the dashboard, press the “Update” button.
  4. Wait until the software update is installed completely.
update your tv and soundbar

Note: If there is no “Update” button, the LG soundbar is up-to-date!

Here’s how to update the software version of your television:

  1. From the main screen, go to the “Settings.”
  2. Enter the “System” or “Support” menu tab.
  3. Locate “Software Update” or “Update Now.”
Note: The steps are universal and for exact instructions on updating your TV, check the manual!

5. Test Via Proven HDMI Cable

If nothing helps, and you’re unable to connect your LG soundbar to the TV, it’s not excluded that the HDMI cable is malfunctioning.

So, if you have a replacement cable, it’s time to implement it into your setup to justify whether the connection problems originate from the HDMI cable itself.

test via proven hdmi cable

If yes, perhaps your old HDMI cable is gone for good, so perform a quick inspection to find out whether there are any rips, cuts, or bent connectors. 

If nothing works, we recommend switching to Bluetooth connection to check if this will work!

LG Soundbar Not Connecting to TV Bluetooth:

If you’re attempting to connect your LG soundbar to the TV via Bluetooth, there are a bunch of tips and tricks we’ve prepared for you.

So, if something is not working, read the steps below:

1. Power Cycle the TV and Soundbar

One quick way to refresh the Bluetooth connection between the TV and LG soundbar would be to power cycle both devices.

This is called a “soft reset” and will not affect any settings, so it’s safe to perform a power cycle right away.

power cycle the tv and soundbar
  • To soft reset both devices, unplug the power for 60 seconds!

When ready, try to pair the LG soundbar to the TV again, and if it’s not working keep reading!

2. Refresh the Soundbar Pairing Mode

Sometimes, the Bluetooth connection between the LG soundbar and TV might not work due to a bug, so refreshing the Pairing Mode and reconnecting might help. 

Here’s how to reconnect LG Soundbar to TV via Bluetooth:

  1. Press the “F” button on the LG soundbar repeatedly.
  2. When you see “BT Ready” stop pressing the button.
  3. On the TV, go to “Settings” → “Advanced Settings.”
  4. Head to the “Sound” menu, and select “Sound Out.”
  5. From there choose the “LG Sound Sync Bluetooth”.
  6. When your LG soundbar appears in the list, select it.
refresh the soundbar pairing mode
Note: These steps are specifically for LG TVs, so if you have a different TV brand, the Bluetooth menu might be located in a different tab.

3. Shorten Bluetooth Signal Distance

If your LG soundbar is too far away from the TV, the Bluetooth connection might not work due to great distance and probably interference.

So, the next step is to relocate your LG soundbar as close to the TV as possible, especially if you’re attempting to pair both devices from a distance.

The recommended space between both devices is not more than 5 feet, so if needed, put your soundbar next to the TV, just to see whether the connection will work.

shorten bluetooth signal distance

If that’s not working either, continue reading…

4. Turn OFF Other Connected Devices

If your LG soundbar is paired to another Bluetooth device, before attempting to pair it with the TV, the Bluetooth connection won’t work.

So, it’s crucial to identify if another Bluetooth device is automatically pairing with the soundbar, and if yes, disable the Bluetooth feature on that device.

When no other devices are connecting to your LG soundbar, refresh the pairing mode and re-attempt to connect with your TV.

5. Prevent Bluetooth Signal Interference

preent bluetooth signal interference

The Bluetooth signal is a radio frequency, which is prone to interference from other electronics.

Therefore, if your TV and soundbar are surrounded by other wireless devices, you may face severe interference, which can prevent the Bluetooth connection and produce disconnections.

So, temporarily turn off all electronics such as microwaves, baby phones, RF transmitters, or other interfering appliances.

Then, retry connecting the LG soundbar to the TV via Bluetooth.

Note: Power cycle both devices before reconnecting!

6. Reset Your LG Soundbar to Default

If nothing works, and you can’t connect your LG soundbar to the TV via Bluetooth, it’s time to perform a factory reset.

This is the most effective solution to connection issues, but the reset will erase all settings from your soundbar and ultimately unpair the device from all your sources.

reset your lg soundbar to defaults

Here’s how to factory reset the LG soundbar in easy steps:

  1. First, verify that your LG soundbar is turned on.
  2. Find the Volume Mute button on your soundbar.
  3. Press and hold the button for about 10 seconds.
  4. Whenever you see “RESET”, release the button.

Alternatively, press and hold the Volume Down + Sound Effect buttons on your remote control, which is supposed to factory reset the soundbar as well.

When you’re ready, retry to connect the soundbar to the TV via Bluetooth.

Tip: If nothing works, we recommend attempting a wired (Optical/HDMI) connection to the TV.

Wrapping Up

Hence, if your LG Soundbar not connecting to TV via HDMI, you need to reconnect the cable, try a different port, or replace your HDMI.

If you’re trying to use Bluetooth, you must refresh the Pairing Mode, update the soundbar, or perform a factory reset.

We hope this guide was helpful, so follow us for more LG soundbar/subwoofer troubleshooting!