LG Soundbar Keeps Disconnecting Bluetooth? (Easy Fixes!)

lg soundbar keeps disconnecting bluetooth

If your LG soundbar keeps disconnecting Bluetooth, know that we have found a solution!

The persistent wireless signal interruptions of the LG soundbar can be caused by improper Bluetooth coverage or electrical issues.

Improving the soundbar’s connection consists of meeting multiple Bluetooth requirements and eliminating issues with the device’s functionality.

Let’s go over some of the solutions:

If the LG soundbar keeps unpairing from Bluetooth, reactivate the “BT” mode and use the “Clear Errors” function.

If the fault persists, shorten your wireless Bluetooth range and force a factory reset on the soundbar.

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Why Does the LG Soundbar Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting?

why lg soundbar bluetooth keeps disconnecting

Here’s what can potentially cause the LG soundbar to lose Bluetooth connection:

  • There’s a fault with the soundbar’s Bluetooth coverage.
  • The LG soundbar has encountered a “Mode” problem.
  • There’s an issue with the soundbar’s Bluetooth profile.
  • The soundbar is receiving insufficient operating power.
  • A system malfunction is causing the Bluetooth to drop.

Advanced further to review proven methods to solve the LG soundbar’s Bluetooth issue!

LG Soundbar Keeps Disconnecting Bluetooth – Solved

Tip: Determine if the LG soundbar’s connection drops while using one of the available wired connection options - HDMI “ARC” or Optical.

1. Reconnect the LG Soundbar’s Bluetooth

So, ensuring that the LG soundbar has established a secure connection is only possible after completing the initial Bluetooth setup from scratch.

reconnect the lg soundbar’s bluetooth

Hence, ensure that your smartphone or wireless device is within range of the soundbar and follow these instructions:

  1. Press “Bluetooth Pair” on the soundbar’s remote or outer panel.
  2. After that, wait until “BT READY” shows on the LG’s status window.
  3. Open the “Bluetooth” settings on your Bluetooth-enabled device.
  4. Scroll down to “Remembered Devices” or “Discoverable Devices.”
  5. Tap on the soundbar’s connection and wait until the status changes.
Note: If the connection is successful, the soundbar’s profile status will change to “Connected.”

2. Shorten the Wireless Bluetooth Range

shorten the wireless bluetooth range

Whether you’re connecting the soundbar to your TV, mobile device, or computer, it must always remain within a particular radius to maintain the wireless connection.

So, moving the soundbar or the wireless device out of the range will impact the Bluetooth signal and cause a disconnect.

What is the LG Soundbar’s Wireless Radius?

So, the standard connection radius of any model LG soundbar is between 25–30 feet (up to 10 meters) for optimal Bluetooth connection.

Even so, keeping the soundbar or the output device at the 30th feet may cause audio disruptions or drop losses in your wireless Bluetooth connection.

Tip: Stay within a 10 feet radius of the soundbar to support a proper Bluetooth connection!

3. Reset the LG Soundbar’s “BT” Mode

reset the lg soundbar’s “bt” mode

To use the LG soundbar’s Bluetooth, you must activate the “BT” Mode function, before pairing with the device.

To address issues with Bluetooth, you can switch to one of the other available connection modes of the LG soundbar and tune the device back to Bluetooth, so it can refresh.

Here’s how to reset the “BT” mode on the LG soundbar unit:

  1. Press the “F” key on the LG soundbar or the remote control.
  2. Cycle through all available connection modes in the menu.
  3. Wait until the soundbar’s display says “BT” mode once again.
  4. Reconnect with the soundbar and test the connection quality.

If the soundbar maintains a wired connection to another device, cycling through the modes will cause disruptions in the audio output.

So, while performing this step, ensure there are no other audio adapters connected to the LG soundbar, such as an HDMI or Optical cable output unit.

4. Use Soundbar’s “Clear Error” Function

use soundbar’s “clear error” function

All LG soundbars have a standard troubleshooting tool menu that clears existing wireless or audio errors.

The feature’s activation requires pressing a button on the soundbar’s top panel and removing control simultaneously, which will diagnose and solve possible Bluetooth issues.

Here’s how to use the “Clear Error” function on most LG soundbar models!

How to Clear Errors On NB4530A & NB2430A?

First, press the “Cube” Stop button on the soundbar and “Channel 0” on the remote for up to 5 seconds.

Wait until the display reads “E2P CLR” and your LG soundbar automatically turns off.

How to Clear Errors On NB5540, NB4540 & NB3540?

Begin with pressing the “-” Minus button on the soundbar and “Channel 0” on the remote for up to 5–7 seconds.

Then, wait for the display to read “E2P CLR” and the soundbar to turn off.

How to Clear Errors On LAS855M, LAS751M, LAS551H & LAS450H?

clear errors las855m, las751m, las551h & las450h

Press the “-” Minus button on the soundbar and hold the “Sound Effect” button on the remote for up to 10 seconds.

Then, wait until the screen says “E2P CLR” and your soundbar reboots.

How to Clear Errors On LAS350B?

Press the “-” Minus soundbar button and the “Bass/Treble” button on the remote for up to 5 seconds.

Wait until the soundbar’s display shows “E2P CLR” and unplug the device’s power.

Note: You can check the soundbar’s model through the sticker on the back of the user manual!

5. Forget & Re-Add the Soundbar’s Profile

forget & re-add the soundbar’s profile

If the LG soundbar won’t stay connected to the remembered Bluetooth device, a quick and easy solution is to re-add the soundbar’s profile.

Well, after being paired once, your LG soundbar will be remembered by the device, so it can pair automatically.

Here’s how to forget & re-add the soundbar’s profile from any device:

  1. Open the “Bluetooth” settings menu on the wireless device.
  2. Scroll down and locate the “Remembered Devices” section.
  3. Locate the Bluetooth profile of the LG soundbar within the list.
  4. Press on the “Manage” or “Info” button from the menu options.
  5. Finally, select “Forget this Device” or “Remove this Device.”
  6. Reconnect with your soundbar to re-add the Bluetooth profile.
Note: All pre-configured Bluetooth settings of the soundbar’s profile will be erased!

6. Discharge the LG Soundbar’s Power

discharge the lg soundbar’s power

If the LG soundbar is still unable to maintain a wireless connection with the output device, you should perform a power cycle of the hardware.

Well, this is a highly effective solution against issues with the soundbar’s Bluetooth and the power-supplying components.

Follow these instructions to perform a power cycle on the LG soundbar:

  1. Disconnect the LG soundbar’s power adapter from your source.
  2. Hold the “Power” button on the remote and soundbar front panel.
  3. Reconnect the supplying cable of the soundbar back into the power.
  4. Press “Power” on your soundbar’s front panel or the remote control.
Reminder: If not within range, the soundbar will not pair automatically to your wireless device!

7. Pair the Soundbar to a Different Device

pair soundbar to a different device

So, it is possible that the output device, whether it’s a mobile device or smartphone, repeatedly disbands the LG soundbar’s connection.

If that’s the case, you should test the soundbar on an alternative wireless device after completing the initial Bluetooth setup and adding the profile.

First, ensure the soundbar is set to “BT” Mode, and discover it through the “Bluetooth” settings on the replacement device.

You should look for the soundbar’s profile under your “Discovered Devices” section, and select your device as soon as it appears in the list of Bluetooth devices.

Note: Once paired, the LG soundbar’s profile will start appearing under “Remembered.”

8. Force a Factory Reset on the Soundbar

If you’re still unable to solve the LG soundbar’s Bluetooth issue, it is recommended to restore the audio unit to factory defaults.

All LG soundbar models have an integrated factory reset function that erases everything and reverts all audio and wireless settings to default values.

force factory reset on the soundbar

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on any LG soundbar model:

  1. Unplug all of the soundbar’s external audio cables (LG or Optical).
  2. Next, ensure the LG soundbar is set to “BT” mode before starting.
  3. Disconnect the LG’s power cable for 10 seconds and reconnect it.
  4. Power On the soundbar and hold “Vol -” on the soundbar’s remote.
  5. Keep holding until the soundbar’s display says “[MIN]” and release.
  6. Wait until all the settings and configurations of the device are erased.
Warning: Reconnecting the soundbar’s power prematurely or releasing the remote early will cancel the factory reset activation.

Quick Recap

If your LG soundbar keeps disconnecting Bluetooth, reset the device’s “BT” mode function, use the “Clear Error” feature, and re-add the device’s profile.

If the problem is still there, test the soundbar on a different device or perform a factory reset.

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