Is Your LG Soundbar Connected But No Sound? (Easy Fixes)

lg soundbar connected but no sound

If your LG soundbar connected but no sound is coming through, this quick read will help you!

When the LG soundbar is securely wired to the source device or paired over Bluetooth but there is no output sound, the issue is typically in the settings.

However, we will go through everything, and help you decipher and bring back the missing audio.

If the LG soundbar is connected, but there is no sound, cycle through the input sources, perform a power cycle, and set your soundbar as a default output.

If the issue continues, test LG on a different device and force a factory reset.

Let’s learn more!

What Causes LG Soundbar No Sound?

what causes lg soundbar no sound

Here’s why the LG soundbar is connected, but there isn’t any sound:

  • There’s a fault with the wireless or wired connection.
  • The volume of the soundbar or the device is lowered.
  • Your soundbar is not set as the default audio device.
  • There is a problem with the soundbar’s power supply.
  • A potential issue with the input device port or system.

Here’s a complete walkthrough of the solutions!

LG Soundbar Connected But No Sound – Quick Solutions!

Before You Start: Verify that you’re playing audio through a trusted audio source or platform, such as YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, and more…

1. Turn Up the Source’s Output Volume

turn up source’s output volume

There’s the possibility that the output audio of the LG soundbar has been reduced through your connected device’s system or the soundbar’s interface.

Thus, the first solution is to increase the soundbar’s output volume through all sources and check whether the output sound will return. 

How to Increase Volume From LG Soundbar?

If you’re still unfamiliar with the functions and controls of the LG soundbar, the volume can be adjusted through two sources:

  • To turn up the volume from the soundbar, press the “+” button on the top panel between 5 to 10 times.
  • To turn up the volume from the LG remote, press the “VOL +” button multiple times, while pointing it towards the soundbar.

How to Increase Volume From Device System?

increase volume from device system
  • To turn up the volume on a TV, press the “VOL +” button on the TV remote control or use the built-in buttons.
  • To turn up the volume on a Computer, click the sound icon from the Taskbar and drag the slider to the right.
Important: Verify that your LG soundbar’s source device is not muted!

2. Set LG Soundbar as “Default Output”

Many modern TVs may not automatically choose the LG soundbar as the default output device after connecting it over a wired connection or Bluetooth.

Hence, you must manually select your LG soundbar as the default audio output device through the “Sound” settings of your TV or PC.

How to Change “Default Output Device” On TV?

change “default output device” on tv
  1. Press the “Home” button on the TV device’s remote control.
  2. Once in the settings, navigate to the “Audio” or “Sound” tab.
  3. Next, select the “Default Device” or “Default Audio Output.”
  4. Identify the LG soundbar’s profile from the list and highlight it.
  5. Press the “OK” button to set the soundbar as the main output.

How to Change “Default Output Device” On PC?

  • To change the default audio on Windows, click the small speaker in the system tray and select the device name of the LG soundbar.
  • To change the default audio on Mac, navigate to “Apple menu” → “System Settings” → “Sound” → “Output” and select the LG soundbar.
Note: For PC systems using the Realtek audio driver, the LG soundbar’s input may be labeled “Digital Input” instead of “LG”.

3. Power Reset the Soundbar’s Hardware

power reset the soundbar’s hardware

You can resolve existing issues with the wireless or wired connection of the LG soundbar by draining the hardware’s power.

This is a quick resolution that takes little to no effort and can reveal and eliminate underlying faults with the LG soundbar involving the missing sound output.

Here’s how to power reset the hardware of the LG soundbar in easy steps:

  1. Press the “On/Off” button on the soundbar for 5 seconds.
  2. Unplug the power adapter from the back of the soundbar.
  3. Disconnect the other end from the supplying power outlet.
  4. Next, hold the “On/Off” soundbar button for 5–7 seconds.
  5. Connect the power cord of the soundbar and test the audio.
Tip: If the LG soundbar powers off or reboots, connect the device to a different power outlet!

4. Re-activate LG’s “Pairing” Mode (Bluetooth)

re-activate lg’s “pairing” mode (bluetooth)

If the LG soundbar is connected over Bluetooth and there’s an issue with the audio output, you can address the fault by re-activating the “Pairing” mode.

Before connecting the soundbar over Bluetooth, it must be made discoverable first with the assistance of the built-in pairing function.

To set the soundbar’s “Pairing” mode, press on the “F” (Mode) button on the top panel until the display shows “BT-Ready.”

Next, access the “Bluetooth” menu within your connected device’s settings and press on the LG soundbar’s profile to establish the connection and test the sound.

Reminder: The LG soundbar will unpair after switching the audio mode!

5. Check the Wired Connection (HDMI ARC/Optical)

check the wired connection (hdmi arc/optical)

The reason why the LG soundbar no sound HDMI ARC or an optical connection can be due to a problem in the physical connection or settings.

You can address issues with your wired HDMI ARC or Optical connection in several different methods and even find out exactly what causes it.

Here’s how to solve issues with the LG soundbar’s wired connection:

  • Reconnect the HDMI or Optical cable from both ends.
  • Cycle through all available LG soundbar modes again.
  • Use a different audio port on your input device’s panel.
  • Install a replacement audio cable for the LG soundbar.
  • Clean the audio ports on the soundbar from dust/debris.
Notice: Using a defective audio cable may cause persistent interruptions in the output!

6. Test on an Alternative Input Device

test on an alternative input device

You can instantly localize down the problem by testing your LG soundbar with a different source device.

The only importance is to verify that the secondary source device is working and that it’s not muted.

This will show you if the missing sound problem comes from the soundbar or source.

To truly test the LG soundbar’s functionalities, ensure it is connected to a compatible HDMI ARC port or an Optical jack.

You must also ensure that the volume is increased sufficiently through the connected device’s audio settings.

Important: No Third-Party Equipment!

While testing the LG soundbar, you must avoid connecting and installing any type of unidentified third-party equipment as this could cause further problems.

If paired over Bluetooth, ensure the only cable coming out of the LG soundbar is the supplying cord.

Tip: Inspect the soundbar’s physical A/C connector for underlying faults before testing!

7. Restore the Soundbar to Factory Defaults

restore the soundbar to factory defaults

If the issue persists, you should force a factory reset on the LG soundbar’s system to address issues with the output volume.

All network and audio settings of the LG soundbar will be erased after the reset, meaning the device must undergo initial setup, and probably solve this problem.

Here’s how to start and finish a factory reset on the LG soundbar easily:

  1. First, unplug all external audio cables (HDMI or Optical.)
  2. Disconnect the soundbar’s power cable for 10 seconds.
  3. Hold the “Volume Down (-)” button on the remote control.
  4. Next, release after the soundbar’s display shows “[MIN].”
  5. Press and hold the “[MUTE]” button for 5–10 seconds.
  6. If completed properly, the display will show “[WL RESET]
  7. Set up the LG soundbar from scratch using the remote unit.
Notice: All wireless connections of the soundbar will be disbanded after the reset!

Quick Recap

If the LG soundbar connected but no sound, verify the soundbar is set as the “Default Output Device” and turn up the volume through all sources.

If the fault persists, test the soundbar on an alternative device, try a power cycle and factory reset your LG system.

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