Is Your Sonos TuneIn Not Working? – (Working Solutions)

sonos tunein not working

Sonos TuneIn not working immediately after the ad ends? Don’t worry we got the solution!

TuneIn is an amazing feature supported by the Sonos app, through which you can play more than 100,000 radio stations from around the world.

However, according to recent reports, the TuneIn in Sonos app doesn’t work quite as expected, so we’re here to address this problem. 

If your Sonos app TuneIn is not working, re-add the music service, refresh your internet connection, and reinstall the Sonos app.

Additionally, check the service status for both parties, and try streaming via 4G/5G, or Bluetooth connection for streaming TuneIn directly.

Let’s continue with the in-depth troubleshooting solution instructions!

Sonos TuneIn Not Working – 6 Ways to Fix This Immediately!

Tip: Try all steps in chronological order!

1. Re-Add TuneIn as an App Service

re-add tunein as an app service

One of the primary reasons why TuneIn is not working within the Sonos app is due to a bug or a glitch that has temporarily affected your music services.

Hence, one of the quickest solutions is to simply remove TuneIn from your Sonos music services and add it back, which will refresh it.

1.1 How to Remove TuneIn in Sonos App?

To remove the TuneIn service from the Sonos app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Sonos app and head into the “Settings.”
  2. Next, navigate to the “Services & Voice” section.
  3. Select the “TuneIn” service from the service’s list.
  4. Confirm the service removal by tapping “Remove.”
Tip: We recommend restarting the Sonos app before re-adding the TuneIn service!

1.2 How to Re-Add TuneIn in Sonos App?

re-add tunein in sonos app

To re-add the TuneIn service in the Sonos app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Sonos app and head into “Service & Voice.”
  2. Then tap on “Add a service”, find, and select “TuneIn.”
  3. Once added, access the TuneIn from the “Music” tab.

When you’re ready, you should be able to use the TuneIn service just fine.

If not, however, and there is nothing after the advertisement, there is a lot more to attempt in solving the problem…

2. Refresh Sonos & Network Modem

Sometimes the TuneIn radio not working on Sonos because of the internet access on your source device.

This immediately raises the suspicion of an offline broadband connection or general Wi-Fi connection problems with your smartphone, tablet, or Sonos app device.

refresh sonos & network modem

So, there are two quick things that you can do! 

  • Power cycle the Wi-Fi network router for 60 seconds.
  • In the meantime, power off and on your smartphone.

Additionally, we recommend verifying that you have access to the internet, by attempting to surf the web through a device connected to the Wi-Fi of your router.

So, if you’re offline, this explains why the TuneIn music service won’t work in your Sonos app.

If, however, there is nothing wrong with the internet access, but TuneIn won’t work, read ahead!

3. Remove & Reinstall the Sonos App

remove & reinstall the sonos app

Another quick solution when TuneIn not working on Sonos is to cleanly reinstall the Sonos app from your source device.

This means complete removal, and downloading the app cleanly from the dedicated app store for your device.

So, we have prepared quick steps for Android and iOS.

How to Reinstall the Sonos app on Android?

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android.
  2. Go to “Manage apps & device” → “Manage.”
  3. Then, locate the installed Sonos application.
  4. Press on the “Uninstall” button to remove it.

How to Reinstall Sonos the app on iPhones?

reinstall sonos the app on iphones
  1. Tap and hold the Sonos app from the screen.
  2. From the options, select “Remove this App.”
  3. Then head into the App Store to find Sonos.
  4. Get the application cleanly on the smartphone.

That’s it. When the Sonos app is cleanly installed on the device, go ahead and sign into your profile, if needed, re-add the TuneIn music service and test. 

If you’re still facing the same problem, continue reading! 

4. Check the TuneIn/Sonos Status

It’s not excluded that you’re unable to play anything from the TuneIn service in the Sonos app, due to an ongoing outage or maintenance.

The downtime could either be from TuneIn, or from Sonos, hence we recommend checking the status and availability of both services to justify this.

check the tunein/sonos status

When you land on the Sonos server status page, press CTRL + F and write “TuneIn” to instantly check whether their service incorporation is intact.

If yes, and both TuneIn and Sonos services are all online, then the problem you’re facing might be on your side. So, continue reading…

5. Try Using TuneIn On Your Cellular

Another quick step that will instantly exclude all possibilities related to your network connection is to test streaming Sonos’s TuneIn through your cellular.

This means turning off your Wi-Fi and enabling the 4G or 5G to try whether the problem comes from insufficient internet data packets.

Note: On limited internet plans, we only recommend streaming content through your cellular for a limited amount of time, since the megabytes of data consumption might be more than expected.

6. Use TuneIn App + Sonos Bluetooth (Workaround)

use tunein app + sonos bluetooth (workaround)

So, if nothing helps, and you’re unable to stream TuneIn from your Sonos application, we advise using the standalone TuneIn app.

So, this means entirely avoiding the Sonos app, and if you are wondering how to incorporate the TuneIn app with the Sonos speaker, the answer is Bluetooth!

  • When your Sonos speaker is connected via Bluetooth to your phone, all the playback from the device will be outputted through the speaker.

Hence, the setup is simple; first, connect the Sonos speaker to your mobile, and then use the TuneIn app to stream content out loud on the speaker.

How to Connect Sonos Speaker via Bluetooth?

connect sonos speaker via bluetooth
  1. First, verify that your Sonos speaker is currently on.
  2. Press and hold the Bluetooth button for 5 seconds.
  3. Whenever the light starts blinking in blue, release it.
  4. Then open the Bluetooth menu of your mobile phone.
  5. Locate and tap on your Sonos device to connect with.
  6. When connected, you are ready for audio streaming.

So, when your Sonos speaker is paired with your mobile, you can easily install and set up the standalone TuneIn app.

Then by streaming your preferred content through the app, you can listen to the output through your Sonos speaker. It’s that simple!

One More Thing!

The forums are full of people complaining about the TuneIn integration with the Sonos app.

So if you’re facing problems, we recommend exploring these forums for updated solutions that were discovered after this article has been written.

Wrapping Up

Hence if your Sonos TuneIn not working, begin by re-adding the TuneIn music service to the Sonos app, refreshing the network connection, and reinstalling the Sonos app.

If this doesn’t help, check the Sonos and TuneIn service status for any downtime.

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