Samsung Soundbar Display Not Working? (Working Solutions)

samsung soundbar display not working

Hey, if your Samsung soundbar display not working, stay with us until the end of this guide!

The primary function of the Samsung soundbar’s display is to indicate the current connection mode and status of the soundbar.

So, a potential fault with your input device, the output audio selection, or the power supply of the soundbar may lead to a black screen or display flickering.

If the Samsung soundbar’s display isn’t working, exit the “Idle” mode, switch to a wired soundbar connection, and set Samsung as the default output.

If the issue persists, try to discover the soundbar over Bluetooth and perform a factory reset.

Now, keep reading to discover all the details about the issue!

Why is the Samsung Soundbar LED Display Not Working?

samsung soundbar led display not working

Here are the leading causes for the soundbar’s display malfunction:

  • The soundbar has entered an “Idle” or “Auto-Power Off” mode.
  • There is an issue with the Samsung soundbar’s power supply.
  • The electrical supply or equipment of the soundbar is defective.
  • The soundbar has not been specified as the default TV output.
  • The display of the soundbar has encountered a hardware fault.

Proceed further into the guide to explore reliable solutions for the soundbar!

How to Fix Samsung Soundbar Display Not Working?

Note: Have you tested the Samsung soundbar’s functionality and connection?

1. Exit the Soundbar’s “Idle” Mode

exit the soundbar’s “idle” mode

Well, many Samsung soundbars support an “Idle” or “Auto Power Off” function that occurs after a particular time of inactivity.

While this can be different on every Samsung soundbar model, the regime can be exited by pressing any button on the top/side panel or the original remote control.

So, test the Samsung soundbar’s display by adjusting the soundbar’s volume levels or pressing any button on the remote control while Samsung is within range.

If the soundbar detects either of the button presses, the display will illuminate and you will know if there’s a hardware defect.

2. Connect Samsung to an Active Device (HDMI/Optical)

The next step is to connect the Samsung soundbar over a wired HDMI or Optical connection to an active input device.

The display will automatically power off if the soundbar is not connected to a recognized “active” device that can output audio without interruptions.

connect samsung to an active device

Here’s how to set up the Samsung soundbar over a wired connection:

  1. Locate the “HDMI OUT” or “Optical OUT” soundbar port.
  2. Connect one end of the cable to your soundbar’s socket.
  3. Identify the “HDMI IN” or “Optical IN” ports on the device.
  4. Plug the other end of the cable into the input device or TV.
  5. Optional: Select the Samsung soundbar as a default output.
Note: If the TV is designed to switch to the newest output automatically, you won’t have to adjust the device’s output manually.

3. Discover & Pair the Soundbar (Bluetooth)

You can determine if the Samsung soundbar is functional by discovering it over a wireless Bluetooth connection.

For this purpose, ensure your wireless device’s “Bluetooth” feature is set to “On” and disconnect other audio or multimedia devices that can conflict with the connection.

discover & pair the soundbar (bluetooth)

Here’s how to connect to the Samsung soundbar over Bluetooth:

  1. First, access the TV’s “Bluetooth” or “Wireless” options section.
  2. Then, go down to “Discovered Devices” or “Available Devices.”
  3. Locate Samsung’s connection, highlight the tile, and press “OK.”
  4. Wait until the Samsung soundbar establishes a secure connection.

So, if the Samsung soundbar was previously paired to the TV, search for the existing connection underneath the “Remembered” or “Registered” tab.

If you’re on a mobile or desktop device, all profiles of wireless devices paired over Bluetooth will be separated from the “available devices”.

4. Drain the Soundbar’s Electrical Supply

So, you can address underlying issues with the soundbar’s power state and electrical supply by temporarily disconnecting the device’s power cord.

It takes about 60 seconds to fully drain the soundbar and address potential issues with the LED display.

drain the soundbar’s electrical supply

Here’s how to perform a “power cycle” or a “hard reset” on the Samsung soundbar:

  1. Power off the soundbar by pressing “Power” for up to 5 seconds.
  2. Disconnect the soundbar’s power adapter from the electrical outlet.
  3. Hold the “Power” button for 15–20 seconds to discharge Samsung.
  4. Reconnect the power cable of the soundbar back into the A/C outlet.
  5. Next, turn on the soundbar and test the functionality of the display unit.
Note: Ensure the soundbar’s power adapter is securely connected on both ends before testing.

5. Set the Soundbar as the Default Output

As established, the leading cause for the blank soundbar display is an improper connection with the TV or input device.

The next step is to specify the Samsung soundbar as the default audio output for the connected TV so its wireless or wired connection can be recognized.

set soundbar as the default output

Here’s how to set the Samsung soundbar as the TV’s default output:

  1. Press the “Menu” or “Home” button on the supplied TV remote.
  2. Navigate to the “Sound” or “Audio” tab from the menu section.
  3. Head to “Sound Output,” “Default Audio” or “Audio Device.”
  4. Ensure the soundbar is securely connected to the input device.
  5. Highlight and select the soundbar from the output drop-down.
  6. Apply the changes and test the soundbar’s display functionality.

Remember that if the soundbar loses connection with the TV or doesn’t get recognized by the system, the TV will automatically switch back to the default “TV Speakers” output.

6. Inspect the Soundbar’s Power Supply

In the following step, we will attempt to diagnose issues with the soundbar’s power supply that are potentially leading to the display’s unresponsiveness. 

A loose or unsecured connection of the power adapter or power outlet insufficiency may lead to a variety of issues with the Samsung soundbar.

inspect the soundbar’s power supply

Here are the best methods to address soundbar power supply issues:

  • Disconnect the soundbar and hold “Power” for 20–30 seconds.
  • Cycle through all of the soundbar’s input modes with the remote.
  • Uninstall third-party equipment from the setup of the soundbar.
  • Connect the power adapter of the soundbar to a different outlet.
Tip: You can test if an electrical outlet is functional by connecting any low-voltage appliance!

7. Initiate a Soundbar Factory Reset

Sometimes, the display of the soundbar is not working simply due to a software-related bug! 

Hence, we strongly recommend performing a factory reset.

By default, all Samsung soundbars are designed to show a reset message on the display, right after initiating the process.

initiate a soundbar factory reset

The reset message typically says “INT” or “Resetting,” based on the Samsung soundbar’s model.

Hence, this will show you whether the display is working or not…

Here are three different methods of performing a factory reset on a Samsung soundbar:

  • Press and hold the Volume Up + Volume Down – buttons.
  • Reconnect the power cord while holding the Power button.
  • Hold the Power button for more than 10 seconds straight.
Alert: Do not interact with the soundbar if the factory reset starts successfully. 

8. Replace Samsung’s Power Adapter

If the Samsung soundbar’s display is still working, there could be a fault with the power adapter!

Well, most Samsung soundbars use standard 2-prong power adapters between 20V and 100V based on the hardware and conversion rate of the model.

replace samsung’s power adapter

You can learn more details about the A/C adapter used by your Samsung soundbar model through the user manual, before ordering.

Final Thoughts

If the Samsung soundbar display not working, exit the soundbar’s “Idle” or “Auto-Power Off” mode, conduct a hard reset, and select the device as the TV’s default audio output.

If the issue persists, check if there’s an equipment issue with the soundbar and initiate a factory restoration.

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