JBL Soundbar Not Turning On? Here’s the FIX You NEED!

jbl soundbar not turning on

If your JBL soundbar not turning on, like my other users, know that this is easy to solve!

Startup issues on the JBL soundbar are a primary sign of inactivity-caused “Standby” mode or remote control programming issues.

This guide will help you discover what is preventing the JBL soundbar from starting up and guide you through complete expert troubleshooting steps.

If the JBL soundbar is not turning on, exit the “Standby” mode, re-program your remote control, and change the electrical outlet.

If the issues persist, power cycle the soundbar, replace the power cord, and force a factory reset on JBL’s system.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, so stay with us!

Why is My JBL Soundbar Not Turning On?

why jbl soundbar not turning on

Here are the possible reasons why the JBL soundbar isn’t turning on:

  • The soundbar has entered “Standby” due to inactivity.
  • The soundbar’s power cord is not connected securely.
  • There is a fault with the soundbar’s A/C power supply.
  • The power adapter of the JBL soundbar is not working.
  • A malfunction with JBL’s Power button or motherboard.

Proceed further into the guide to uncover reliable solutions for the JBL soundbar!

JBL Soundbar Not Turning On – Quick & Easy Solutions!

Tip: It’s very easy to fix JBL soundbar startup problems, just follow the instructions chronologically!

1. Turn On Soundbar via Power Button

turn on soundbar via power button

If pressing the “Power” button on the soundbar’s remote control does not do anything, you can test the built-in power controller on JBL’s top panel.

The button is located next to the “Volume” buttons and holding it for 3 seconds should start up the JBL without having to use your remote. 

How to Know if JBL Soundbar is Turned On?

While apart from the LEDs there is no easy way of telling whether the JBL soundbar is set to “On,” the device’s pairing status should change to “Connected.”

If the soundbar is wired to your TV via HDMI or Optical, you should be able to hear the soundbar’s output when playing audio.

Important: Verify that the soundbar is set as the “Default Output” in your TV’s settings, so you can know when the speaker is on.

2. Exit the JBL Soundbar’s “Standby” Mode

exit the jbl soundbar’s “standby” mode

The JBL soundbar could enter “Auto-Standby” if it has been left inactive for up to 10 minutes or if no output source has been selected.

It may look like the JBL soundbar is not accepting remote commands or receiving power from the wall outlet as long as the “Standby” mode is still active.

Follow these steps to exit the JBL soundbar’s “Standby” mode:

  1. Ensure the soundbar is plugged in and press the “Power” button.
  2. Next, hold the “+” and “-” button to enter Control Learning mode.
  3. Wait for 10–15 seconds and press the “Source” and “+” buttons.
  4. Check if the soundbar’s LED indicator will start pulsing in white.

The “Control Learning” regime is used to teach the soundbar basic IR functions from your TV’s remote control, but it can also be used to exit inactivity “Standby” mode anytime.

3. Replug the JBL Soundbar’s Power Cord

replug the jbl soundbar’s power cord

Well, you can address any startup or functionality issues with the JBL soundbar by temporarily suspending the power supply of the hardware.

This is also known as a “power cycle” and if the JBL soundbar is not turning on, such a soft reset might reboot the hardware and fix the problem. 

Here’s how to power cycle the JBL soundbar in easy steps:

  1. Disconnect the power adapter from the back of the soundbar.
  2. Unplug the other end of the wire from the A/C electrical outlet.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds while the soundbar is unplugged from A/C.
  4. Reconnect the power cord on both ends and test the soundbar.
Quick Tip: Test the JBL soundbar’s startup with an alternative 2-prong power cable!

4. Reprogram the JBL Remote Control

reprogram the jbl remote control

Yet, another potential reason why the JBL soundbar won’t turn on is due to a deprogrammed remote control.

If you’re pressing the power button, but your JBL soundbar won’t turn on, it’s not excluded that your remote has been unpaired, so you would need to perform the pairing over.

Here’s how to reprogram a JBL remote control to the soundbar:

  1. Press and hold the “Source” or “Bluetooth” button on your soundbar.
  2. Next, hold the “HOME” + “BACK” buttons on your JBL remote control.
  3. Wait until the soundbar’s indicator outputs a green or blue LED light.

Bonus Tip: Use the Soundbar’s “IR Learning” Feature!

Like other modern soundbars, JBL has introduced the “IR Learning” feature with most of their recent soundbar products.

This technology allows the soundbar to recognize the power and volume inputs from any TV remote within infrared distance and save the signal for future use.

5. Set Up and Use the TV’s “HDMI-CEC”

set up use tv’s “hdmi-cec”

It’s not excluded that the JBL soundbar won’t turn on because the power buttons on the remote, and on the soundbar, are not working.

What do you do in this situation?

  • Well, if you didn’t know, you can turn on your soundbar without pressing power buttons at all!

The answer is HDMI-CEC. When enabled, HDMI-CEC can simultaneously turn on the TV and the connected soundbar using the supplied TV remote control.

So if your JBL soundbar is not turning on with the power buttons, try setting up HDMI-CEC through your TV, which may work.

How to Set Up “HDMI-CEC” On Popular TV Brands?
TV Brand:Instructions:
SamsungGo to “Home” → “Settings” → “System” → “Expert Settings” → “Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC” → “On.” 
LGGo to “Settings” → “All Settings” → “General” → “Devices” → “HDMI Settings” → “SIMPLINK” → “On.”
SonyGo to “Home” → “Settings” → “BRAVIA Settings” → “External Inputs” → “HDMI-CEC” → “CEC.”
Philips Go to “TV Settings” → “Installation” → “Preferences” → “EasyLink” → “Master EasyLink” → “On.”
HisenseGo to “Home” → “Inputs” → “HDMI Control” → “On.”
Note: When HDMI-CEC is enabled, check if your JBL soundbar will turn on when you power on the TV, using the TV remote.

6. Force a Factory Reset on the Soundbar

force factory reset on soundbar

In case the JBL soundbar is still unable to start or shows no signs of functionality, you should force a factory reset on the JBL system.

It is one of the most potent solutions against issues with the OS, improperly configured settings, or bugs preventing the soundbar from turning on.

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on any JBL soundbar model:

  1. Ensure your JBL soundbar is connected to an A/C outlet.
  2. Press the “Power” button on the remote for 2–3 seconds.
  3. Press and hold the “Source” + “Power” soundbar buttons.
  4. Next, release the buttons after 10–15 seconds of holding.
  5. Check whether there will be LED indications of the reset.

If your JBL soundbar is still not responding, continue reading…

7. Inspect the JBL Soundbar Power Supply

inspect the jbl soundbar power supply

If the JBL soundbar is not turning on, the main suspect is the power supply, which includes the electrical outlet and power equipment.

So, there are a few things you should try to reveal the culprit:

  • Switch to a Different Outlet – Move your JBL soundbar to a different room, where the outlets are connected to a different fuse from your circuit.
  • Connect the Soundbar Directly – Avoid plugging the JBL soundbar’s power connector into strips, dividers, or surge protectors, instead use direct connection to the outlet.
  • Test via Different Power Cable – The JBL soundbars use a two-prong power cable, and your computer uses the same power cable, which you can use for testing.

Well, if your JBL soundbar is not turning on, even with a proven outlet and cable, that means bad news, it’s probably a hardware problem.

Quick Recap

If the JBL soundbar not turning on, power cycle the device, and install the power cord into a different electrical outlet.

If the issue persists, set up “HDMI-CEC” on your TV, re-activate your soundbar’s “Pairing” mode and replace the power equipment.

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