JBL Soundbar Remote Not Working? (7 Instant Fixes!)

jbl soundbar remote not working

The JBL soundbar remote not working, and you’re wondering why? The solution is simple!

Well, not being able to operate the JBL soundbar over a distance can greatly affect the device’s accessibility and convenience of use.

The JBL soundbar’s remote control can primarily develop issues due to battery failure, improper programming, or wireless soundbar interference.

Here’s the quick fix:

If the JBL soundbar’s remote control is not working, reinsert the batteries and unplug the soundbar from the power supply for 60 seconds.

Also, reprogram your remote, check for wireless interference and factory reset the soundbar.

Why Did the JBL Sound Bar Remote Stopped Working?

jbl sound bar remote stopped working

Here’s why the JBL soundbar’s remote control is refusing to function:

  • The batteries are dead or not embedded properly.
  • The remote control has been fully deprogrammed.
  • Existing wireless interference by nearby devices.
  • The soundbar is not receiving a stable power supply.
  • A hardware problem with your remote or soundbar.

Keep reading to discover the complete solutions’ walkthrough!

JBL Soundbar Remote Not Working – Here’s the Fix!

Note: Have you tried using the remote while standing in front of the soundbar?

1. Reprogram the JBL Remote Control

reprogram the jbl remote control

So, before attempting anything more complicated, the first solution is to simply reprogram the remote control by simultaneously holding a combination of buttons.

The JBL remote might have unpaired as a result of wireless interference, obstruction of the IR transmitter, or battery issues.

Here’s how to reprogram the JBL soundbar’s remote control in easy steps:

  1. Ensure your soundbar is plugged in and powered on.
  2. Point the remote towards the JBL soundbar’s receiver.
  3. Next, press and hold the “HOME” and “BACK” buttons.
  4. Hold the buttons until the remote’s LED flashes green.
  5. Wait for a “Pairing remote control to LINK BAR” prompt.
  6. Release both buttons on the JBL soundbar remote unit.

If the soundbar is connected over HDMI or Optical, a prompt will appear on the connected TV, stating that the soundbar has recognized the remote control.

Release the buttons only after the message on the TV screen goes out and test the remote control by pressing the power button.

2. Soft Reset the JBL Remote Control

soft reset the jbl remote control

You can address all functionality issues with the JBL remote control by performing a soft reset on the hardware.

Discharging the remote’s power is only possible after taking both batteries out and pressing each button on the remote.

Here are the complete instructions for soft resetting the JBL remote control:

  1. Remove your JBL remote’s battery compartment cover.
  2. Take out the two AAA or two AA batteries from inside.
  3. Hold the JBL remote’s “Power” button for 15 seconds.
  4. Press each other button on the remote for 5 seconds.
  5. Reseat the batteries of the remote and place the cover.
  6. Ensure the soundbar is plugged in and test the remote.

After finishing the soft reset, reprogram the remote control by holding the pairing combination and checking if the soundbar responds.

Important: Replace the Remote’s Batteries!

replace the remote’s batteries

If taking the remote’s batteries out did not eliminate the issue, you should insert a fresh set of compatible battery units used by JBL.

Before testing, ensure the batteries are brand-new and have established contact with the correct polarity pole.

Quick Tip: We recommend high-quality batteries such as Duracell or Energizer!

3. Remove Interfering Wireless Devices

The JBL remote control uses standard IR light to communicate and send signals to the nearby soundbar.

The remote’s signal can be easily interfered with by solid obstacles, interference by other wireless signals, and even sunlight in some cases.

remove interfering wireless devices

Here’s how to eliminate interference conflicting with the JBL remote’s signal:

  • Reduce the physical distance between the remote and the soundbar.
  • Remove physical obstructions between the soundbar and the remote.
  • Verify there are no wireless devices in the range of the JBL soundbar.
  • Prevent direct sunlight from shining onto the JBL soundbar’s surface.
  • Ensure that there are no reflective surfaces near your JBL soundbar.
Info: Unlike standard radio frequency (RF), the IR signal is highly vulnerable to range and requires a direct line of sight with the soundbar.

4. Power Cycle the JBL Soundbar Unit

An unresponsive JBL soundbar will prevent the remote’s signal from reaching the destination point, giving the impression of a faulty remote.

This is why the next step is to power cycle the soundbar’s hardware by temporarily suspending the electrical supply and reprogramming the remote again.

power cycle the jbl soundbar unit

Here’s how to perform a power cycle on the JBL soundbar in easy steps:

  1. Press the soundbar’s Power button for 2 seconds.
  2. Unplug the power adapter from the back of the JBL.
  3. Next, press and hold “Power” for up to 30 seconds.
  4. Reconnect the power adapter of the JBL soundbar.
  5. Turn on the soundbar and test the remote control.
Tip: Inspect the soundbar’s power cord for damage before reconnecting!

5. Troubleshoot Your JBL’s Power Supply

troubleshoot your jbl’s power supply

If the soundbar does not receive a stable power supply, it may not respond to any inputs and commands sent by the remote control.

There are multiple methods for testing the soundbar’s power setup and eliminating underlying issues with the voltage.

How to Recognize Soundbar Power Issues?

Underlying issues with the JBL soundbar’s power supply are often recognized by flickering or dimming of the LED indicator, power interruptions, or failure to turn on.

If the LED keeps going off, the soundbar is shutting down, or keep restarting, there could be an issue with the power source or the soundbar’s power equipment.

How to Solve Power Issues with JBL Soundbar?

  • Ensure JBL’s power adapter is secured on both ends.
  • Inspect the soundbar’s power port for any obstructions.
  • Install the soundbar supplying cable in another outlet.
  • Test the JBL soundbar with a replacement power cable.
Note: All JBL soundbars use a standard 2-prong power adapter to receive electricity!

6. Reset Your JBL Soundbar’s System

reset your jbl soundbar’s system

If the remote control problem comes from the JBL soundbar, a system reset will surely fix this!

The factory reset procedure does not require using the remote control at all and can be started via a combination of buttons on the soundbar.

However, before that, ensure the unit receives a stable power supply before proceeding with the reset instructions.

Follow these instructions to perform a system reset on the JBL soundbar:

  1. Power “On” the soundbar and ensure the device is working.
  2. Hold the “SOURCE” and “POWER” buttons simultaneously.
  3. Release after 5 seconds or right after the JBL powers off.
  4. Unplug the soundbar’s power adapter from the A/C outlet.
Reminder: Once the reset is finished, you must reconnect the soundbar from the input device!

7. Activate “HDMI-CEC” On the TV (Workaround)

activate “hdmi-cec” on the tv

If you use a TV with the JBL soundbar, you will be able to activate and set up the “HDMI-CEC” feature (Consumer Electronics Control).

This allows devices connected over HDMI to the TV to be turned on and off using only the TV’s remote control.

If compatible, other functions will also be unlocked, such as controlling the volume or even changing the modes on the JBL soundbar. 

Here’s how to universally activate and set up “HDMI-CEC” on your TV:

  1. Press the “HOME” button on the TV remote control.
  2. Navigate to the “General,” “HDMI” or “Devices” tab.
  3. Then, find the HDMI-CEC feature for the TV model.
  4. Next, highlight the panel and set the feature to “ON.”
  5. Apply the changes and exit the configuration menu.

Now, all the connected devices over HDMI will also recognize the TV remote’s signal with the assistance of IR learning.

You will be able to “teach” the soundbar a variety of functions and fully operate the device using the TV’s remote control.

Reminder: The different TV brands have different names for the HDMI-CEC feature!

Quick Recap

Thus, you can fix the JBL soundbar remote not working problem by resetting the JBL remote, checking for wireless interference, and power cycling the soundbar.

If that doesn’t fix your issue, reprogram the remote and force a factory reset on the JBL soundbar.

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