JBL Soundbar Not Connecting To TV? (Don’t Panic, Easy Fix)

jbl soundbar not connecting to tv

If your JBL soundbar not connecting to TV, stay with us in this guide to get it connected!

The connection issues between the JBL soundbar and your TV can result from bad Bluetooth pairing and optical or HDMI issues.

Another point of view is the output settings and whether they are configured correctly, so this guide will clear out the confusion and help you fix your problem.

If the JBL soundbar is not connecting with the TV, adjust the source of the soundbar and ensure it is selected as the default output.

If the fault persists, power cycle the soundbar, check for wireless interference, and force a factory reset.

Now, let’s analyze the issue’s solutions more thoroughly!

Why Does My JBL Soundbar Won’t Connect to TV?

jbl soundbar won’t connect to tv
  • The soundbar is not set as the default audio output on the TV.
  • Your selected JBL source does not match your TV connection.
  • There’s a fault with the wired or wireless connection of the TV.
  • Insufficient or depleted power supply of the JBL soundbar unit.
  • Nearby wireless devices are causing Bluetooth interference.

How to Connect JBL Soundbar to TV in Easy Steps?

Before proceeding with the guide, let’s learn how to connect the soundbar properly:

  1. Set the JBL soundbar to the correct source input mode.
  2. Next, enable JBL’s Bluetooth or connect the audio cable.
  3. Bluetooth: Access the TV’s wireless menu and pair JBL.
  4. Wired: Set the JBL soundbar as the default audio output.
  5. Test the connection between both units by playing audio.

If the soundbar does not produce the TV’s output, proceed with the guide to solve the issue!

JBL Soundbar Not Connecting to TV – Fixed in 7 Easy Steps!

Before You Start: Have you tried rebooting the TV and the soundbar simultaneously?

1. Adjust the JBL Soundbar’s Source

adjust the jbl soundbar’s source

If your JBL is working properly, but there’s no audio or the TV does not detect the soundbar, you might have selected an incorrect device input.

You can pick from several different input modes using the JBL soundbar’s remote control, including “HDMI,” “Optical” or “Bluetooth.”

To change the input source of the JBL soundbar, press the “SOURCE” button on the remote and check the currently selected mode on the built-in display.

  • If the connection with your TV is wired, make sure to select “HDMI” or “Optical” and if it is wireless, set the mode to “Bluetooth” or “BT.”

2. Re-configure the TV’s Audio Output

The next step is to ensure the JBL soundbar is specified as the default audio output within the TV’s “Audio” or “Sound” settings.

While most TVs may configure the output automatically when connected, some require manual adjustments after plugging in an external audio output device.

re-configure the tv’s audio output

Here’s how to modify the TV’s audio output after connecting the soundbar:

  1. Verify the JBL soundbar is set to the correct input mode.
  2. Press the “Home” or “Menu” button on the TV’s remote.
  3. Navigate to the “Sound” or “Audio” panel from the menu.
  4. Scroll down and locate the “Default Audio Output” tab.
  5. Extend the device menu and locate the “JBL Soundbar.”
  6. Next, highlight the tile using the remote and press “OK.”
  7. After the JBL soundbar is selected, exit the configuration.
Note: By default, all TVs are set to use the “TV Speakers” or “Built-in Speakers” output, unless there’s an external audio device connected.

3. Examine the Soundbar’s TV Connection

examine the soundbar’s tv connection

The next step is to verify there aren’t any faults with the soundbar’s wired or wireless connection that can prevent the TV from recognizing the input.

Multiple factors can go wrong both, with your wired and wireless connection, so let’s learn how to detect faults.

How to Inspect JBL Soundbar’s Wired Connection?

If using a wired connection, ensure the cable is securely connected on both ends and check if the TV is set to the respective audio output.

If using an Optical cable, search for an “Opt-In” setting in the output menu or “HDMI IN” for a physical HDMI connection.

How to Inspect JBL Soundbar’s Bluetooth Connection?

If the JBL soundbar is connected over Bluetooth, access the TV’s wireless settings and ensure there is a “Connected” status next to the soundbar’s tile.

In addition, verify that no other devices are wirelessly paired to the TV, as this could interfere with the connection of your JBL soundbar. 

If everything appears intact, keep reading…

4. Power Reset Your JBL Soundbar

power reset your jbl soundbar

Another practical solution for any issues with the JBL soundbar is to perform a power reset of the hardware.

Unplugging JBL’s power cable for less than 30 seconds discharges the electrical supply and causes all systems to reboot after reconnecting the adapter.

This clears all the bugs!

Here’s how to perform a power reset on the JBL soundbar easily:

  1. Ensure your JBL soundbar is turned on and connected securely.
  2. Disconnect the power cord of the soundbar from the A/C outlet.
  3. After that, press and hold the “Power” button for 10–15 seconds.
  4. Wait for an extra 60 seconds and reconnect the soundbar’s cord.
  5. Press “Power” to turn on the soundbar and test the connection.
Note: If using Bluetooth, ensure the JBL soundbar is paired after the power reset!

5. Check for Wireless Interference (Bluetooth)

check for wireless interference (bluetooth)

If the JBL  soundbar is paired over Bluetooth, nearby wireless devices may persistently interfere with the connection and cause issues with the output.

That’s why the next step is to relocate all devices that can potentially conflict with the wireless signal between the JBL soundbar and TV.

Here’s a list of devices that can interfere with the JBL soundbar:

  • Wireless or Bluetooth devices working on the 2.4 GHz frequency.
  • RF transmitters, radios, or baby phones emitting cellular waves.
  • Wi-Fi routers, modems, switches, or gateways hosting networks.

So, ensure none of the devices from above are within a 20-foot radius of the JBL soundbar to ensure the wireless connection is not conflicted.

In addition, avoid positioning the soundbar in tight or enclosed spaces that can potentially obstruct the Bluetooth signal sent toward the TV.

6. Troubleshoot JBL’s Wired Connection (HDMI or Optical)

troubleshoot jbl’s wired connection (hdmi or optical)

The issues with the wired connection may occur because of not connecting the HDMI or Optical cable securely or using an incorrect input on the TV.

There are multiple methods to tackle issues with the JBL soundbar and TV’s wired connection and restore the playout quickly and efficiently.

Here are the best tips:

  • Use an alternative input on the connected TV (“ARC” for HDMI cable.)
  • Ensure the audio cable is securely connected on both ends of the TV.
  • Check the TV or soundbar ports for potential obstructions of the cable.
  • Use an alternative compatible audio cable to test the JBL soundbar unit.
Warning: If there’s damage to the cable or the inputs on the soundbar or TV, consider delivering the respective device for repairs!

7. Restore the Soundbar to Factory Defaults

restore the soundbar to factory defaults

If the JBL soundbar is still unable to establish a secure connection with the TV, the next step is to perform a factory reset of the system.

Well, restoring all settings and configurations to their default values eliminates existing errors in the connection or the audio of your JBL soundbar.

Here’s how to factory reset the JBL soundbar in easy instructions:

  1. First, ensure the JBL soundbar is plugged in and powered on.
  2. Press the “SOURCE” and “POWER” buttons simultaneously.
  3. Release the buttons in 3 seconds after JBL has powered off.
  4. Wait until the factory reset is complete and the device reboots.
  5. Test your soundbar’s connection to your TV and the playback.
Warning: All settings and configurations of the soundbar will be erased permanently!

Quick Recap

Hence, when the JBL soundbar not connecting to TV, verify the soundbar is set to the correct mode, check the TV’s default audio output, and inspect the soundbar’s connection.

If the issues are still there, power cycle the soundbar and conduct a factory reset.

Follow us for more JBL soundbar troubleshooting!