How To Connect Sonos Era 100 to TV? (Easy Steps)

how to connect sonos era 100 to tv

If you’re wondering how to connect Sonos Era 100 to TV, we will show you multiple ways!

It’s possible to connect the Sonos Era 100 speaker to the TV by using Bluetooth (directly), via Sonos Beam soundbar, Line-In AUX Adapter, or AirPlay.

We will unwrap all these methods in detailed steps, so you can discover and start utilizing the best audio connection way for you.

To connect Sonos Era 100 to your TV via Bluetooth, put Sonos Era 100 in pairing mode and simply discover it through your TV’s Bluetooth menu.

If this is not working, you can use a Line-In AUX adapter for a wired connection.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, so let’s keep exploring!

Can Sonos Era 100 Connect To TV?

can sonos era 100 connect to tv

Let’s begin with the fact that Sonos Era 100 is not designed to connect wirelessly with a TV, without a home theater including a Sonos Beam soundbar.

The primary purpose of the Sonos Era 100 is to be added as a “surround” speaker to the soundbar, which is connected to the TV.

However, users have discovered that Sonos Era 100 can be paired with a TV wirelessly in a standalone mode, via Bluetooth.

This is because some TVs can easily pair with wireless units such as headphones, and other speakers, where Sonos Era 100 is nothing different than this.

So, we’re going to show you how it’s done, but remember that this is not officially supported!

How to Connect Sonos Era 100 to TV? (Without Beam)

As mentioned previously, the Sonos Era 100 speaker is not designed to connect directly with a TV over Bluetooth connection.

However, we are speaking of Bluetooth connection here, and in theory, this is entirely possible, especially if your TV can connect with other Bluetooth devices. 

Well, according to the users that discovered that this is possible, this may not work with all TV models and often results in audio delay (lip-sync). 

connect sonos era 100 tv without beam

However, if you want to give it a shot, here are the steps:

  1. Unpair ALL devices from the Sonos Era speaker.
  2. Power off your speaker and then turn it back on.
  3. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the back.
  4. Then go to your TV’s Bluetooth discovery screen.
  5. Wait for Sonos Era’s Bluetooth profile to show up.
  6. Using the remote select the connection to pair to.

Again, in theory, this must work.

However, the only tested TVs that are proven to pair wirelessly with the Sonos Era 100 speaker are Google TV models, Samsung and TCL TVs.

If you have another TV model, give it a shot. If not, you’ll need a Sonos Beam soundbar!

How to Connect Sonos Era 100 to TV? (With Beam)

The proper and supported way of connecting your Sonos Era 100 to your TV is via the Sonos Beam soundbar.

So if you have the soundbar, you don’t need to attempt a workaround or other ways to connect your Sonos Era 100 to the TV, as everything you need is already available.

Step #1 Connect Sonos Beam to TV

connect sonos beam to tv

First, you need to connect your Sonos Beam to your TV via the included HDMI cable. If your TV has an HDMI ARC port, connect the HDMI to it.

The HDMI ARC looks like a regular HDMI port but is typically located on the TV’s back and is labeled “ARC” or “eARC” for quick recognition.

Step #2 Connect Era 100 to the Beam

When your Sonos Beam soundbar is connected to the TV and working, you can now add your Sonos Era 100 speakers to the soundbar.

This will ultimately connect the speakers to the TV output, and provide you with an excellent surround sound experience for your home theater.

connect era 100 to the beam

Here’s how to connect your Era 100 speakers to your Beam:

  1. Open the Sonos app for Android or iOS.
  2. Go to “Settings” and choose “Products.”
  3. Then, select your Sonos home theater.
  4. Next, press on the “Set up Surrounds.”
  5. Follow the steps to pair your Era 100’s.

That’s it, let’s test!

Step #3 Test the Connection to the TV

test the connection to the tv

When your Sonos Era 100 speakers are connected to the soundbar, and in turn, the soundbar is connected to the TV, you’re ready to go.

So blast some music through your TV to check whether your soundbar and Sonos Ear 100 spaker/s will output the sound from the TV nice and audibly. 

Quick Tip: We recommend positioning your Era 100 speakers on both sides of your soundbar!

How to Connect Sonos Era 100 to TV? (With Line-In Adapter)

Well, most, if not all TVs have an AUX output port on their side, where you typically connect headphones and output audio through.

Well, with the Sonos Line-In Adapter, you can use an AUX cable (sold separately) to connect your Sonos Era 100 directly to the TV’s AUX output port.

connect sonos era 100 tv line adapter

That would be the same as you’re connecting headphones.

  • One side of the AUX plugs into the TV’s AUX output, the other side plugs into the Line-In Adapter.

Then, the USB-C side of the adapter connects to your Sonos Era 100, and you’re ready to start streaming through the TV.

However, this is not a wireless connection, so you need to keep your speaker close to your TV, but you don’t have to worry about any wireless limitations. 

Quick Tip: If you have a Sonos Beam, you can use an HDMI ARC connection and add your speakers as “surround” through the Sonos app.

How To Connect Sonos Era 100 to TV Wirelessly? (AirPlay)

Sonos products, including Era 100, support AirPlay, which means that if you have an Apple TV you can easily stream music over the internet.

However, your Sonos Era 100 speaker must be paired with the Sonos app and connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Apple TV or Apple device.

connect sonos era 100 tv wirelessly airplay

Here’s how to connect Sonos Era 100 to Apple TV’s Airplay:

  1. On your Apple TV, go to the “Settings.”
  2. Select AirPlay and HomeKit in the tab.
  3. Turn on AirPlay and select your Era 100.

It’s really that simple! So, now stream some music on your Apple TV, and your Sonos Era 100 speakers should output the audio through.

Note that your Apple device will not output audio to your Sonos Era 100 during a phone call or other system software activities besides streaming.

Tip: This also works for other TV models that support AirPlay, as well as Apple devices such as MacBook, iMac, and iPhone.

Final Thoughts

Here we’ve learned how to connect Sonos Era 100 to TV with and without the Sonos Beam soundbar, as well as via Line-In adapter.

However, remember that Bluetooth pairing to the TV without the Sonos soundbar is not officially supported and might not work with every TV model.

We hope this guide was helpful, so follow us for more!