Why Is My Samsung Subwoofer Not Working? FIX IT NOW!

why is my samsung subwoofer not working

Wondering “Why is my Samsung subwoofer not working?” We have discovered a solution!

Well, factors, such as connection state, interference, or issues with “ID Set” can continuously impact the functionality of the Samsung subwoofer in your setup.

However, we have uncovered a quick fix that takes under 5 minutes to apply that will restore the power supply or connection status of the Samsung subwoofer!

Here’s how:

If your Samsung subwoofer is not working, reprogram the device with “ID Set”, check for interfering devices, and connect to a proven power source.

Also, force a factory reset or replace the power cord with a tested one.

Let’s go through the details more thoroughly!

Why is My Samsung Wireless Subwoofer Not Working?

samsung wireless subwoofer not working

Here are all the possible causes why the Samsung subwoofer is not working:

  • There has been an issue with the ID Set programming.
  • The soundbar is out of the subwoofer’s wireless range.
  • An underlying issue with the subwoofer’s power supply.
  • Insufficient power from the A/C or defective equipment.
  • Corrupted subwoofer or soundbar system configuration.

Now, proceed with the expert guide to uncover solutions for the subwoofer’s malfunction!

Why is My Samsung Subwoofer Not Working – Fixed

Note: Have you checked if the subwoofer’s blue LED lamp is blinking or solid?

1. Reprogram the Subwoofer With “ID Set”

reprogram the subwoofer with “id set”

There is a possibility that your Samsung subwoofer has simply lost connection to your soundbar and, it appears that it is no longer responding.

You can reconnect the subwoofer by pressing and holding the “ID Set” function button on the device’s rear panel for up to 10–15 seconds straight.

How to Place Samsung Subwoofer in “Discovery?”

To place the Samsung subwoofer in Pairing mode, ensure the device is connected to the power and press the “ID Set” button on the rear panel.

  • While holding the button, both the red and blue indicators will be lit, so do not release for the upcoming 5–6 seconds.

If the subwoofer has successfully entered “Discovery” mode, the LED indicator on the rear panel should start flashing in blue LED.

How to Check if Samsung Subwoofer is Connected?

check if samsung subwoofer is connected

If the connection between the Samsung subwoofer and the soundbar has been successful, the LED indicator on the back panel of the subwoofer will turn solid.

The soundbar’s audio will be instantly synchronized with the subwoofer and, you will be able to test the playback of both units.

2. Power Cycle the Samsung Subwoofer

A quick solution against underlying issues with the electrical supply of the Samsung subwoofer is to conduct a complete power circulation procedure.

It takes less than 60 seconds for the Samsung subwoofer to discharge from all power fully and start functioning without errors.

power cycle the samsung subwoofer

Follow these instructions to perform a power cycle on the Samsung subwoofer:

  1. Unplug the supplying adapter from the back of the subwoofer.
  2. Disconnect the other end of the cable from the electrical outlet.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds while the power adapter is disconnected.
  4. Reattach the supply cable into the subwoofer and the outlet.
Tip: While the subwoofer is disconnected, inspect the device’s power port for dust or debris obstructions, preventing the A/C adapter from connecting securely!

3. Adjust Your Subwoofer’s Positioning

As mentioned, the primary reason for startup or functionality faults with the Samsung subwoofer is unstable or failed pairing.

It is of extreme necessity to position the Samsung subwoofer within the Samsung soundbar’s wireless range, so the devices can discover each other and connect.

What is Samsung Soundbar’s Wireless Range?

samsung soundbar’s wireless range

While the soundbar’s wireless range depends on the surrounding objects, furniture, and the general positioning of the device, it tends to be between 25 and 30 feet.

Placing the subwoofer out of that range will prevent the unit from discovering and pairing with the Samsung soundbar.

Place the subwoofer in an open space that has a direct line of sight with the soundbar to ensure the connection remains stable and uninterrupted.

Finally, try to reconnect both your devices.

Note: The Samsung subwoofer and soundbar use a local private 2.4 GHz frequency link!

4. Check & Disable for Interfering Devices

The Samsung subwoofer may be refusing to work due to interference on wireless devices working on the same frequency as the Samsung equipment.

To ensure the communication between the subwoofer and soundbar does not get interrupted, you must relocate/stop all interfering devices.

check & disable for interfering devices

The following devices can cause interference with the Samsung subwoofer:

  • Wireless network routers, modems, or gateways.
  • Bluetooth devices working on the 2.4 GHz thread.
  • RF transmitters, radios, baby phones, or alarms.
  • Wireless home automation systems in close range.
  • Metallic microwaves, ovens, or kitchen appliances.

So, ensure none of these devices are within a 10–15 feet radius of the subwoofer.

So, besides general functionality issues, other signs of ongoing interference are disruptions in the audio or muffled sound of the Samsung subwoofer. 

5. Plug the Subwoofer to a Different Outlet

The Samsung subwoofer may be refusing to start up due to an insufficiency of your electrical outlet.

So, if the power source where the subwoofer is connected does not meet the minimum voltage requirements or is weak, the subwoofer may periodically reboot or lose power supply.

plug the subwoofer to a different outlet

Hence, you must relocate the Samsung subwoofer and the power adapter next to another outlet and test the device’s power supply.

Quick Tip: Use your smartphone’s charger to test the previous outlet’s functionality!

One More Thing: Uninstall Third-Party Equipment

If defective third-party equipment is present in the setup of your Samsung subwoofer, the power supply may be periodically cut off or fluctuate.

To ensure the subwoofer is receiving a consistent supply, plug the cord directly into the outlet and avoid using power strips, dividers, or extenders!

6. Force a Subwoofer “Factory” Reset

Perhaps, a fault with the subwoofer’s system settings or wireless configuration is causing issues and disrupting the connection with the soundbar.

The next step is to perform a factory reset on the Samsung subwoofer to eliminate existing problems with your device’s hardware or software.

force a subwoofer “factory” reset

Follow these instructions to factory reset the Samsung subwoofer:

  1. Ensure the Samsung subwoofer is connected to power.
  2. Press and hold the “ID Set” button for up to 5 seconds.
  3. Press and hold “SAT MUTE” on your soundbar remote.
  4. Next, release the button after 5–7 seconds and wait.
  5. Disconnect the subwoofer from power for 20 seconds.
  6. Finally, the subwoofer will be connected and the functionality tested.

If the factory reset has been successful, all wireless and audio settings of the subwoofer will be permanently erased.

To ensure there aren’t any faults with the soundbar either, you should reset it by holding down the “Power” button for 10 seconds until “INT” shows up on the unit’s screen.

7. Install a Replacement Subwoofer Cord

If the Samsung subwoofer is still experiencing power or connection issues, then the fault is most likely caused by a defective power cord.

So, the Samsung subwoofer uses a standard 12–24 V 2-prong power adapter, and one of your TVs probably uses the same AC connection cord.

install a replacement subwoofer cord

You can detect faults with the Samsung subwoofer’s current power adapter by inspecting the cable’s physical condition and attempting to spot any peripheral damage.

How to Test Samsung Subwoofer Power Cord?

While there isn’t a particular method for diagnosing defects with the power adapter, you can test the cable on a device that uses compatible A/C ports.

Thus, the power supply cord of the Samsung subwoofer can be installed and tested on an alternative device to see if there are underlying problems.

Quick Recap

So, we now know why is my Samsung subwoofer not working!

Hence, the problem could be due to issues with the power supply, defective external equipment, or connection throttles.

Furthermore, a power outlet insufficiency or a HW defect with the power adapter may prevent the subwoofer from working.

Follow us for more Samsung soundbar and subwoofer troubleshooting!