Singing Machine Not Turning On? (6 Working Solutions!)

singing machine not turning on

If your Singing Machine not turning on, stay with us. In this guide, we’ll help you fix the issue!

Singing Machine startup issues are often a result of improper charging or existing failure in the “Power” button.

Diagnosing the exact cause of the malfunction is quite important for eliminating the karaoke speaker’s activation problem, so let’s take a quick peek into the solution to attempt.

If the Singing Machine is not turning on, attempt to “Force” start the system and ensure the battery is charged to maximum capacity.

If the problem persists, replace the Singing machine’s charging equipment and reset the speaker.

Keep reading for a complete walkthrough of the solutions!

Why is My Singing Machine Not Turning On?

why singing machine not turning on

Here’s why the Singing Machine is refusing to turn on:

  • The Singing Machine cannot receive power properly.
  • There’s a defect or malfunction of the charging setup.
  • A potential problem with the speaker’s Power button.
  • A failure of the Singing Machine’s LED indicator light.
  • A hardware malfunction with the motherboard/battery.

That’s it, not much, but enough to cause trouble. So, let’s fix this!

Singing Machine Not Turning On – Fixed in Easy Methods!

1. Test the Speaker’s “Power” Button

A defect with the Singing Machine’s Power button will prevent the speaker from starting up on demand and responding to any inputs.

That’s why the next step is to determine if the button or any of the contact pins are damaged or obstructed.

test the speaker’s “power” button

So, you can easily determine if there’s a fault with the button via visual inspection, pressing the button harder, and checking if there’s any feedback. 

If the button is difficult to press or produces unusual clicking or scratching noises, the problem comes from the button.

In that case, you’ll need to verify that nothing is obstructing the button, and if needed, perform some cleaning using a toothpick.

If there’s nothing wrong with the button, but the Singing Machine won’t turn on, keep reading!

2. Check if the Speaker is Discoverable

check if the speaker is discoverable

The next step is to find out whether the Singing Machine can still be paired to your device over Bluetooth, even if there are no visual functionality indications.

A simple LED lamp fault can often appear as a hardware problem, and deceive you into believing your speaker is not turning on.

Let’s learn how to pair the Singing Machine directly or through the app!

How to Pair with a Singing Machine Directly?

  1. Ensure the Singing Machine’s charger is connected to power.
  2. Press and hold the “PAIR” button on the speaker’s outer panel.
  3. Optional: Check if any of the speaker’s indicator lights will flash.
  4. Next, open the “Bluetooth” settings on your mobile smartphone.
  5. Scroll down to your “Remembered” or “Discoverable Devices.”
  6. Finally, tap on the Singing Machine to start the pairing process.

How to Pair Singing Machines Using the App?

  1. Optional: Open the app and register the Singing Machine, like new.
  2. Hold the “PAIR” button to place the speaker under “Pairing” mode.
  3. When prompted, assign the speaker through the Bluetooth options.
  4. Finally, follow the instructions to establish the wireless connection.

Workaround: Try Using AUX!

try using aux

The included 3.5 mm jack on the Singing Machine allows for a direct wired AUX connection in case of existing Bluetooth or wireless device faults.

If your speaker appears “OFF” and is not pairing, try connecting the jack with a source device to test whether the device will start working.

Note: Ensure no other devices are paired to your mobile while connecting the Singing Machine! 

3. Jump-Start Your Singing Machine

You can power on the Singing Machine forcefully by pressing and holding the “Power” button on the top panel for a prolonged period.

The time it takes to jump-start the karaoke speaker depends, so you must hold the button for at least half a minute.

jump-start your singing machine

Follow these instructions to jump-start the Singing Machine easily:

  1. Connect the Singing Machine to a charger and a wall outlet.
  2. Locate the “Power” button on the top panel of your speaker.
  3. Next, press and hold the “Power” button for 25–40 seconds.
  4. Release the button and unplug the speaker’s charging cable.
  5. Hold the button for an extra 5 seconds to start up the speaker.

If the speaker has started up successfully, the indicator lights on the top will illuminate, and you will be able to connect over Bluetooth.

You can also track the activity of the speaker through the Singing Machine app on your mobile.

If your karaoke machine is still not turning on, continue reading…

4. Fully Recharge the Singing Machine

fully recharge the singing machine

Even if you’ve recently unplugged the Singing Machine from the charger, the cable might have been loose or improperly connected.

Hence, the next step is to reconnect the karaoke speaker’s charger and wait until the internal battery has reached at least 80% – 90% charging capacity.

How Long Does a Singing Machine Charge For?

While the charging time strongly depends on the type of charger used, it typically takes between 2–3 hours for the Singing Machine to charge from 0% up to 100%

Your karaoke speaker will only recharge if the equipment is in proper condition, all cables are connected securely and there are no obstructions of the charging port.

How to Know if the Singing Machine is Charging?

While tracking the charging and battery capacity is different for Singing Machine models, there’s almost always an indicator LED light on the top panel.

Universally, the lamp is located on the left or right of the charging port and tends to illuminate and flash after charging your machine.

Note: The charging indicator must immediately come on after plugging the speaker into power!

5. System Reset the Singing Machine

system reset the singing machine

Yet, another solution if the Singing Machine karaoke won’t turn on is to perform a system reset, erasing all wireless and functionality settings.

This will erase all the settings and configurations from the speaker, and you must undergo initial setup from scratch, which means reconnecting it.

Note: The Singing Machine’s profile within the mobile app will persist after the reset!

Here’s how to system reset any Singing Machine in easy steps:

  1. Connect the speaker to an A/C adapter and power.
  2. Hold the “PAIR” or “Bluetooth” button for 5 seconds.
  3. While holding the speaker’s “PAIR,” press on “Power.”
  4. After that, release both buttons after 10–15 seconds.
  5. Check if any of your Singing Machine’s LEDs will flash.
Tip: If the steps above do not work for your Singing Machine consult with the user manual!

6. Address Speaker Charging Faults

address speaker charging faults

So, if the Singing Machine doesn’t seem to be receiving power or turning on after installing your adapter, there could be an underlying charging fault.

  • The Singing Machine uses a standard 5.5 mm*2.5 mm cord with a 10 W – 50 W power adapter, which you can easily replace and test.

Let’s review several methods for resolving the charging issues of the Singing Machine:

  • Ensure all cable connections of the charger are secured.
  • Inspect the charging port and remove any obstructions.
  • Install the Singing Machine’s charger in a different outlet.
  • Attempt to charge the speaker with a replacement cable.

Well, all Singing Machine models have a built-in LED charging indicator that illuminates once a charger is connected to the A/C port.

If the lamp flickers and goes off or does not illuminate at all, the fault can be with the internal battery of the Singing Machine or the charging equipment.

Note: If your Singing Machine is not charging and not turning on, deliver the device for repairs!

Quick Recap

So, if the Singing Machine not turning on, try to jump-start the device, inspect for any Power button for faults, and refill the internal battery to maximum capacity.

If the fault persists, reset the speaker’s settings and address issues related to the charging.

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