Singing Machine Microphone Not Working? – (Quick Fix)

singing machine microphone not working

If the Singing Machine microphone not working, then this complete guide will help you out!

The Singing Machine is an excellent piece of entertaining equipment with support for wireless and wired microphones.

So, if you’ve just connected your microphone to your speaker, but you can’t hear your voice, we’ve got a bunch of solutions and steps that will fix the issues.

If your Singing Machine microphone is not working, reconnect the TS jack, try a different port, verify that the mic/receiver is “ON” and power cycle your speaker.

Also, boost your microphone’s volume and switch the voice control “OFF.”

If you don’t know how that is done, here’s an in-depth steps guide!

Singing Machine Microphone Not Working – Quick Solutions!

Note: Before you start, verify that your Singing Machine speaker is connected to the power! 

1. Unplug & Replug Your Microphone

unplug & replug your microphone

If your Singing Machine microphone is not working, wireless or wired, you need to disconnect and reconnect the jack of the mic or receiver.

Your Singing Machine’s microphone connects to the box’s input port via a TS connector, whether it’s wired or wireless with the help of a receiver.

So, the first and most important step is to unplug and reconnect the jack! 

If your Singing Machine microphone is still not working, gently twist and rotate the connector to check whether this will help.

Also, verify that the connector is securely plugged in.

2. Test a Secondary Microphone Jack

test a secondary microphone jack

If your Singing Machine box has more than one microphone input port (MIC 1 and MIC 2), it’s good to reconnect the mic to the other available port.

Sometimes connection issues with the mic or the mic’s receiver originate from the box’s port, so before proceeding try with the other input.

The microphone ports are typically on the front of the Singing Machine, but with some models, you may need to connect the mic on the back.

Also, verify that the input port and connector are clean of dust or debris and no obstructions are preventing your microphone from working.

Important: Use only one microphone per Signing Machine, otherwise there will be interference!

3. Enable the Microphone & Receiver 

enable the microphone & receiver

So, based on whether your Singing Machine microphone is wired or wireless, you might need to flip one or two switches to make sure that your mic is turned on.

The microphone should have an LED, which glows when the mic is connected and working, thus the switch is flipped to “ON.”

About Wired Microphones:

If your Singing Machine microphone is wired (no receiver), then there is only one switch that you must check and flip “ON.”

The switch is typically located directly on the microphone, and labeled “ON/OFF”, so verify that the device is turned on and connected to the Singing Machine speaker.

About Wireless Microphones:

If you have a Singing Machine wireless microphone, then there are two switches that you need to enable.

One is located on the microphone (same as the wired) and the other ON/OFF switch is located on the wireless receiver.

So, flip both switches ON and verify that the mic is enabled.

Note: The Singing Machine microphone won’t work if your receiver is not connected to the box!

4. Test a Different Mic Voice Changer

test a different mic voice changer

If your Singing Machine karaoke microphone not working when connected, you may need to try a few different voice changers.

Some voice changers might deceive you into thinking your mic is not working, so let’s learn more about these features and how to cycle between them.

The Singing Machine speaker is typically equipped with the following voice changes:

  • EF0 – NONE
  • EF1 – ECHO
  • EF2 – FEMALE 
  • EF3 – MALE
  • EF5 – ROBOT 
  • EF6 – RADIO

There are three major knobs on the front of your Singing Machine, and the most-right of them is the one that switches between these modes.

So, rotate the knob button to the right and check if your Singing Machine’s microphone will start working.

Quick Tip: To ensure that the voice changer is not the culprit, set it to “EF0 - NONE” (disabled).

5. Increase the Microphone’s Volume

increase the microphone's volume

Yet, another reason why your Singing Machine’s microphone is not working could be because the volume of your mic is too low (muted).

The volume of the microphone is separate from the box’s master volume, hence, even if your speaker is loud and audible, the mic might be muted.

You can quickly increase the volume of your microphone by rotating the big knob button on the left side, which will boost the mic’s output volume.

Also, Increase the Master Volume!

Well, it’s not excluded that you don’t hear your voice through the Singing Machine’s microphone because the master volume is muted.

You can increase the speaker’s master volume from the biggest knob in the middle, by rotating it right.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, continue reading…

6. Switch Auto Voice Control ON/OFF

switch auto voice control on/off

The Auto Voice Control on your Singing Machine may be the culprit for the microphone issues since this option regulates the overlapping karaoke voices.

In short, when enabled, this option will automatically mute the voices from the song, allowing your voice to sound loudly and clearly.

However, this can sometimes affect your microphone’s input, especially in case of a bug/glitch, so we recommend toggling off the feature to test without it.

To activate/deactivate the Auto Voice Control on the Signing Machine, press the second button from the top, on the left side of the speaker.

In some models the buttons might be located at different paces, so look for the label “Auto Voice Control” (AVC) or other orientation clues.

Quick Tip: If you can’t find the voice control button, check your Singing Machine’s manual!

7. Power Cycle Your Singing Machine

power cycle your singing machine

If you’re unable to resolve the microphone issues with your Singing Machine, it’s time to perform a power cycle, which will hopefully clear software bugs.

To achieve this you need to disconnect the power adapter of your Singing Machine speaker from the outlet for about ~40–60 seconds.

When your Singing Machine’s speaker is soft reset, reconnect your microphone, double-check whether the ON/OFF switch is enabled, and test.

Also, when reconnecting the Singing Machine, verify that the power source is sufficient, and if possible, plug the adapter directly into the outlet.

If this doesn’t work, your Singing Machine’s wireless microphone batteries are probably dead!

8. Replace the Microphone’s Batteries

replace the microphone’s batteries

If your Singing Machine wireless microphone not working, perhaps the batteries are dead and that’s why the input is not functioning.

The wireless Singing Machine microphone uses 4 x AAA batteries that are sold separately, hence we strongly recommend using high-quality battery sets.

You can replace the Singing Machine microphone batteries by opening the compartment on the microphone and inserting a fresh set of batteries.

So, if this is not helping either, your Singing Machine microphone may be defective.

Tip: For assistance, warranty, and possible replacement, contact Singing Machine Support or the local merchant.

Final Thoughts

Hence, if your Singing Machine microphone not working, you must test with a different “MIC” port, soft-reset the speaker, and disable your voice control.

Additionally, you must increase the volume and ensure that your mic/receiver is not disabled.

We hope this guide was helpful so follow us for more Singing Machine troubleshooting!