HyperX QuadCast Not Recognized? (Let’s Fix It Fast)

hyperx quadcast not recognized

If the HyperX QuadCast not recognized by your system, then this article should fix the issue!

Like any other microphone installation, you must ensure the appropriate audio drivers for the HyperX QuadCast are installed on your system.

If not, the microphone may appear as an empty connection profile or pop up as an “Unknown USB Device” within Windows’s Device Manager.

Let’s go through the possible solutions:

If your system does not recognize the HyperX QuadCast, update the audio drivers of the system, reconnect the microphone, and uninstall the device profile.

If the issue persists, update the version of your OS and replace HyperX’s USB cord.

Let’s unwrap the solutions in detail!

Why is the HyperX QuadCast USB Device Not Recognized?

Here’s why your device keeps failing to recognize the HyperX QuadCast’s USB:

  • The USB wire is loose or there’s a connection fault.
  • The drivers of your computer system are outdated.
  • There’s a fault with the USB port of your computer.
  • A physical problem with the QuadCast’s USB cord.

How to Find HyperX QuadCast in Device Manager?

find hyperx quadcast in device manager

You can check whether Windows has detected the connection of the microphone through the Device Manager, accessible through the Control Panel.

Follow these steps to check if Windows has recognized the QuadCast:

  1. Access the Windows Start menu and type “Device Manager.”
  2. Click your device manager’s entry button to open the panel.
  3. Click “Sound, video, and game controllers” in the manager.
  4. Check if the entry for your HyperX QuadCast appears below.

Note: All connected audio-USB devices should appear under sound entry!

HyperX QuadCast Not Recognized – Quick & Easy Solutions!

Pro Tip: We recommend applying all steps in order!

1. Update the Windows Audio Drivers

The primary cause for the failed USB detection of the QuadCast is outdated Windows audio drivers.

All audio drivers used by Windows are accessible through the “Device Manager” and you can view general, “details”, events, and driver settings for each.

update the windows audio drivers

Here’s how to check if there’s a newer audio driver update available on Windows:

  1. Access your Device Manager through the Windows start menu.
  2. Double-click on the “Sound, video, and game controllers” pane.
  3. Next, click “High Definition Audio Device” or “Realtek(R)” Audio”.
  4. Optional: Your Windows may use Intel, AMD, or Realtek drivers.
  5. Navigate to “Driver” at the top of the pop-up appearing on-screen.
  6. Click on “Update Driver” and “Search automatically for drivers.”
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to update the system audio driver.
  8. Optional: Repeat for all audio drivers installed on your PC system.
Note: Some systems use multiple audio drivers based on the motherboard’s compatibility!

2. Remove the QuadCast’s Device Profile

If the QuadCast shows up as an “Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)” within the device manager, you can solve the issue by re-adding the profile.

This will cause the system to re-scan the necessary audio drivers and fix the unrecognized QuadCast problem.

remove the quadcast’s device profile

Note: Unrecognized devices appear under the “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”.

Here’s how to uninstall the QuadCast’s profile from the Device Manager:

  1. Open your Device Manager on your Windows device.
  2. Next, navigate to “Universal Serial Bus Controllers.”
  3. Right-click on the unrecognized device in the listings.
  4. Select “Uninstall Device” and click “Uninstall” to verify.
  5. Next, click “Action” and “Scan for hardware changes.”
Warning: If Windows is unable to detect the microphone, restart your system and try again!

3. Hard Reset your HyperX QuadCast

Well, you should address issues with the functionalities of the HyperX QuadCast microphone by activating the hard reset function of the device using the built-in buttons.

This is a quick solution to the underlying communication issue, muffled output, or fault with your mic’s USB connection.

hard reset your hyperx quadcast

Here’s how to hard reset the HyperX QuadCast in easy steps:

  1. Verify the microphone is connected via a USB cable.
  2. Then, hold the “Tap/Mute +Multifunction” buttons.
  3. Next, release the buttons after 8 seconds of holding.
  4. Lastly, wait until the microphone’s LED ring flashes.
Note: If the microphone does not flash, there’s an issue with the power supply!

4. Plug QuadCast into a Different USB

An underlying malfunction with the USB port of the QuadCast can prevent your system from recognizing the product and assigning drivers.

Whether you’re on a Windows/Linux PC or Mac, you can address issues with external input devices by assigning them to a different USB port.

So, unplug the microphone’s 2.0 USB from the back of your computer and reconnect it to an alternative port, compatible with the cord.

How to Recognize a “Priority” USB on a PC?

recognize a “priority” usb on a pc

So, if you’re on PC, you may notice that 2 up to 4 USB ports on the rear panel are colored in blue, while the reset has a standard black/gray color.

The prioritized blue ports have a minimum input lag and are typically used for the system’s primary input devices, such as your keyboard.

You should determine if connecting the QuadCast to one of the priority USB ports will allow the system to recognize and assign the microphone to the device manager.

Quick Tip: The blue ports are USB 3.0, and we recommend plugging the mic into one of them!

5. Install and Set Up HyperX NGENUITY

Sometimes, the problem with the recognition of your microphone may happen because of a lack of compatible drivers.

By default, the HyperX QuadCast microphone uses the Windows default Microsoft drivers for communication and spatial audio detection.

HyperX’s “NGENUITY” Windows driver allows you to access custom settings and configurations for your HyperX products, including the QuadCast.

install and set up hyperx ngenuity

With NGENUITY, you can personalize your mic with lightning effects, button bindings, and custom macros, and hopefully fix the issue.

Note: NGENUITY downloads external microphone drivers, substituting the Windows drivers requirement!

Follow these steps to install and set up HyperX’s NGENUITY driver:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Store on your computer system.
  2. Optional: Go to HyperX’s Download Page to re-route.
  3. Next, search for “HyperX Ngenuity” in the search field.
  4. Tap on the first result and press the “Download” button.
  5. Launch the driver’s interface panel and follow the steps.
  6. Determine if the HyperX QuadCast will be recognized.
Notice: You must assign all of your HyperX devices manually to the driver’s interface!

6. Update the Version of Windows 10/11

The microphone drivers used by Windows might fail to update or initialize due to an outdated operating system.

That’s why the next step is to ensure your computer uses the latest version of Windows to decode the microphone’s input. 

update the version of windows 10/11

Here’s how to update the version of your PC’s Windows in easy steps:

  1. Access the Windows start menu and type “Windows Update.”
  2. Press Enter and check if there’s a more recent version available.
  3. Click on the “Check for Updates” button located on the top-right.
  4. Wait until the download finishes and the version installation starts.

If the update is not downloaded yet, ensure your device has a stable internet connection before pressing “Check for Updates.”

Note: Your computer system may restart automatically after the update is finished!

7. Replace QuadCast’s USB Connector

If the system is still not detecting the QuadCast, there’s a good chance that the USB cord is defective or either of the connectors is broken.

If the LED backlight of the microphone is not illuminated, flickers, or comes on and goes off, you must replace QuadCast’s USB connector.

What Connector Does QuadCast Microphone Use?

what connector does quadcast microphone use

The HyperX QuadCast uses a standard 2.0 USB to USB Mini-B connector to connect to your computer.

The Mini-B USB plugs into the rear panel of the microphone and the standard USB 2.0 connector must be connected to the input device. 

Quick Tip: You can shop for compatible replacement cords for your QuadCast online!

Quick Recap

If the HyperX QuadCast not recognized, ensure your system’s audio drivers are updated, reboot the computer, and reconnect your microphone.

If the issue persists, uninstall the microphone’s profile and replace the USB connector.

Follow us for more HyperX QuadCast troubleshooting!