Blue Yeti Sounds Bad On Discord? (Let’s Fix It Fast)

blue yeti sounds bad on discord

If your Blue Yeti sounds bad on Discord, relax, as we have found a quick and easy solution!

Blue Yeti’s high-quality electroacoustic converter harnesses your voice’s energy and delivers it to discord with the help of your device’s audio drivers.

If your voice sounds lousy or distorted after going through Discord, there could be a fault with the program’s settings or the mic itself.

Let’s have a walkthrough of the solution:

If Blue Yeti sounds bad on Discord, re-adjust the microphone’s position, boost up the voice sensitivity, and re-launch Discord.

If the fault persists, set Discord to “Push to Talk,” reinstall the platform and factory reset Blue Yeti.

Why Does the Blue Yeti Mic Sounds Bad On Discord?

why blue yeti mic sounds bad discord

Here’s why Blue Yeti’s input sounds muffled through Discord:

  • There’s an issue with Discord’s “Input Sensitivity.”
  • Your Blue Yeti’s physical positioning is improper.
  • An issue with the Discord app or browser version.
  • The selected Blue Yeti mic input mode is incorrect.
  • There’s a hardware issue with Blue Yeti’s detectors.

This is what can potentially degrade the input of the Blue Yeti microphone.

Advance further into the guide to explore reliable solutions for degraded Blue Yeti input on Discord and fix the issue!

Blue Yeti Sounds Bad On Discord – Quick & Easy Solutions!

Tip: Follow the guide’s solutions in a consecutive order!

1. Boost Discord’s “Input Sensitivity”

boost discord’s “input sensitivity”

Apart from Blue Yeti’s integrated mode controller, the Discord UI has microphone settings of its own, allowing for advanced optimizations.

You can either let Discord decide the input sensitivity for your Yeti microphone or adjust it manually, through the Settings → “Voice & Video” menu.

  • To allow Discord to set the sensitivity automatically, enable “Automatically determine input sensitivity.”
  • To adjust the feature manually, untick the “Automatically determine input sensitivity” option and drag the slider.

Bonus Tip: Test On “Push to Talk”

While setting Discord to “Voice Activity” enables the input sensitivity slider, setting the input mode to “Push to Talk” will not require sensitivity adjustments.

So, don’t forget to specify the keyboard key enabling Discord’s “Push to Talk” and test the Blue Yeti microphone’s recording.

Note: Enabling “Push to Talk” will automatically hide the input sensitivity slider!

2. Correct Your Mic’s Positioning

correct your mic’s positioning

Discord’s microphone input may sound muffled or distorted due to improper positioning of the Blue Yeti microphone.

To ensure your voice is picked up from the right angle with the highest quality, you must reposition the Blue Yeti’s stand.

To ensure the microphone is positioned properly, ensure the mode and audio controllers are right next to your mouth.

Next, carefully bend the elevation stick of the stand to ensure the mic is facing vertically

Warning: If the microphone is facing your mouth horizontally, there could be audio issues!

How to Test Blue Yeti Audio On Discord?

To determine if there’s an improvement in the microphone’s audio pick-up, navigate to “User Settings” → “Voice & Video” → “Mic Check” → “Let’s Check” and start speaking audibly.

Your voice will be automatically re-routed through the connected output device, allowing you to test if there’s an issue with the microphone’s input.

3. Set Blue Yeti to “Cardioid” Mode

set blue yeti to “cardioid” mode

The best-optimized microphone mode adapted for Discord is the “Cardioid” regime, accessible through the microphone’s “PATTERN” wheel.

To set the Blue Yeti to “Cardioid” mode, push the pattern wheel until the arrow points to the “reverse heart” icon imprinted on your microphone.

The main difference between cardioid and other microphone regimes is how sensitive Blue Yeti becomes to incoming sounds from the front and the back. 

The microphone can be positioned anyhow to pick up your voice, but on “Cardioid” mode, the detection is stronger from the front and the back of the Blue Yeti.

Note: You can recognize Blue Yeti’s front and back through the buttons panel!

4. Reconnect the Blue Yeti Microphone

reconnect the blue yeti microphone

If Blue Yeti’s audio input still sounds lousy or experiences interference, you should reseat the microphone’s physical connection to the input device. 

The Blue Yeti uses a 2.0 Mini-B connector on one end and a standard 2.0 jack on the other.

The Mini-B connector plugs with a USB port on the lower end of the microphone and the other end must be seated into a compatible USB port on the input device.

Here’s how to reconnect the Blue Yeti microphone from the input device:

  1. Unplug the Mini-B connector from the back of the microphone.
  2. Disconnect the other end from the 2.0 USB port on the device.
  3. Finally, wait for 60 seconds and securely reconnect the cable.

Also, Test with an Alternative Cable!

So, if the microphone doesn’t seem to be working properly with the current USB jack, install a replacement Mini-B to 2.0 USB connector on the Blue Yeti and test.

You should determine if there’s a defective USB port on the connector panel of the input device.

5. Use Discord Through a Browser (Workaround)

use discord through a browser (workaround)

You can test Blue Yeti’s input strength, volume depth, and sound clarity through the Discord browser version.

A potential issue with the Discord application may prevent Blue Yeti from translating your voice into high-quality input, allowing you to find where the issue comes from.

Here’s how to test Blue Yeti through Discord’s browser version:

  1. Navigate to Discord’s Web Login Page on the device.
  2. Sign in to your Discord Account by filling out the fields.
  3. Next, complete the provided Discord introduction steps.
  4. Set the Blue Yeti as a default input device from the tab.
  5. Click “Let’s Check” to determine whether the mic works.
Notice: You may be prompted to allow Discord’s browser cookies and notifications!

6. Reinstall the Discord Application

reinstall the discord application

In case you’re still facing issues with Blue Yeti’s input optimization, you should uninstall and then reinstall the Discord app from your streaming device. 

We’re going to show you how to achieve this on a Windows computer, although The Blue Yeti mic can be used with many Discord-enabled devices.

Here’s how to uninstall the Discord application on your Windows PC:

  1. Click “Start” and go to the “Settings” from the menu.
  2. Choose “Apps” on the left and go to “Installed apps.”
  3. Select Discord from the list of installed applications.
  4. Click the Uninstall button to remove the application.
  5. Optional: Use the control panel to uninstall manually.

If you’re using Discord on a console or mobile, navigate to the “Storage” or “Applications” tab, highlight Discord, and set the app to uninstall.

Next, use the available app store on your device to download the program again and sign in to your account.

Note: All user configurations within Discord will be erased after the uninstallation!

7. Force a Microphone Factory Reset

force a microphone factory reset

You should perform a factory reset on your Blue Yeti microphone if the picked-up voice through Discord is still degraded.

So far into the guide, chances are that Discord is not the culprit, rather the issue comes from the Blue Yeti microphone.

The reset can be started by holding a combination of buttons! Here’s how:

  1. Keep the “Mode” and “Power” buttons on the Yeti pressed.
  2. Then, unplug the USB cable from the rear panel of the unit.
  3. Next, wait for the red blinking on the microphone to go off.
  4. Reconnect the Blue Yeti and release the Mode and Power.
  5. You should soon see a green blinking light as an indication.
Warning: If the LED does not turn green, the Blue Yeti hasn’t detected the factory reset!

Quick Recap

Whenever the Blue Yeti sounds bad on Discord, ensure the microphone’s stand is positioned properly, reinstall Discord, and increase the sensitivity.

If the issue persists, test on Discord’s browser version and factory reset your Blue Yeti.

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