How to Fix Bose Soundbar 900 Remote Not Working? (Easy Fix)

bose soundbar 900 remote not working

If your Bose soundbar 900 remote not working, then this guide will help you fix this problem!

If the Bose soundbar 900 no longer responds to button presses on the remote control, the issue often involves battery fault or improper programming. 

Let’s take a look at the solutions:

If your Bose soundbar 900 remote control does not respond, replace the AAA batteries, re-program the unit, and erase the pairing history of both devices.

If the fault continues, re-enable the soundbar’s Wi-Fi and force a factory reset.

There’s much more, so let’s get started!

Why is the Bose Soundbar 900 Remote Not Responding?

bose soundbar 900 remote not responding

Here’s why the Bose soundbar 900 remote isn’t responding to any inputs:

  • Your soundbar or remote pairing list is out of capacity.
  • There’s an issue with the remote or soundbar’s power.
  • An incorrect programming process of the Bose remote.
  • The pairing memory of the remote or soundbar is filled.
  • There’s a hardware or software issue with the soundbar.

Keep reading further to explore reliable solutions for the fault with the soundbar’s remote!

Bose Soundbar 900 Remote Not Working – Here’s the Fix!

Note: Have you spilled liquids on your remote recently?

1. Hard Reset the Bose 900 Remote

hard reset the bose 900 remote

Well, you can address any issues with the Bose soundbar remote by removing and reinserting all four of the batteries.

Unlike standard and universal remotes, the Bose remotes take up to 4 individual batteries to function properly.

Follow these instructions to hard reset the Bose soundbar remote:

  1. Remove the soundbar remote’s battery compartment cover.
  2. Next, eject each battery of the Bose soundbar remote control.
  3. Hold the “Power” button on the tip of the Bose remote control.
  4. Reinsert each of the batteries correctly into the compartment.
  5. Close Bose’s compartment cover and program the remote.

Important: Insert Quality Batteries!

If the Bose sound remote does not seem to function with the existing batteries, you should insert a fresh set of two AAA-quality batteries into the remote’s compartment. 

We advise using quality batteries such as Duracell or Energizer for optimal performance and long-lasting of your remote.

Notice: The batteries of the Bose remote control should be replaced every 2–3 months!

2. Clear Soundbar/Remote Pairing List

clear soundbar/remote pairing list

The Bose remote and the 900 soundbar will store the cache memory of all previous wireless connections with Bluetooth devices.

In case of a failed remote programming, you should clear the remote and soundbar pairing memory, which might resolve your remote problem instantly.

Let’s start with clearing the pairing list of the Bose soundbar remote!

How to Clear Bose 900 Remote’s Pairing List?

  1. Ensure your Bose soundbar 900 is connected and powered on.
  2. Next, press the “Bluetooth” button on the soundbar 900 remote.
  3. Wait until the Bluetooth LED on the soundbar blinks white twice.
  4. Finally, release the button after hearing the memory reset tone.

How to Clear Bose 900 Soundbar Pairing List?

  1. Open your Bose Music app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the “Soundbar 900” header from the menu.
  3. Next, press on the cogwheel icon at the top-right.
  4. Scroll down to the “UNIVERSAL REMOTE” section.
  5. Check if there’s an added remote under each page.
  6. Optional: Tap on the remote’s profile and remove it.

If any universal remotes have been paired to the soundbar in the past, there could be signal congestion with the default 900 remotes.

Ensure there aren’t any existing profiles of previous remotes used with the Bose soundbar, before the original one.

Warning: Clearing the pairing list of the remote control will remove it from the application!

3. Re-enable the Bose Soundbar Wi-Fi

re-enable the bose soundbar wi-fi

Your Bose soundbar 900 may fail to recognize commands from the remote due to a degraded or disbanded Wi-Fi connection.

So, you can determine if the remote is functional by disabling the soundbar’s “Wi-Fi” feature after holding a specific combination of buttons on the remote control.

Here’s how to deactivate the soundbar’s Wi-Fi function and reconnect the unit:

  1. Hold the “Bose Music Button” and “Skip Forward” simultaneously.
  2. Release the buttons after the LED on the Bose pulses white twice.
  3. Open the Bose Music app and tap on the “My Bose” icon at the top.
  4. Tap on “Add Device” and specify the type of device you wish to add.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to re-add the Bose soundbar 900.

How to Reconnect Bose 900 From Ethernet?

how to reconnect bose 900 from ethernet

If you prefer a wired over wireless connection, you can reset the Ethernet of your soundbar by unplugging the network cable for at least 10–15 seconds.

When your connection is back, test whether your remote is now functioning.

Note: The soundbar’s online features will be temporarily unavailable while disconnected!

4. Power Cycle the Bose 900 Soundbar

In case the remote control issues persist, you should perform a power cycle on the soundbar’s hardware to discharge all power.

This is an effective resolution to restore the soundbar’s pairing functionality and improve the coverage of the Bose remote control’s signal.

power cycle the bose 900 soundbar

Here’s how to power cycle the Bose soundbar 900 in easy steps:

  1. Disconnect the soundbar from the power supply.
  2. Unplug the adapter from the back of the soundbar.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds while Bose is disconnected.
  4. Next, reconnect the supplying cable on both ends.
Note: Ensure the soundbar’s LED has turned solid white or amber after reconnecting the cable!

5. Optimize the Soundbar’s Power Supply

Bose may not respond to inputs from the remote due to issues with the internal power supply.

An underlying malfunction with the A/C equipment or potential outlet insufficiency may cause the product to periodically power off or reboot and prevent it from recognizing your remote’s signal.

optimize the soundbar’s power supply

Here are potential solutions to power issues with the soundbar:

  • Inspect the soundbar’s power adapter for any damages.
  • Clean the power port on the back of the Bose soundbar.
  • Remove any third-party equipment from the installation.
  • Connect your Bose soundbar 900 into a different outlet.

How to Know if Bose Soundbar Has Power Issues?

You can quickly tell that the Bose soundbar 900 is behaving unusually through the LED indicator light.

By default, the indicator should stay solid while the unit is turned on and broadcasting, but if it flickers or goes off, there’s a power supply issue.

Warning: A defective power adapter or third-party equipment may cause issues!

6. Clean the Remote Battery Compartment

clean the remote battery compartment

In your Bose Soundbar 900 remote control’s battery compartment, there are four small springs, which make the content with the batteries.

So, open the cover, eject the batteries, and check if all polarity springs are there and aren’t bent, missing, or defective.

If you notice, dust accumulation, wrapped hair, or other obstacles preventing the contact, use a toothpick, an old toothbrush, and ear sticks to clean. 

Be gentle when cleaning and whenever ready, put the batteries back into the remote and test!

If this doesn’t solve your issue, continue reading…

7. Reset Bose’s Network & Audio Settings

So, factory resetting the soundbar restores the soundbar’s network and audio settings to factory values and erases all existing device cache.

So if your remote is not working due to pairing and cache-related issues, by factory resetting the soundbar, the problem should disappear instantly.

reset bose’s network & audio settings

Before restoring the soundbar, you must disconnect it from all voice assistants:

  • To Remove Google Assistant, open the Google Home app and go to “Soundbar 900” → “Settings” → “Remove device.” 
  • To Remove from Alexa, open the Alexa app and go to “Devices” → “Bose Soundbar 900” → “Trash icon.” 
  • To Remove from Bose App, Open the Bose Music app and head to “Settings” → “My Boise” → “Voice Assistant” →  “Google Assistant” → “Remove Account.”

How to Factory Reset Bose Soundbar? (Without Remote)

After removing any voice assistants, here’s how to reset the soundbar:

  1. Unplug the Bose soundbar 900’s power cord from the outlet.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds while the supply cable is disconnected.
  3. Wait until the soundbar’s LED starts glowing amber steadily.
factory reset bose soundbar (without remote)

If the Bose soundbar 900 is left idle for 2 hours while the amber LED is “On,” the device will automatically exit the regime and power off.

Well, you can re-activate the “Setup” mode by unplugging for 30–35 seconds or holding the “Power” and “Skip Forward” remote buttons.

Note: If not under “Setup” mode, the soundbar will not be recognized by the Bose application!

Quick Recap

If the Bose soundbar 900 remote not working, you should hard reset the remote control, clear the pairing list of both devices and re-program the Bose 900 remote.

You should also re-activate the soundbar’s “Wi-Fi” function and force a factory reset.

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