Unleash the Best Settings For Bose 900 Soundbar

best settings for bose 900 soundbar

Well, if you’re looking for the best settings for Bose 900 soundbar, you’ve just found them!

If your Bose soundbar 900 does not sound quite right, or the output is dull or muffled, this guide is going to walk you through the best audio settings configuration. 

We’re going to explore settings such as Bass, Treble, and Height, as well as audio options like Center, Rear, Volume, and Delay.

Although the best Bose soundbar 900 settings are based on the user preference and the music genre, an optimal configuration involves the following:

  • Low Bass
  • Low Treble
  • Mid Height
  • Low/Mid Center
  • High Rear
  • Mid Volume
  • Custom Delay

Let’s take a look at each of these settings in-depth and learn how they affect your audio playout!

What Are The Best Settings for Bose 900 Soundbar?

what best settings for bose 900 soundbar

The default audio and equalizer settings on Bose soundbar 900 might not quite hit the pitch that you’re looking for, so we’ll show you the best configuration.

First, we’re going over the equalizer settings, which you can discover within your Bose Connect app if your Bose soundbar is paired.

  • To access the audio options on Bose soundbar 900, open the Bose Connect app, tap the Audio button, select your soundbar, and start configuring!

Best Equalizer Settings for Bose 900 Soundbar?

Here, we’ll first go through the settings that come into the equalizer category, and later with the more general settings for the global audio.

Best Bose Soundbar 900 Bass Settings:

The “Bass” setting on Bose Soundbar 900 affects the spectrum of the lower frequencies in your audio setup.

Hence, increasing the bass module, will result in an enhancement of the low-end sounds and provide richness and depth of instruments such as bass guitar, drums, and others.

best bose soundbar 900 bass settings

So, the best setting for bass on Bose Soundbar 900 is about 25–45%, which is compatible with most music genres.

So, based on your taste, you can experiment with increasing/decreasing the bass of your Bose soundbar 900, between the recommended values for an even better playout.

Best Bose Soundbar 900 Treble Settings:

The “Treble” setting on your Bose soundbar 900 is the opposite of the bass, which affects the highest frequencies in the audio playback.

So, increasing the treble option will ultimately deliver more clarity and audibility to high-pitch instruments such as guitar and vocals in your playback.

The best setting for treble on Bose soundbar 900 which works with pretty much every music genre is in the range of 25–35%.

This is a soft adjustment, which is compatible with anything you play on the soundbar, but if you want to enhance the high frequencies, turn up the treble a bit more

Best Bose Soundbar 900 Height Settings:

best bose soundbar 900 height settings

Well, considering the 5.1 channels supported by the Bose soundbar 900, the height setting must be adjusted accordingly.

The “Height” pretty much affects the perception of the sounds coming from above, forming the overhead effect, which is amazing when watching movies and shows.

The best setting for height on your Bose soundbar 900 is somewhere between 30% and 50%, again strictly based on your preference.

Another factor is the room that your soundbar is in, and the height of the ceiling, where rooms with lower ceilings might sound better with less Height.

Best Audio Settings for Bose Soundbar 900?

So, now that we have the equalizer settings on your Bose soundbar 900 configured correctly, it’s time to move to the generalized audio settings.

Best Bose Soundbar 900 Center Settings:

best bose soundbar 900 center settings

Well, the “Center” setting on your Bose soundbar 900 aims to provide clarity and brightness to the dialogue in movies, TV shows, and music.

Hence, increasing the center setting will boost the presence of the dialogue and the central sounds, ultimately lowering the background noise.

The best center setting for Bose soundbar 900 would be somewhere between 25–45%, and for an even better experience, we recommend adjusting accordingly.

So, you can experiment with how your soundbar sounds with different center options when viewing shows and when listening to music.

Best Bose Soundbar 900 Rear Settings:

The “Rear” setting on your Bose Soundbar 900, again affects the 5.1 audio setup and mainly aims to balance out the audio coming from the rear speakers.

Increasing the rear option will provide more presence to the surround sound and make your rear speakers more noticeable.

In turn, decreasing the rear will lower the presence of the rear speakers, so the best setting is to maximize the clarity of the front speakers at about 90–100%.

Again, this depends on the media you’re listening to or viewing, so an option of 75–85%, can also provide a nice audio playback.

Best Bose Soundbar 900 Volume Settings:

best bose soundbar 900 volume settings

The volume setting on your Bose soundbar 900 is well-known to everyone, but people often underestimate the benefits you can get from a custom setting.

The volume is pretty much how loud your Bose soundbar 900 is going to be, and we all know that too loud doesn’t mean good.

So, the best volume setting depends on user preference, but we strongly recommend avoiding high settings such as 80–100%.

The best volume setting is somewhere between 30–50% and is often a subject of adjustment, especially when switching from music to TV movies and others.

Best Bose Soundbar 900 Audio Delay Settings:

The “Audio Delay” option on your Bose soundbar 900 is a very thoughtful configuration, which is perfect for optimizing what’s seen/heard.

The delay aims to adjust the synchronization between the speech and audio output, which can sometimes be out-sync and lead to lip sync problems.

Said simply, if the dialogue does not match with the speech in what you’re viewing, the audio delay can help you correct this.

best bose soundbar 900 audio delay settings

The Lip Sync issues often appear due to a faulty or too-long audio cable, and if you’re facing this problem, we recommend experimenting with this option.

  • There is no best setting for audio delay, and this feature must only be used whenever you face lip sync issues with your movies or TV shows.

Those are the best settings for Bose soundbar 900, so let’s move on with specific configurations for different occasions

Best Bose Soundbar 900 Audio Settings for Movies?

So, if you’re looking to optimize your Bose soundbar 900 for viewing movies and get the most out of your 5.1 setup, we’ve prepared the best possible configuration. 

The settings below are the most convenient to configure once, and never touch them again, but you can always make additional adjustments as per your preference.

bose soundbar 900 audio settings for movies

Here are the best Bose soundbar 900 settings for movies and TV shows:

  • Bass – 50–60%
  • Treble – 50%
  • Height – 70%
  • Center – 60%
  • Rear – 40%
  • Volume – 50–60%
  • Audio Delay – Custom

Best Bose Soundbar 900 Audio Settings for Music?

If you mainly use your Bose soundbar 900 for listening to music, the optimal configuration that you can adjust once and leave permanently involves the following:

  • Bass – 50%
  • Treble – 60%
  • Height – 30%
  • Center – 40–50%
  • Rear – 20–40%
  • Volume – 60–70% 
  • Audio Delay – Custom
bose soundbar 900 audio settings for music

However, different music genres might not sound equally good with the same audio settings, so we recommend dynamically changing settings to improve the sound.

Additionally, if you want to enhance a specific genre, you need to learn the best equalizer settings for that specific music.

Wrapping Up

Hence, the best settings for Bose 900 soundbar are low Bass, low Treble, medium Height, and custom Center setting.

Further, you should configure the Rear high, set the Volume between 40 and 60%, and configure the Audio Delay if necessary. 

We hope this guide was helpful so follow us for more Bose 900 soundbar guides and fixes!