Sonos Soundbar Keeps Cutting Out? (Proven Solutions!)

sonos soundbar keeps cutting out

Well, if your Sonos soundbar keeps cutting out while playing, we have the best-working fixes!

So, the persistent cutting in the output of the Sonos soundbar is often a result of the connection with the router (Wi-Fi/Ethernet) or the input device.

We will go through all causes and solutions for the audio cuts of the Sonos soundbar in less than 5 minutes.

If the Sonos soundbar keeps cutting the output, change the “SonosNet Channel,” re-add the soundbar’s app profile, and check for wireless interference.

If the problem continues, reconnect the soundbar and conduct a factory reset on the system.

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Why is My Sonos Soundbar Cutting Out?

why is my sonos soundbar cutting out

Here’s why the Sonos soundbar’s audio is persistently cutting out:

  • There’s an issue with the wireless or wired router connection.
  • The soundbar is too far away from the network’s Wi-Fi device.
  • Improperly selected SonosNet wireless channel within the app.
  • The Sonos soundbar is not receiving a sufficient power supply.
  • There’s wireless interference, causing the soundbar to cut out.

We have a complete walkthrough of the solutions, below!

Sonos Soundbar Keeps Cutting Out – Fixed in Easy Steps!

Note: Have you tried playing through a different audio source or platform on the input device?

1. Change the SonosNet Wireless Channel

change the sonosnet wireless channel

Converting the wireless channel used in the local wireless connection of the Sonos products will solve audio interruptions or potential wireless interference.

So, you can specify which SonosNet Channel the devices use via the Sonos S1 Controller or S2 app available for iOS and Android.

Here’s how to pick an alternative SonosNet channel through the app:

  1. Open the Sonos app on your mobile and go to the System.
  2. From there, enter the “Network” tab from the options below.
  3. Next, tap on “SonosNet Channel” from the available options.
  4. After that, set the wireless used in the setup for “1,” “6” or “11.”
  5. Exit the menu and reboot the Sonos soundbar before testing.
Tip: Check if the soundbar will experience audio losses on each available wireless channel!

2. Refresh Sonos Soundbar’s Connection

refresh sonos soundbar’s connection

You can resolve the recurring audio cuts in the Sonos soundbar’s output by reconnecting from the Wi-Fi or local Ethernet network. 

Let’s start with a wirelessly connected Sonos soundbar:

2.1 How to Reconnect Sonos in a Wireless Setup?

To reconnect the Sonos soundbar from Wi-Fi, unplug the router for 60 seconds and plug it back in.

It takes the network between 1 and 2 minutes to come online after being unplugged.

2.2 How to Reconnect Sonos in a Wired Setup?

To reconnect the Sonos soundbar from Ethernet, unplug the cable from the rear panel of the soundbar and from the “LAN” port on your router.

Wait for 30 seconds before reconnecting.

Note: If your internet connection is inconsistent, you will still hear the audio cutting!

3. Check for Interfering Devices (Wireless)

check for interfering devices (wireless)

There’s a possibility that Sonos’s connection to the router is repeatedly receiving interference from nearby devices emitting identical signal waves.

To guarantee an uninterrupted connection to your Sonos, you must remove other wireless devices from the soundbar’s wireless range.

Here are the devices that can potentially interrupt Sonos’s connection:

  • Other Wi-Fi devices, such as extenders, laptops, tablets, or even phones.
  • Bluetooth devices, with enabled Bluetooth in close proximity to the Sonos.
  • Cordless phones or microwaves, operating on the same frequency band.
Tip: Connecting the Sonos soundbar to a 5 GHz thread will reduce interference to a minimum!

4. Power Cycle the Sonos Soundbar

power cycle the sonos soundbar

A quick solution to any underlying issues with the soundbar audio or connection is performing a power cycle of the hardware.

For this purpose, you must unplug your soundbar and wait until the electricity has fully drained before reconnecting the adapter.

Here’s how to power cycle the Sonos soundbar step by step:

  1. Unplug the soundbar’s A/C cord from the rear panel.
  2. Next, disconnect the other end from your power outlet.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds and reconnect the power adapter.

If this doesn’t help, keep reading…

5. Inspect Sonos’s HDMI/Optical Connection

inspect sonos’s hdmi/optical connection

To achieve an uninterrupted audio output on your Sonos soundbar, it’s crucial to ensure there aren’t any issues with the Optical or HDMI connection.

  • The Sonos Playbar is only compatible with optical connection, while the Sonos Beam or Sonos Era 100/300 also supports HDMI links.

How to Solve Sonos Wired Connection Issues?

  • Ensure your Optical/HDMI is securely connected on both ends.
  • Check if the “Optical IN” or “HDMI” Sonos ports are obstructed.
  • Inspect the cable’s external cover and test it on a different unit.
  • Verify the TV/input device is set to use “Optical” or “HDMI ARC.”
Note: If the cable Optical or HDMI cable’s exterior is damaged or doesn’t on another device, seek a compatible replacement!

6. Relocate the Affected Soundbar (Wireless)

relocate the affected soundbar (wireless)

If you’re in a wireless setup, you should consider relocating the affected Sonos soundbar closer to the network device to stabilize the connection.

You must position the soundbar according to the connected Wi-Fi thread, as there are different space requirements for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz!

  • If using a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, the router’s connection radius is up to 100 feet (30 meters.)
  • If using a 5 GHz Wi-Fi, the router’s connection radius is 30–40 feet (10–15 meters.)

Bonus Tip: Install a Wi-Fi Extender!

If moving the soundbar or router closer to each other is not possible, consider installing a Wi-Fi extender in an outlet close to the soundbar.

You should calculate the communication distance based on whether the extender uses a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency.

7. Re-Add the Sonos Soundbar’s Profile

re-add the sonos soundbar’s profile

You can address issues with the Sonos soundbar’s audio by removing and re-adding the system profile of the device.

You can manage all of your Sonos products, both wired and wireless from the Sonos app installed on your mobile device.

Follow these steps to re-add the soundbar from the Sonos app:

  1. First, open the Sonos app and navigate to the “System” tab.
  2. Tap “System Tools” and find the Sonos soundbar in the list.
  3. Tap on the “Remove Product” option to remove the soundbar.
  4. Head back to the “System” tab and press on “Add Product.”
  5. Follow the steps to re-add the Sonos soundbar to your app.
Warning: Removing Sonos’s wireless profile will erase all network and audio settings!

8. Switch to a Wired Ethernet Connection

switch to a wired ethernet connection

Switching to a wired Ethernet connection will undoubtedly improve the coverage of Sonos and solve the interruptions.

Wi-Fi can sometimes be unreliable for stationery products such as your wirelessly connected Sonos soundbar, causing persistent interruptions and cuts in the audio.

Before wiring the soundbar with Ethernet, ensure the following:

  • There’s an available “LAN” port on your network router.
  • You have a compatible Ethernet cable for the soundbar.
  • There’s enough distance for the Ethernet cable to reach.

How to Switch Sonos Soundbar to Wired Ethernet?

  1. Locate the LAN port on Sonos and connect the Ethernet cable.
  2. Plug the other end of the cable into a yellow port on the router.
  3. Unplug the Sonos soundbar from power and wait ~10 seconds.
  4. In the Sonos app, check if all devices appear under the “System.”
  5. Optional: Reboot each device that’s missing from the application.
Note: If the setup is successful, all devices that are part of your Sonos audio setup should automatically reconnect with the soundbar. 

9. Reset the Sonos Soundbar’s System

reset the sonos soundbar’s system

The system reset is a solution that can address any underlying issues with the soundbar’s audio output, and wireless or wired connection.

The reset takes under 60 seconds to perform and erases all pre-configured settings of the audio device.

Follow these steps to factory reset the Sonos soundbar:

  1. Unplug the soundbar’s power cord from the socket.
  2. Next, hold the “Join” (“or”) button on the side panel.
  3. Optional: Hold Play/Pause if there’s no “Join” button.
  4. Keep holding the button while reconnecting the soundbar.
  5. Release the button after the lamp flashes orange/white.
Note: The reset will not remove the Sonos soundbar’s profile from the Sonos app!

Quick Recap

If the Sonos soundbar keeps cutting out, change the wireless channel within the app, check for interfering devices, and inspect the soundbar’s TV connection.

If the issue persists, factory reset the Sonos soundbar and switch to an Ethernet connection.

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