Pioneer Radio Not Playing Sound? (Let’s Fix It Fast)

pioneer radio not playing sound

Pioneer radio not playing sound is a common problem, but straightforward and easy to fix!

Pioneer car stereos have been revered in the sphere of automotive entertainment, but issues arise even with the best audio systems on the market.

This is why in this guide we’ll help you solve sound-related problems with Pioneer car stereos, both touchscreen and traditional units.

If your Pioneer car radio is not playing sound, unmute the device, increase the volume from all sources, and perform a factory reset.

If this doesn’t help, address connection issues with your source or replace the wiring harness.

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Pioneer Radio Not Playing Sound – Here’s How to Fix!

Tip: Try all the steps below consecutively!

1. Unmute your Pioneer Car Stereo

unmute your pioneer car stereo

The primary reason why a Pioneer car radio is not playing sound is because the stereo is muted, or the volume is too low.

On some Pioneer car radios, you may even see “Mute” on the screen, which is a prime indication that the stereo is muted, therefore you will not hear the output music.

  • So, unmuting a Pioneer car stereo happens differently based on your model.

Some radios may have a dedicated “Mute” button, and others won’t so we’ve prepared a few different steps to try.

Unmuting Pioneer Stereo via Button:

Look for a button on the Pioneer car stereo labeled “Mute” or representing an icon of a speaker, which is crossed out.

So, if the car stereo is equipped with such a button, make sure that music is playing on your Pioneer car stereo and press the button once, to unmute your audio output.

Unmuting Pioneer Stereo via Reboot:

unmuting pioneer stereo via reboot

If your Pioneer car stereo doesn’t have a “Mute” button you can attempt the instructions below:

  1. First, press and hold the Source button (SRC).
  2. Keep holding until your Pioneer radio turns off.
  3. Hold the function’s button until you hear a beep.
  4. Continue holding until the telephone shows up.
  5. Then, use the right or left buttons to select ATT.
  6. Hold the Source button until the stereo turns off.

When ready with these steps, your Pioneer car stereo shouldn’t be muted!

Unmuting Pioneer Stereo via Wires:

According to many users, Pioneer car stereo can get stuck in “Mute” mode, and the only way to solve the problem is by cutting a wire.

That’s correct, you need to cut the black/yellow wire that is connected to the vehicle’s ground, meaning that the wire leads to a metallic car compartment.

The wire can be exposed by dismounting the radio from its housing and locating the only wire that leads to nowhere.

By nowhere, we mean that the wire is “grounded” which means that it leads to the compartment of the car and is probably hooked up to a metallic part of the vehicle.

Note: We recommend dismounting the car’s battery while working with the stereo’s wires!

2. Increase the Pioneer Radio Volume

increase the pioneer radio volume

When playing music through your Pioneer car stereo, there are two sources from which you can increase the volume, if you’re playing through a source device.

So, in other words, you may be experiencing a Pioneer car stereo volume problem, instead of an audio playback radio issue.

For example, if you’re playing music through a CD or USB flash drive, you can only increase the audio from the stereo.

However, if you use a Bluetooth smartphone you must increase the audio output volume both from the Pioneer car stereo and from the settings of your Bluetooth source.

How to Increase Pioneer Radio Volume?

You can increase the Pioneer car stereo’s volume by rotating the circular button (dial), to the right that boosts the volume.

If you have a touch-screen (multimedia) Pioneer car stereo, you can repeatedly press the “+” (Volume Up) button and set the volume to at least 75–80 percent.

How to Increase Bluetooth Unit Volume?

how to increase bluetooth unit volume

If you have a phone connected via AUX or Bluetooth to your Pioneer car stereo you must also increase the volume output of the source device.

On most smartphones, you can increase the volume by pressing the “Volume Up” button on the side multiple times or through the settings.

Quick Tip: Try playing a different song as the current one may be faulty, muted, or muffled!

3. Factory Reset your Pioneer Radio

If you don’t hear sound through your Pioneer car stereo, you may need to reset the device to factory settings.

However, remember that this will reset all your audio settings to default and will erase any remembered stations or other configurations.

How to Factory Reset Touchscreen Pioneer?

how to factory reset touchscreen pioneer

If you have a touch-screen Pioneer car stereo model such as AVH-240EX or AVH-241EX, you can reset the device by using a small pinhole.

The reset button is located right above the USB port, and you’ll need something sharp to reach within and hold for approximately 15 seconds.

Quick Note: You can also look for a reset option in the settings (cogwheel) and do it from there!

How to Factory Reset a Traditional Pioneer?

address source connection issues

If you have a traditional Pioneer car stereo such as DEH-X7800DAB, follow the steps below:

  1. Verify that your Pioneer car radio is currently working.
  2. Hold the “SRC” (Source) button until the clock appears.
  3. Hold “SRC” again for 3 seconds until the “Menu” shows.
  4. On the Pioneer radio screen, you should see “INITIAL.”
  5. Next, press the circular button (dial) once to select it.
  6. Rotate the dial to the right 5 times to “System Reset.”
  7. Press the dial button once, and then again to confirm.

That’s it. So, you must see “RESETTING” on the screen, which lasts approximately 60 seconds, and when your Pioneer stereo is reset, test the sound.

If you still don’t hear audio, keep reading!

4. Address Source Connection Issues

If you want to listen to music from your smartphone on your Pioneer car stereo, but there is no audio, the possibilities are mainly related to the connection.

address source connection issues

With Pioneer car radio, there could be Bluetooth (wireless connection) or 3.5 mm AUX (wired connection) to your source device.

So, let’s take a look at both types of connections and how to refresh them:

How to Reset Pioneer Bluetooth Connection?

You can reset the Bluetooth connection entirely through your phone’s settings:

  1. Open the Bluetooth menu of your mobile source device.
  2. Locate the Pioneer car stereo Bluetooth profile in the list.
  3. On Androids, tap the “cogwheel” button next to the profile.
  4. On iOS devices, tap the “i” “Info” button next to the profile.
  5. Finally, press “FORGET” or “Forget this Device” to unpair.
Note: To reconnect, verify that your Pioneer car stereo is on “B.T.” mode, and select the profile in the Bluetooth menu of your phone.

How to Reset Pioneer AUX Jack Connection?

how to reset pioneer aux jack connection

To reset the 3.5 mm AUX Jack connection between the Pioneer car stereo and your source, it’s enough to reconnect the cable.

The AUX Jack connectors are very sensitive and when dirty, you may need to perform some cleaning.

Also, if you have a replacement AUX cable, you can test whether the audio from your Pioneer radio will come back with a proven cable.

Tip: Twist and rotate the AUX cable while playing music to check if the audio will come back!

5. Replace the Pioneer Radio Harness

One of the most common reasons Pioneer radio no sound is fried wires or terminals, which you can replace with a certain amount of labor.

The wiring harness for Pioneer car radios is not expensive, but connecting the new harness correctly requires some good wiring understanding.

replace the pioneer radio harness
  • The wiring harness for all Pioneer CD player radios is the same, using a 16-pin connector, and only the MP80 uses an 18-pin connector.

You should be able to find the exact guide by Googling “Pioneer [Model number] manual” where you’ll see all the information you need.

In the manual for your Pioneer, you’ll also find detailed instructions on replacing the wiring harness and how all the cables must be connected properly.

Quick Tip: You can explore harnesses for different Pioneer car stereos here!

Final Thoughts

So, if your Pioneer radio not playing sound, unmute the stereo and increase the volume from your source and radio.

Additionally, you may need to perform a factory reset on the radio or replace fried wires from the harness.

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